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Friday, Week 4

The end of the week has come round so fast,

We witnessed a fantastic assembly this morning by 6/7De and Rec/SA, that showcased the use of technology within our school and the future jobs of the students.We then had some fitness before recess.

After recess we started our venture looking at editing photos in CS6. Students were asked to bring in a portrait photo that they could manipulate changing lighting, saturation, contrast etc. Students created a 3×3 grid the encompassed 9 photos with different effects. The results were excellent.

After lunch students had a chance to work on the work that needed to be completed. This ILT time primarily was Numeracy and HASS. All students that were present have their HASS inquiry questions ready for our session with Martin on Monday to start developing a story board for their documentary.

Hope you all have a great weekend! See you all Monday

Thursday, Week 4

Blog Thursday, Week 4


Good morning all,

Art – Tracey Moffat Task

During the first morning session students continued their work on Tracey Moffatt who was showcased in the Art Gallery on Friday.

Students were required to pick two pieces of her work and focus on the story that she is trying to tell and how they interpret it. Students had the choice of how they would like to present their ideas and this will be collected for assessment.

Numeracy – Fractions Workshops

After recess students continued working on their Fraction Workshops introduced last week and due this Friday. This included the Fraction Golf, which was done with partners. Some students worked on ‘Fraction Avenue’, where students had to make a street of houses with particular features; this task could be done in Minecraft.

Positive Education – Wellbeing and Engagement Survey

Students spent the first part of the afternoon session participating in the Wellbeing and Engagement survey. The Wellbeing survey provides an opportunity for students to have a voice. Students answered questions about their social and emotional wellbeing; school relationships and engagement and learning in school; physical health and wellbeing and after school activities.



Just a reminder for students to bring in a portrait (artistic head shot) photo for Fridays Art lesson. They can use a person of their choice.



Wednesday, Week 4

Note: Students will need to take a portrait (artistic head shot) photo for Fridays Art lesson. They can use a person of their choice.

Good morning all,

Today we celebrate the Assumption of Mary as a whole school with 5DP and HN taking the lead. We had numerous students in reading roles, alter servers and part of the processions. Our students were fantastic and enjoyed representing the schools catholic ethos.

This morning students continued to focus on their documentary in HASS. Martin would like the students to have “an angle” by next Monday so he can start helping them construct their story board. The students worked well gathering resources together from the footage of our excursion to support the content within their documentary.

Straight after recess students continued to work on their Hass before heading to the Assumption Mass. Our students were reverent and read very well.

After lunch students focused on the work of Tracey Moffatt who was showcased in the Art Gallery on Friday. Students were required to pick two pieces of her work and focus on the story that she is trying to tell and how they interpret it. Students have the choice of how they would like to present their ideas and this will be collected for assessment.

Note: The due dates tab on Onenote explains the two tasks due this Friday. One is the Numeracy Workshops and the other is the planning for the HASS – documentary.

Thursday, Week 3

Good morning all,

After going through the events of the day, students spent the first session of the morning choosing and prioritizing what tasks they needed to complete.

Independent Learning Time

Week 3 Maths Mini

Guided Reading Rubric Questions

Hass – Prior knowledge task

If students had completed all the tasks for the week they could begin looking at next week’s activities.

Things to work on for next week

Photography artist dot points – Due Monday Tracey Moffatt Inquiry

Numeracy Workshops – Due next Friday

Maths Mini/Guided Reading

Students continued their work from the previous lesson on their Maths Mini and Guided Reading.

Art – Indigenous Art

During Visual Arts today we focused on the theme of ‘Tell me your story’ and ‘yarning’ which is a common tradition amongst indigenous cultures. We worked in groups to promote dialogue and the sharing of our own stories, whilst creating our ‘pavers’ to visually depicted our stories.

Every student will have the opportunity to tell their story by illustrating a paver.  Each paver will be placed in a river that will flow from the front of the school to the new Early Childhood Centre.

This inquiry was a wonderful opportunity for students to use their 100 languages and to work across curriculum as during HASS we have been focusing on Migration stories.

Independent Learning Time

In the afternoon session, students continued with their independent learning.

It was great to see the children working so well today on individual tasks.

Ms Martin and the Ecology Group with the help of Wipe Out and KESAB have assembled and collated the rubbish collected at Holy Family in one day and presented their findings. The spokesperson from KESAB explained that the majority of our waste could be recycled instead of being put in the bin for landfill. She went through and clarified how each of the items collected can be recycled at school and what it can be used for in the future.

Just a reminder that children must wear their full winter uniform for the excursion tomorrow.

Looking forward to a great day!




Tuesday, Week 3

Good morning all,

We started off the day by introducing our new Numeracy workshops. The students have two workshops to complete that meets a wide range of the capabilities. Task one required students to work together to play fraction golf. This required students to order fractions according to their size. The second task was a creative art task that required students to follow some fraction requirements. Students loved getting a start on both tasks and worked very well.

After recess students split for Spanish and Music. The other group worked on Week 3’s Maths Mini. Maths Mini continues to focus on subtraction with borrowing, long multiplication and BODMAS. These lessons are aimed to provide students with the skills to use within their workshops. The second lesson allowed students to continue to work on their guided reading. The questions from their activity rubric are due this Friday.

To finish the day the students took advantage of a break in the weather and went out for some free fitness on the courts and playground.

Friday, Week 2

Good morning all,

Some crazy overnight weather left our courtyard flooded limiting some of the play space at recess and lunch, but we were grateful to be able to go out.

We had the first assembly of the term today and we recognised the students who participated in ICAS testing. We had some outstanding achievements from members of our class and continue to encourage students to pursue all avenues of learning.

After assembly we started a new unit in numeracy and started to explore fractions. We brainstormed some ideas about where we see fractions in everyday life and then looked at equally splitting some shapes into fractions.

After recess students continued and finished the introduction task. After this students had ILT (Independent Learning Time). This time allowed students to work on anything they needed to get up to date. There are a range of tasks that are collected at the end of the week, these can be seen on the flipchart below.

Students can update their OneNote at home if needed and work will be assessed on the weekend.

We have another busy week next week with a whole school mass on Wednesday and our excursion on Friday. Stay tuned to the block to see any further information regarding our excursion.

Have a great weekend all

Thursday, Week 2

Good afternoon all,

Thank you to those students who have already returned their Art Gallery/Museum Excursion note. Please keep sending them in. 🙂

We began our day with Quiet 15 and Guided Reading. Students worked on their Guided Reading and questions.

Photography Provocation

Students continued their work from the previous lesson on their Photography Provocation focusing on – What jobs/tasks need to be performed in order to run our company successfully?

We took the students input from Wednesdays lesson and placed it into a mind map. We discussed in detail what jobs are needed for our Photography company and the skills associated with these occupations.

In groups of 4, students had to answer questions about the occupations which were identified and what personal skills and abilities are needed to be successful within each of these jobs. Students had to research the jobs that were highlighted as needed for the class company. They needed to write job descriptions that outlined what qualities and skills are needed if applying for these jobs. Students were able to identify which character strengths they thought were most important for each job. These are a list of the jobs that the children researched:

Group 1 – Website Designer

Group 2- Merchandise

Group 3 – Accountant

Group 4 – Data Collector/Analyst

Group 5 – Advertiser/Designer

Group 6 – Bloggers

Group 7 – Film/Documentary Maker

Group 8 -Journalists

Group 9 – Interior Designers

It was great to see the children working together in their groups and each contributing to discussions regarding what qualities are needed for each job.

In Maths Mini students continued on from Tuesdays lesson focusing on: subtraction, long multiplication and algebra. Students worked really well during this session

During Visual Arts, we focused on Anime drawing, many students in the class have expressed an interest in this art form. Anime drawing is a fascinating art form that many professional animators use online, on TV and in video games. Anime, a word for Japanese animation, includes comics called Manga with fictional characters that exaggerate the human form.

The characters are very expressive and therefore have large wide eyes, hair that stands out and either tiny mouths or mouths that are wide open to express feelings. Students had the opportunity to practice anime drawing techniques focusing on anime faces and hairstyles.

Just a reminder that children can wear Casual clothes on Friday 3 August by bringing in a Gold Coin Donation. Also, in the lead up to this weekends’ Showdown, show your true colours tomorrow by donning the scarf of your favourite team! In the name of fun and friendly banter.

Tuesday, Week 2

Good morning all,

This morning we had 6 students doing the ICAS English test. We wish them all the best.

This morning students continued to work on their English response questions to the Rabbits book. These questions required the students to inference and analyse the text. Students added these responses to their OneNote document allowing them the flexibility to add pictures from their book and label them whilst responding to the questions.

After recess students broke for Spanish and Music. Whilst half the group attending specialist lessons the other group worked for a lesson on their guided reading and the other lesson on their numeracy workshops. The students have one more double on Thursday to complete the workshops which will be collected Friday. In guided reading, some students continued to read their books, others were finished and working on their rubric of activities. We aim to finish the first rotation of guided reading by the end of week three.

We finished the day with some Fitness in the afternoon. Students were given the freedom to choose their activity and learn through play.

With numerous notes being handed out yesterday afternoon, we encourage students to get their notes back ASAP. Our excursion to the Art Gallery & Museum needs to be back by Tuesday, Week 3. We encourage students to get their photography satchels back before school photos on Tuesday, Week 5 (21st August) and any parents interested in attending the Made in the Image of God (parent information session), this session can answer a lot of questions you may have.

Happy Tuesday

Friday, Week 1

Good morning all,

Week one has flown by and we are already at Friday. We have started some fantastic provocations and work this week and students will continue to work on many of the concepts next week.

This morning students continued working on their numeracy rotations aiming to finish the first one by the end of the lesson today. The work is looking fantastic and students are really demonstrating their knowledge of volume.

After recess we read the student version of the Shaun Tan book “The Rabbits”. This really highlighted how images can be interpreted through symbolism and colour to set a scene and tell a story.

Students then worked on their guided reading rubric. Students selected the questions they wished and worked to reach the points they required. Students complied this into OneNote which will allow them to work at home on it if they wish.

Students then finished the day by working on their photography inquiry. They also started to develop their digital folios on OneNote. This allowed them to make multiple pages pinning numerous photos to each section.

Finally finishing the day with some fitness. Some students played cricket, handball and lots enjoyed the new footy goals.

Hope everyone has a refreshing weekend. See you all Monday.

Thursday, Week 1

Good morning all,

This morning students spent the first 15 minutes reading their guided reading books, in preparation to start the rubric tomorrow.

After this students continued to work on their volume rotations. Students are aiming to finish the first rotation by the end of the week so they can start the other next week. Students are loving using Minecraft and crafting the cereal boxes.

After recess we went straight into Art so their choir group didn’t miss out making their bookmarks and they can easily catch up the Maths Mini for homework. Students worked to create wacky bookmarks so they can mark their pages in the guided reading books. They also learnt the concept of doodle art, check out some of these wacky designs!

Just before lunch students had their final lesson to complete week 1’s Maths Mini. Students enjoyed the challenge completing sums that challenge their individual abilities.

After lunch we continued to look at the skills within photography. Students explored some of the top 100 ‘Time Magazine’ photos of all time. Students analysed these photos and students hypothesised the emotion that was captured and the story that it was representing. Preparing them tomorrow to analyse their personal photos and start taking their own photos.