Monday, Week 4

STUDENT REMINDER: Please make sure you complete the ‘Character Strengths’ task from today’s session for homework. It will need to be submitted into the share folder first thing in the morning.

Today we delved a little deeper into Character Strengths. Students watched a video called ‘The Science of Character’, which highlighted that every individual possesses all 24 character strengths in different degrees, giving each person a unique character profile. As teachers, we wanted to know what each of our individual students saw within themselves and specifically, what character strengths they thought they possessed.


Mrs Higgs gave examples of 4 strengths that she feels that she uses a lot in her everyday life and justified why:

Students then set about ‘looking in the mirror’ to record what positive aspects they see within themselves.

Character Strength Icons-1u9l2iy

For fitness today, Mr Pearce taught the students a new team game today in the Hall.
Mr Pearce rolled the soft ball to each individual in the batting team, whose job it was to kick the ball into the soccer goal and score 5 points, or to to kick and run to the crease and back before the fielding team managed to score a goal in the netball ring, or make contact with the runner below the waist with the ball. If the runner made it back home successfully, a point was awarded for their team. The students had so much fun and it was lovely to hear and see the support and encouragement offered towards each player.

Numeracy – Data Collection
We revisited our survey questions today, and the students set about asking 30 of their peers their question of interest. By the end of the session, all students were able to table their data so that it was presented in an organised fashion and they also created a column graph depicting their findings. It was a very social time and a good way for students to talk and interact with people that they may not have had the chance to, as yet.

Library in 5HN
We read a new text written by Margaret Wild and illustrated by Freya Blackwood.

The Feather - Margaret Wild

David – I think that the kids treated the feather with kindness and like it was special but the mayor said it was ugly and he didn’t treat it with respect. He made it turn all brown and dirty.

Lily – I think this book teaches us the importance of taking care of our world because if we don’t, it will end up all dark and grey and dirty.

Hiep – We should share things that are beautiful and not lock them away where nobody can share them.

We had a great day today and are looking forward to tomorrow!

Dani and Daniel

Wednesday, Week 3

Independent Learning Time
First thing this morning, the following students worked with Mrs Hong on their traditional Vietnamese dance in the Hall.

Lorraine L

Those that remained in class were involved in either finalising Assembly scripts/presentations/iMovies, painting our UFO prop, rehearsing specific group sections for our ‘Go Bang’ dance with Mrs Higgs or working on a new Prodigy assignment.

Prodigy – student focussed on answering and solving addition problems. Mr Bartold came in to support the students and enjoyed working with Omid and Anyuat.

Prop Painting – Skye, Kristina and Zahra worked well together to begin painting our main prop.

Assembly Practice and Fitness – Dance Rehearsal
Wow, wow, wow!! This dance is going to blow your socks off! The students now know all of the routine and formations and have been demonstrating the choreography with energy and sharpness. We can’t wait to share it with you on Friday morning!

Ash Wednesday – Whole School Mass
After recess, the school community gathered in the Hall to celebrate Ash Wednesday.
Students received the ashes on their forehead at the end of the day and were anointed with the words ‘Repent and believe in the Gospel’.

Assembly Practice
We spent the afternoon in the Hall and on stage, running through the Assembly sections from start to finish. It was an important time of the students as they learnt their cues of when to speak, come on/go off. Scripts have been printed and will be used in the run throughs tomorrow. Students with speaking parts will be encouraged to bring it home to practice over night on Thursday.

Rehearsing the Vietnamese dance:

Rehearsing ‘Go Bang’:


Kaurna Acknowledgement:



We are asking for all class members to please bring a plate of savoury food. If there are any cultural desserts you would like to bring, please be in touch with us beforehand.

The lunch will begin around 12 noon, so if you are free to join us or would like to bring in hot food, you are more than welcome. We are unable to heat up food at school.

Please label all containers that you wish to have returned and provide a serving spoon or tongs if your dish requires.

Monday, Week 3

SHARED LUNCH – This Friday

To celebrate what we hope will be a very successful assembly, as well as Chinese and Vietnamese New Year, we would like to come together for a shared lunch.

We are asking for all class members to please bring a plate of savoury food. If there are any cultural desserts you would like to bring, please be in touch with us beforehand.

The lunch will begin around 12 noon, so if you are free to join us or would like to bring in hot food, you are more than welcome. We are unable to heat up food at school.

Please label all containers that you wish to have returned and provide a serving spoon or tongs if your dish requires.

Assembly Dance Practice
We worked furiously and productively on our ‘Go Bang’ dance routine today and by the end of our session, students were confident and proud of how far they had come. We spent time on positioning and formations and added a few tweaks to the moves so that all students have a chance to be seen. regardless of what line they are in. The energy and fun that the class is bringing to these practices each day has been a pleasure to see.

Upon returning to the classroom, students then broke off into their groups to keep working on their script writing, rehearsing and keynote making. All students have now provided us with a screen shot of their country of origin, which contains facts about the population, capital city, map, flag and other cultural specifics. These will be shown during our Assembly presentation, along with segments relating to Chinese and Vietnamese New Year.

Library in 5HN
After a quick borrowing session, half of the group went with Mrs Hong to practice their Vietnamese dance. The remaining students enjoyed some quiet reading and relaxation time.


Friday, Week 2

**REMINDER: Students are allowed to wear their Sports Uniform during next week to assist with our Assembly practices and dance.

Numeracy – Data Investigation

Students accessed the link below and completed a data collection online task.
After surveying, tallying, tabling, graphing and analysing in the site, students were asked to develop their own survey questions to ask 30 peers.

Some of the questions students are choosing to investigate are:

Marco – What is your favourite laptop game?
Deepthi – Who is your favourite author?
Cameron – What class pet would you like?
Zahra – What excursion do you want to go on?
Ava F – Who is your favourite artist?
Lily- What is your favourite type of slime?
Arifah – What is your favourite subject?

Next week they will get the chance to conduct a survey, table, graph and analyse the information.

Assembly Preparation
After another lunch spent inside, students spent the afternoon involved in various tasks related to getting our Assembly organised.
15 students went to the Hall with Mrs Hong again to continue learning their traditional Vietnamese dance.

Back in class, individuals and small groups continued to research the origins, myths and traditions associated with the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year and what they record and discover will then be incorporated into our script.

Mr McCarthy paid us a visit with a delivery of fish for our tank. We are very excited to have 3 new class pets who are nameless at this stage…


Image result for billy g's gourmet cookie dough

This year’s fundraiser for Spring Fair is Billy G Cookie Dough. These cookies are delicious, easy to bake and great for lunch boxes. A fun activity to do with the whole family. Please find below information and the link to the Holy Family Catholic School online shop where you can place your orders.  Once you order, please remember to print your order off and return back to the school.
An order form will also be sent home for each family.  Please complete this form and return to the school with payment if you don’t wish to order online.

Orders will need to be completed by Friday 16 March 2018 with collection on 11 April 2018. 

Thank you for your support.   Happy baking! 


Billy G’s is an Australian family owned and operated business using very special recipes and quality ingredients for that homestyle taste.

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Happy fundraising, and thank you in advance for your support!



Tuesday, Week 2

REMINDER: Please join us for our Parent Information Evening tonight, 6 pm in the classroom.


HASS – Chinese and Vietnamese New Year Inquiry

5HN and DP will be incorporating this important cultural celebration in our Assembly next week. We aim to explore the different nationalities and backgrounds present in our class and this will lead into the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year celebrations. We hope you can make it along to see our presentation!

To begin this learning, students began an inquiry, using the Flipchart below as a provocation to kick-start their curiosity and interests.

Students could research and investigate any of these aspects or questions and will have a number of sessions to go into as much depth as possible.

Crossing Monitor Training

The Year 5-7 students met together in the Hall at 11:30 am to day to learn about becoming a ‘Crossing Monitor’. The session was facilitated by the South Australian Police.

HASS – Country of Origin Inquiry
Students continued to develop a presentation based on what country their family is from. We will use parts of these finished pieces in our Assembly, to highlight our cultural diversity.

Fitness – Dance
We worked in the Centre today to recap yesterday’s choreography and to learn some more. We can’t wait to show you the finished product next week!


Dani and Daniel

Friday, Week 1

Modelled Reading
Introducing our first class novel for the year…


Darkness had come to the town. Strange things were happening in the dead of night. Children would put a tooth under their pillow for the tooth fairy, but in the morning they would wake up to find… a dead slug; a live spider; hundreds of earwigs creeping and crawling beneath their pillow.
Evil was at work. But who or what was behind it…?

The jaw-achingly funny, Number One bestselling novel from David Walliam. Make your appointment if you dare…

We read the first chapter today and heard about ‘Alfie’, the boy with rotten yellow and brown teeth. His last visit to the dentist was when he was 6 years old, when he endured the horrible experience of having the wrong tooth forcefully removed. Ouch! We can’t wait to read more next week….


Students introduced the teachers to a funky mindfulness website called Weave Silk, which allows you to create some beautiful and colourful designs.

Have-a-go, it is very mesmerising!!!

Student Reminder
Please ensure that your ‘Pages’ version of your personal letter is complete and ready to submit into the Shared Folder first thing Monday morning. Don’t forget to bring your green Literacy Journal back to school also.

Week 1 HFCS Newsletter:

Here is the link

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Dani and Daniel


Tuesday, Week 1

Welcome to the 2018 School Year!

Your teachers for Year 5; Mrs Dani Higgs, Mr Daniel Pearce and Mrs Virginia Nunez-Scalzi

Please find our beginning of year newsletter below. This has also been provided in hard copy form, along with a number of other forms including: ‘Class Dojo’ sign up, Making Learning Visible consent form and student information detail.

Term 1 Newsletter-y8gh35


Our timetable for the day:

We looked at the calendar and plotted special events and birthdays happening in Term 1.

Question Time
Students were invited to record any questions or wonderings that they may have about the year ahead. They could be about the learning or routines for the year or about Daniel and I as their teachers. We will use these questions to guide our discussions with students and to help us construct a personal letter to the class.

Getting to Know You Game :

Mrs Higgs gave 2 examples of truths and one false fact. Students had to guess which was which. This lead to lots of conversation and many laughs! Mr Pearce did the same with his class. Tomorrow the students will get the chance to work on developing their own fact and fiction statements to share with the class.

**Please return the ‘Making Learning Visible’ notes ASAP, which will enable us to use images of your child  and their work on the blog.