Tuesday, Week 10

Hi everyone,

We are really looking forward to our excursion tomorrow and thank Dylan, Isabella J, Cameron and Grace’s parents for volunteering their time to come with us.

Our trip will start at the new RAH on North Terrace and we will make our way to the Botanic Gardens, taking photos of the cityscape along the way. Nature photos will then be taken at the Botanic Gardens and this experience will support our learning in Technology and The Arts.


9:20 am  Leave school by bus.

9:55         Arrive in the city for recess, near the new RAH

10:15        Start our walk towards the Botanic Gardens
(Stopping to take  photos along the way)

 12:15      Arrive at the Botanic Gardens and eat lunch.

 12:40      Explore the gardens and take photos.

 2:20       Return to Holy Family by bus.

 2:50 pm  Arrive back at Holy Family.


Students need to bring:

  • Wear full sport uniform with school hat preferably
  • Small backpack with recess, fruit, lunch and water
  • Camera/photographic device
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses are advisable

Have a great night and see you all tomorrow 🙂

Wednesday, Week 9

Hi everyone,

We are looking forward to the Moon Lantern Assembly on Friday and celebrating this cultural event with a Shared Lunch afterwards.


Once again we are asking for your kind support in providing your child with a plate of food to share on the day and encourage it to be a savoury option. If you would prefer to send a sweet dish please feel free to do so.
In the interests of the environment and reducing waste, we are also encouraging students to bring their own plate, knife, spoon and fork from home, rather than use disposable plastics. These items will be rinsed by your child and sent home at the end of the day. Please name items if possible.

This morning we began our Made in the Image of God ‘Being Sexual’ unit. Girls from 5HN, DP, PP and CM worked with Mrs Higgs and Mrs Pinneri, whilst Mr Murray and Mr Pearce worked with the boys. The outline of what will be covered over the next two double lessons/weeks is written below and today we began with a focus on puberty. In the interests of those students who are not participating, we will leave the details of the session out, but encourage you to talk with your child about their learning in this area at home.

After recess, both classes continued to work on their Literacy comprehension task based on Shaun Tan’s text called ‘The Lost Thing’. The questions that have been devised get progressively more complex, leading the students from finding literal information to using more inferential and evaluative thinking to generate their responses.

Once complete, students then could choose a creative writing prompt to explore from the list above.

In the last session of the day, students separated into their ‘Job Role Groups’ involved in our ‘Photo Plus’ Photography Company. (Details of this session will be posted tomorrow).

Each group was given a brief as to the first tasks that they needed to work on, with the ‘Bloggers’ working to document the learning in their own way. This team will be creating their own page linked to the home page of this site in which they will publish the weekly goings on within the company. Be sure to check it out tomorrow when it will hopefully be published…

Wednesday, Week 8

Hi everyone,

This morning in Numeracy the students recapped their learning from yesterday, where they investigated the the Men’s 100 metre sprint times at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. This task allowed students to read,  sort, order and compare times recorded in decimal form, building on their understanding of place value, as well as data analysis, tabling and graphing.

After ordering the sprinters from 1st-24th across the 3 qualifying finals,

students then placed the top 8 runners into their appropriate racing lane for the final of the event and compared their times with Usain Bolt’s world record:

We then watched the final and discussed ways to go about completing the third part to the task:

Once complete, students then spent time designing and making a badge that they can wear during Company Time. This badge was to include their name and job role, as well as their managerial position, if applicable.

They were also presented with a brief from the Spring Fair Committee to design a flyer for this year’s fair.

Design Brief:

We are looking for some creative students to design an A4 flyer for the Spring Fair.
The flyer will appear on the blogs, Facebook and other social media.

We would like the flyer to emphasise that:

  • Nova will be broadcasting at the fair from 11am.
  • There will also be a guest appearance by Michael Keelan.

We would need the flyer by no later than Friday Week 8.

They were given a basic and temporary flyer as an example of the information that they could choose to include:

Students will continue to design their posters throughout the rest of the week, along with creating a Moon Lantern for this years Moon Lantern Festival, which is being celebrated as a school next Friday. Stay tuned for more information.

Finally, we wish all students involved in the Catholic School’s Music Festival all the best for a great performance tomorrow night. We are sure that you will do our school and yourselves proud!


Wednesday, Week 7

Hi everyone,

Please continue to return your Camp forms and MTIOG notes ASAP. We will be starting our unit on ‘Being Sexual’ in the next couple of weeks and it is essential for permission to be given for your child to participate. Thank you to those families who have done so already. 🙂

Please note the tasks that are due this Friday:

The main focus of the day was for students to work towards developing a logo and name for our photography company.

Yesterday afternoon, students received an email that notified them about which job position that they had successfully gained. These positions are outlined below:

In these job groups, students worked firstly to develop a catchy name. They had 25 minutes to do this and present their best name to the class for voting.

This is what they came up with:

We then voted on the best name for our company and ‘Photo Plus – Stories of Us’ was the winner with 24 votes, with ‘PhotoVentures – Adventures through photography’ coming second with 17 votes.

Students then followed the design process below to help develop ideas for our company logo, working both independently and collaboratively at various times.

They were provided with a range of online links that explained the importance of considering their use of colours and fonts and used this understanding to come up with some highly creative designs.

Idea development:

Have a great night everyone!


Friday, Week 6

Students were very busy this morning working through the following list:

Here is some of the completed ‘Fraction Flags’ work.

Over the weekend, Mr Pearce and Mrs Higgs will be taking a close look at the Job Applications that were submitted. With what we have read so far, we have been impressed with the quality of the work and look forward to using these pieces to form the working groups for our Photography Company.

At 11:50 am, we ventured to the Father’s Day Stall, which was hosted and organised by our lovely Parent volunteers.

After Mr Pearce returned to class from his morning in Leadership, we began to explore our next photography art session. Landscape photography was introduced and Mr Pearce showed the students some Photoshop techniques for enhancing the natural elements and bringing out the intended beauty within a shot.

Students then set about photographing a landscape within the school environment with the aim being to make the everyday or ordinary appear extraordinary. They were asked to look at scenes, spaces and environments that the walk past everyday and capture the beauty within them by photographing it from a different angle or perspective.

We will keep you posted on the finished images once they have been rendered in Photoshop next week.

We hope that all the dad’s have a very happy Father’s Day on Sunday and get very spoilt!

Catch you all next week. 🙂

Monday, Week 6

This morning began with Maths Mini, which focussed on creating flags split into various fractional parts. Students accessed the game below and recorded their creations into their graph book.


Before recess, students were excited to finally get the chance to play the final round of ‘Soccey’. We made the playing space larger and had 4 games in total with 7v8, 5v6, 3v4 and 1v2 playing off against each other, with an audience comprised of those that weren’t playing at the time. Well done to Group 6, who were the ultimate Soccey champions for 2018!

Team 6 – the winners!

After recess, Martin Pascoe was back to support the students with their learning in History. He took a group of students outside on the deck, who showed him the storyboards they had created for their documentary.

Prior to this, Mr Pearce stimulated a discussion surrounding introduced species, by showing an example of a food web. In this Science discussion, students learnt about primary and secondary consumers and noted how the introduced rabbit was able to breed and succeed so successfully because they have no direct predators.

By the end of this week, students will need to have an outline of their documentary produced, which will take the form of a storyboard and we will then see the coming weeks spent filming and editing using iMovie.

Here is an example of a finished storyboard, completed by Ann Maria and Shanthana:

Whilst 5HN was at Spanish, 5DP spent time looking further into food chains and webs. They accessed the site:


Library was cancelled this afternoon, as the new space is still being set up. We will let the students know when their make up borrowing day will be when we know. 🙂

Have a great night!

Friday, Week 5

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Friday in 5HN and DP!

Please use the link below to access the School’s newsletter:


Assembly this morning was a real blast, seeing all of the Staff and students dressed up for our Book Week celebrations. Mrs Martin/Mrs Henderson’s Year 6/7s and Mrs Nicosia’s Year 1’s hosted a great Assembly that showcased a lot of the short-listed CBCA picture books.

It was wonderful to see so many students in 5HN and DP get involved in dressing up for the occasion. Check out some of these happy snaps…

After the Assembly fun, students returned to class to work on any outstanding tasks that they had left to complete. Today the 2 tasks due were:

All but a handful of students made the best use of their time to achieve these goals and then it was Fitness time with Mrs Pinneri. It was such a beautiful time out on the oval in the sunshine and it was a good opportunity for the students to socialise and let off some steam after what has been a very busy week.

Around midday, we were lucky enough to have a visit from professional illustrator, Lauren Mullinder. She is a friend of Mrs Pinneri’s who has illustrated a number of books, including ‘I Hate Rules’, which she read to us to begin the time that she spent with us.

After the reading, Lauren showed us some sketches that she completed in order to illustrate this picture book. Her publisher sends her a script of the text to be illustrated and then Lauren takes the script and sketches out a range of thumbnail sketches. Storyboarding comes next, which then gets sent to her publisher. Refining of sketches then happens, where the images are no longer ‘blobs on sticks’, with the characters drawn with expression and in more detail. Once changes and edits are made, the final layout is decided on.

Then it was the students’ turn to have a go at drawing! They learnt how to draw a person in proportion and worked with Lauren to add detail to the head and face. The students demonstrated a growth mindset and found the task a great challenge. We thank Lauren for her time and share her website with you if you would like to take a further look at her amazing work.


We hope everyone has an amazing weekend and can get out and enjoy the sunshine!

Monday, Week 5

Good afternoon all,


School Photos will be taken tomorrow. Please ensure that your child is dressed in full Winter uniform, including shirt, pinafore (girls), tie and wooden v-neck jumper.


This morning we branched into looking at the concept of equivalent fractions.

Students viewed and manipulated parts of a whole using a Fraction Wall on ActivInspire and were able to easily visualise how a half for example is also the same as 2 quarters, or 4 eighths. When asked ‘Which is bigger – 2/5 or 3/8?’ students could use the wall to compare fractions that have different denominators.

A key revelation in the learning today was noticing that although the denominators get bigger as we move down the wall, the pieces of the whole actually get smaller.

To reinforce all of this, students then got out their laptops and played another round of ‘Fractions Bingo’, with Mr Pearce calling the shots.

As we had a number of students away today, we decided to postpone our ‘Sockey’ playoffs to another day, considering that the teams would be imbalanced. Instead, students enjoyed playing together with the rugby balls, handball and walking laps of the oval, braving the bitter cold. Brrrr!!!

After recess, we enjoyed Martin Pascoe’s company during our History focus. We began the session by watching the ‘First Australians’ series of clips that showed the Indigenous connection to the land dating back 60,000 years. Martin discussed the ‘Rainbow Serpent’ as being the creator of the land and life in Australia and together we compared the myriad of views that different cultures and religions hold about who and how the earth was created. Students then had the opportunity to continue researching elements that they need to answer their inquiry question, after being provided with a range of website links to help narrow down their searching.

We finished the day with Library and voting on our favourite picture book for Book Week.

Have a great night everyone. 🙂

Tuesday, Week 4

Good afternoon everyone,

We would like to extend a welcome invitation to family and friends to come and celebrate Whole School Mass tomorrow, which 5HN and DP will be hosting. If you can make it we would love to see you at 11:20 am in the Hall.

This morning, some year 3 students came to our class to show us their posters for a fundraising event for Guillan-Barre Syndrome. They will be selling cupcakes for $1, and cookies for 50c. Make sure to bring in some loose change to buy some delicious treats tomorrow at recess time!


With a change of events, we went to Mass Practice before working on our numeracy Fraction Workshops.

We worked on our Fraction Workshops (due this Friday). We worked on our Fraction Golf, which we did with our partners. Some of us worked on our ‘Fraction Avenue’, where we have to make a street of houses with particular features; this task can be done in Minecraft. HN also did this after lunch.

Before recess, 5HN left their laptops at the Spanish room. When 5DP worked on their numeracy, 5HN went to Spanish. In Spanish we worked on our FIFA World Cup mascots for any country.

For our next lesson, HN went to Music whilst DP started their first Guided Reading lesson of the week. They switched books with HN; DP reading what HN read and HN reading what DP read last week. Because we had a relief teacher for music, we played a game of Musical Statues and then a game called ‘Hey, Mister, who am I?’.

After lunch, DP went to music and HN continued on with Numeracy. We finished the session with Ava F and Anyuat sharing their Minecraft streets, showing us how they had followed the task criteria carefully, as well as how to take effective screen shots of the finished avenue, ready for marking.

Then we had a class pack-up and listened to Mr Clark, 5DP’s relief teacher, talk about his family. He told us about his two sons, his wife and grandchildren. He also talked about how he liked teaching because he saw schools as bright places. He talked about his son who lives with him and his other son, Ryan, who lives in America and plays basketball, just like Mr White’s son Isaac.

Once Mr Clark finished his stories, we had free fitness to end the day.

Hope to see everyone at our Mass tomorrow! Have a great night.

Monday, Week 4

Good afternoon everyone,

We would like to extend a welcome invitation to family and friends to come and celebrate Whole School Mass this Wednesday with us, which 5HN and DP will be hosting. If you can make it we would love to see you at 11:20 am in the Hall.

This morning went a little differently to the timetable above, with Mass singing practice being moved to before recess. Students spent the first session in class working on the Fractions Workshops that were introduced last week.

We then went to Mass singing practice.

After recess we were joined again by Martin Pascoe and Matthew Jolly for our History Inquiry. He and Mrs Higgs worked with a small group of students in the Staff Room on recapping the learning that took place on our excursion. After showing the students where all of the photos and videos from the day had been saved for them on the network, they began to think about what angle they wanted their documentary to take. To help clarify thinking, students, Mrs H, Martin and Matthew brainstormed the changes that have occurred in Australia since 1788.

We also talked about some features that they might want to include in their film-making and aspects to   consider.

From this discussion, students then began to look at what aspects of the excursion footage they may want to include in their documentary, as well as plan and decide on a specific angle that they want to present, based on our broad inquiry.

Whilst this was happening, a large group of students remained in class with Miss Roberts to work on finishing the Prior Knowledge Task that was due last Friday. This work was important to complete as it shows where students are already at with their thinking and provides teachers and Martin with baseline data and evidence of learning, when compared with the post assessment that will be completed after this unit of work is complete.

This group then spent some discussion time with Martin, based on the same lines of what occurred in the Staff Room. They came up with the following brainstorm:

After lunch , 5HN attended Spanish and then the Library. 5DP went to the Library and then came back with Miss Roberts to begin reading their new Guided Reading text.

Have a great night everyone.