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Hey guys.... Im a year 3/4 teacher at the greatest school (HFCS).... I love trying to make my classroom the funnest place to spend your day.... I love Soccer, Basketball and many other sports and my favourite subject is Science.

Thursday, Week 3

The final day of Naplan testing meant the students were doing the Numeracy test at 9:30 this morning. We broke to morning up with some fitness time, so the students could stretch their legs.

After recess Mr. Hummel taught his first main lesson. He started his Science unit on States of Matter. He set up a range of provocations around the room for students to discuss and observe what they believe to be happening. In their groups they then documented what they thought would happen and why things occurred.


After lunch students participated in Art. Senora has set up some 3D art for the students to complete. In preparation for perspective art, students learnt the skills behind drawing a cube, a rectangular prism and a sphere. After this students then had the chance to finish their concentric circles.


Thursday, Week 1

With the weather taking a turn for the worse, students remained inside all day. Despite the weather, inside the class room the students worked really hard. In the morning students were given the rubric for their Hass project. Allowing them mark their work and see where they could improve.

Just before recess students watched some BTN, leading to some excellent discussions about online safety (Facebook story) and then completed a task about Vikings. This was a comprehension task aligned with the new expedition in the Melbourne Museum on Vikings.

Students also had the opportunity to complete a personal and social reflection which will be used in their reports. Reflecting on questions like; Did you enjoy group tasks this semester? How did the assembly help your confidence? etc.

After lunch, art was the perfect way to finish a day spent in the classroom. It gave students the freedom and flexibility to design their own task. Focusing on abstract drawing, this task showcased the students ability to think outside the box.

Tuesday, Week 9

After a busy night of parent interviews, lots of students returned with positive outlooks after positive meetings last night. First up this morning we organised who was going to read during our Holy Thursday liturgy on Wednesday morning at 10:20am.

We have many participating and the reading parts are in the student folder for students to access and practice tonight if they wish.

This morning we explored numbers and their place value. Completing a task where students heard a range of numbers in words and had to write the correct number in digits. This was set as a diagnostic task so we can ensure the work is modified appropriately in the next few lessons.

Whilst one class was at Spanish and Music, the other group used this time to complete a literacy task. A continuation of the Miss Root task, students had to describe the physical and personality traits of two of the characters. They could use the stories to gain an understanding of their personality and the pictures drawn to describe the physical features. This task will continue tomorrow, when the students write a couple of paragraphs describing the characters. The aim is to write them for someone who has never read the books.

At the end of the day we took the time to practice our Holy Thursday liturgy. Students had a chance to practice their reading parts and we could also run through the set up.

Thursday, Week 8

Note: Tomorrow is a shared lunch for Harmony Day. We ask students to bring in cultural food or something savory. If you wish to bring a cultural desert we welcome this but want to avoid too many sweets to ensure a nutritional lunch. Shared lunch will begin at 12:15pm if you would like to bring food in later in the day.

Such a busy day today!! We started the morning with some time to practice our maths skills on prodigy. With the Naplan Practice test using laptops for the first time, we ensured we had enough time for the students to log on in time. We had some connectivity issues but with so many children across the state accessing the web, this will allow the education department to modify their servers. The students did really well, demonstrating their skills and comfort using ICT to solve problems.

After recess we had our class mass. We celebrated the feast of Saint Patrick with a lot of students having reading parts. All readers read fluently and confidently.


After lunch students had independent learning time. This time allowed students to choose between 3 different tasks.

1. Writers Notebook which is due tomorrow

2. Science Inquiry Project which is due tomorrow

3. Art – Harmony Day Task

Students divided their time and applied themselves in the area they wished to work on. The art task was new this week and related to Harmony Day which will be celebrated as a whole school on Friday.

We look forward to shared lunch tomorrow and welcome Mrs Stam into our class tomorrow as Mr. Pearce is out of class.

Tuesday, Week 8

Note: This has also been sent as an SMS to parents

Harmony Day Morning Tea/ Learning Profile

 Date: Tomorrow Wednesday 21st March at 9AM

Where: Outside the Holy Family Café

Cost: Free

Everyone is invited including school aged children.


With parent/teacher interviews fast approaching, this morning the students completed a goal reflection task that we can share during these interviews. The task allowed students to plan some goals for the rest of the term; focusing on literacy, numeracy and personal goals. Students then explained why they want to achieve them and how they were going to go about achieving them. This follows the ‘SMART’ goal format.






Students enjoyed reflecting on their strengths, and also planning how they were going to achieve their goals.

In the middle of the day, both classes split for NIT lessons. Half the group had Spanish and Music, while the other half were working on their writers notebook. Their writers notebook will be collected on Friday and it was explained to students that the story does not need to be finished, but it needs to reflect the time we have spent working on it (10 lessons – depending on absence).

At the end of the day we had some more time to finish the goal reflections. If students had already finished the task, they were able to work on their numeracy skills using Prodigy.

Key Events:

We have a very busy schedule leading to the end of Term 1. Here are some important dates.

Thursday 22nd March – 11:30am 5HN and 5DP Mass (parents welcome)

Friday 23rd March – Harmony Day – Shared lunch – 12:15pm

Monday 26th – 29th March – Parent/Teacher Interviews


Thursday, Week 7

We started off our artsy Thursday with a combined literacy task. Students looked at some text from Demon Dentist that described one of the characters “Miss Root”. Students were required to highlight the nouns and adjectives, then draw a labelled diagram of Miss Root. They used the descriptive language in the book to accurately represent the character. This task is aimed to help students design future characters in their writers notebook.

After recess students watched a BTN video about the election this weekend. In brief we spoke about why people vote and who the major parties were. We looked at the possibility of lowering the voting age and asked students to discuss whether they think it is a good idea or a bad idea. Students recorded some of their opinions in the structure of a basic exposition. Focusing on the introduction, dot points for the arguments and a conclusion.

After lunch students had the opportunity to continue on with their scribble art from last week. If they had finished this task, they had the option to start the new task. The new task still focused on abstract art. Students had the opportunity to draw an abstract face.

Students enjoyed the freedom to express themselves during this task. Check out some of the work.

Friday, Week 6

PLEASE NOTE: Students can wear a coloured T-Shirt to match the Sports Day team that they are in.


We started the day by attending the Year 6/7 assembly. It was a great assembly that demonstrated some excellent facts about Holy Family. Luckily there were some surprise appearances in the assembly as well. The students drew caricatures of teachers and a student that was in my class in previous years drew a fantastic picture of me.

Also the Holy Family Swimming Team was presented to the school after winning the Para Districts Swimming Carnival. We had two members of that team in our group, Lily and Kristina.

When we returned to the class students continued working on their Solar System project. There is some fantastic research taking place and some excellent models being built. Most students are using Minecraft to build their model, others are drawing them. We look forward to sharing some fantastic projects when they are finished.

After recess, students continued with the Hass work from yesterday. Some students were still exploring the terms; Migrant, Refugee and Asylum Seeker, others started to look at the some of the historical events that caused mass migration. After looking at some sources that showed some of the reasons people moved to Australia, students focused on some data based on the Gold Rush. This will then be our future focus and how this migration has shifted culture in Australia.

After lunch students worked on a few tasks to finish off some of the work from this week. First we complete a maths mini (multiplication focus) and played some prodigy. Students then had 45 minutes to finish work they may not have completed. For example their Art tasks, BTN – comprehension questions and their Numeracy – observational data.

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, Week 6

This morning students had the chance to experience cooking. All students were so excited to taste their end product. This task allowed students to use skill learnt in a variety of subjects. For example measurement, temperatures, comprehension and time. The students had a fantastic time baking churro’s and the end product looked and tasted delicious.


Churros are a famous Spanish treat that are popular in many countries. They are often eaten at breakfast – desayuno or as a snack. Churros are a deep fried-dough pastry that is typically served with hot chocolate.

After recess students watched the weekly BTN episode. We feel that engaging in the current news broadens the scope within the classroom. It requires us to think critically about current issues and creatively to solve problems. It also develops comprehension skills, as students extract information primarily from the news report and then other sources if required. Today students had 5 pathways to choose from. This allowed them to choose a story which increased engagement in the task.

After lunch students revisited the Hass from last week. After hearing the migrant and refugee stories of Senora Nunez and Mrs Hong students explored the reasons why people travel around the globe. Focusing on Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, looking at the similarities and differences. We will then start to look at the trends and spikes in migration to Australia, determining the reasons for this trend and then exploring the cultural changes that have occurred.



Tuesday, Week 6

For numeracy this morning students explored observational data. In small groups of 2 or 3 students decided on a question they wished to explore. Some picked the types of insects that existed under logs, the colour of the cars in the car park and others chose to explore the flora within the school. All students visually collected data and began tabulating the results. This task allowed students to explore the different ways to collect data within our world.

The middle section of the day consisted of half the group going to Spanish and Music and the other half staying in class. During this time students worked on their writers notebook and completed a math mini session.

Shanthana’s story

Shanthana’s main character

Isabella R’s Story

Grace’s Story

Josh’s Front Cover

Michelle’s Story and character sketching

Dylan’s Story

We finished the day completing our Numeracy Workshop from last Friday on arrays. Students demonstrated the concept of multiplication by visually demonstrating the arithmetic. Array’s have given the students a visual language they can use to solve any multiplication problem regardless of size.

Friday, Week 5

As the week draws to a close, we finished the week with some very important learning. We explored the values that make an ideal student, coded the Ozobots and learned about Arrays.

After assembly students explored the ideal student values they developed. Each student picked their top 4 values, found the dictionary meaning and then made 2-3 statements as to how they are going to achieve/demonstrate that value.


After recess students had their first opportunity to use the Ozobots. Coupled with geography students had to code the Ozobot to travel from their country of origin to Adelaide. Students were provided with a blank map, so they used their mapping skills to find the countries. They then learned the coding skills required to command the Ozobot to fulfill the requirement.

After lunch students finished the day exploring Arrays. Their were a variety of workshops that tested their multiplication skills and their understanding of the process.

We wish everyone a safe and relaxing weekend. Below is the link to the school newsletter.