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Hey guys.... Im a year 3/4 teacher at the greatest school (HFCS).... I love trying to make my classroom the funnest place to spend your day.... I love Soccer, Basketball and many other sports and my favourite subject is Science.

Friday, Week 3

Wow!!! What a day, if you were there to witness our Assembly you will agree that it was fantastic. The most amazing thing was all the students had a blast. We showcased work, performed dances and acted out a story-line. Students showed bravery, courage and resilience to produce a truly memorable experience.

Myself, Mrs. Higgs and Senora Nunez couldn’t be prouder you all.

After the Assembly we went out for some well deserved fitness on the oval.

After recess it was back into the classroom for some literacy. Students reflected on the character strengths they used preparing and during their assembly. Students spoke about creativity, bravery, perseverance, zest, leadership and teamwork. We now have some fantastic reflections to use for the student reports and some goals for future growth. Below are some of the guiding questions:

5HN and 5DP Assembly Reflection – Chinese and Vietnamese New Year

Planning and presenting
What was your assembly presentation/script about?
Who did you work with and how did you work together as a team?
What went well?
What would you do differently next time?

‘Go Bang’ Dance
What challenged or took you out of your comfort zone when learning or performing this dance?
What strategies or mindset helped you to be successful in this learning?
How did you feel before and after performing the routine?

Vietnamese Dance
Why did you choose to participate in this routine?
What did you learn about Vietnamese culture and dance through working with Mrs Hong?


What character strengths did you use and how did you use them during planning, preparing, rehearsing and performing?

How did you encourage and support others in our team?
What did you learn from this Assembly experience?
How could the experience be better for you next time?


At lunch the array of food was phenomenal, 5 DP and HN had a feast, so many cultures were represented and we feel that this was an excellent way to conclude our celebration of the cultures within our class.

After lunch students had the opportunity to express themselves creatively. The Art lesson planned allowed them to use any material that they desired. Students used sketching pencils, oil pastels, water colour paints, coloured pencils, textas, material, shapes of paper and the list goes on. The end product is still a working progress that we will finish on Monday morning.

We hope you all have a safe & fantastic weekend and wish all families a Happy Vietnamese/Chinese New Year!

Thursday, Week 3

What a busy day today. With our Assembly fast approaching tomorrow morning, we practiced most of the day to prepare. We look forward to celebrating the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year with all families who attend. Everyone is involved so we encourage you to come along at 9am tomorrow to support.

SHARED LUNCH – This Friday

We are asking for all class members to please bring a plate of savoury food. If there are any cultural desserts you would like to bring, please be in touch with us beforehand.

The lunch will begin around 12 noon, so if you are free to join us or would like to bring in hot food, you are more than welcome. We are unable to heat up food at school.

Please label all containers that you wish to have returned and provide a serving spoon or tongs if your dish requires.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!!

Tuesday, Week 3

SHARED LUNCH – This Friday

To celebrate what we hope will be a very successful assembly, as well as Chinese and Vietnamese New Year, we would like to come together for a shared lunch.

We are asking for all class members to please bring a plate of savoury food. If there are any cultural desserts you would like to bring, please be in touch with us beforehand.

The lunch will begin around 12 noon, so if you are free to join us or would like to bring in hot food, you are more than welcome. We are unable to heat up food at school.

Please label all containers that you wish to have returned and provide a serving spoon or tongs if your dish requires.

Happy 10th birthday to Yshi! We hope you had a great day. 🙂

As we get closer to our Assembly this Friday, the more we start to see the final product evolve. The dance is looking awesome, and we have started to collate everyone’s Country Inquiry and the Chinese/Vietnamese New Year research. Students are looking forward to being able to practice their acting and reading parts tomorrow.

Practice coupled in with Spanish and Music for both classes made for a busy day. We got the chance to learn about Lent, and celebrations and significant days inside Lent. Below are some student reflections about Lent:

Alyna said,

Lent is where you give up something you like for 40 days because jesus went to the desert and survived for 40 days and 40 nights without any food or water.

The ashes are marked on our forehead to humble our heart and to remember that life passes away on earth

Brendan said,

Ash Wednesday gets it’s name from the blessed ashes It represents the palms from previous years of Palm Sunday

Grace said,

To me lent is a time where people give up a treat or something they like for 40 days and on ash Wednesday we get ash on our head for god and Jesus to forgive you for what bad sins you have done.

Isabella J said,

In my opinion, lent is a time to celebrate the fact Jesus survived in the desert for 40 days without any resources.

We put ash on our forhead’s which were made from palm branches blessed on the previous year’s Palm Sunday. It cleanses out all our sins and represents the following saying: “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

Diana said,

Jesus what to the desert because to help the people in the desert.

Isabella R said,

Lent is when you give up one of your favorite foods for 40 days because Jesus went to the desert and gave up food for 40 days.

Ryan said,

The reason you get ashes is Repent, and believe in the Gospel” or “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.

Shanthana said,

Lent is when you give up something like meat or chocolate like Jesus didn’t eat of drink any thing for 40 days.

The Ash’s represent a blessing from palm leaves.

Taniya said,

Lent is when you celebrate and its a little bit about Easter. It also means abut Jesus and God.

Ash’s are burnt leaves and it kind of represent the sight of the cross cause you do a cross on your head with ash’s

Osi said,

I think lent is a time where people give up a treat or something they like for 40 days for the fact that Jesus went to the desert for 40 days and survived.

We put ash on our forehead’s which were made from palm branches blessed on the previous year’s Palm Sunday. It cleanses out all our sins and represents the following saying: “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

As a class we created a Padlet. We asked the questions “How can you be more like Jesus this Lent?” Below are the responses the students had:

Some fantastic reflections from the Year 5s. We finished off the afternoon by talking about Shrove Tuesday and Lent as a whole group. We also celebrated with Pancakes, making a delicious end to the day.

*Remember tomorrow is the Ash Wednesday Mass. You are more than welcome to come and join us at 11:30am.


Thursday, Week 2

Another hot day! Unfortunately students were inside for recess and lunch again, but we did manage to fit 20 minutes of fitness before recess.

We started off the day with a literacy task. Creative Writing gives the students an opportunity to use their imagination and express themselves through text. Today’s theme was “A door to my ideal world”. The below picture was placed on the screen and the students were given the freedom to write. Some decided to use their books, others used their laptops.

All work was collected at the end of the lesson, with some students adding “To be continued” as they wished to add more.

Alyna’s Story

Osi’s Story Part 1

Osi’s Story Part 2

Diana’s Story

Yshi’s Story Part 1

Yshi’s Story Part 2

Yshi’s Story Part 3

Jay’s Story

Lily’s Story Part 1

Lily’s Story Part 2

There were many more i could share, i encourage you to ask you children to share. They were all fantastic.

After recess we broke off into smaller groups. 15 students went to work on the Vietnamese dance for our assembly with Mrs Hong. Another group of students went to choir, and gather information about the practices and the performance. We also had a small group of students Alter serve for the 6/7 Mass today. The remainder of the students worked ahead on our assembly. Working to finish their country inquiry, ready for the iMovie.

Vietnamese Dancers

Amiti, Diana, Celine, Chanelle, Skye, Lily, Grace, Zahra, Lorraine L, Emma, Khoi, Hayden, Hiep, David and Khoi


Amiti, Diana, Isabella R, Ann-Maria, Shanthana, Chanelle, Lorraine L, Lily, Deepthi, Imogen and Skye

After lunch those 15 students continued to work with Mrs Hong. The rest of the group did Art. Students made ‘lucky envelopes’ which is a custom linked to the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year. In Spanish students explored the meaning behind the ‘lucky envelops’. Using origami techniques students constructed the envelopes and then decorated them using relevant symbols or pictures.

Despite the heat another fantastic day!!

Daniel & Virginia


Wednesday, Week 2

PLEASE NOTE: Students can wear their Sports Uniform on Friday and next Monday to assist with our Assembly. This is in addition to their Wednesday PE day.

This morning we started off the day with Numeracy. After collecting data from the class, students tabulated the results to see all of the countries 5DP and 5HN come from.

Students then tabulated and graphed this data. We focused on using labels, correct scales and the orientation of a histogram. All students worked well, with some running out of time and taking it home for homework.

After graphing, students noticed that Vietnam had the highest numbers and Asia was the most prevalent continent.

Students were restricted to playing inside during the heat and restricted to the hall for PE. Students still enjoyed their break-time. After lunch students has some time for reading, which allowed us to offer some extra help to some students in Numeracy.

Finishing the day we planned to practice our dance for Assembly. Unfortunately there was an issue with the laptop and the sound wouldn’t play. We finished off the day by having a chat about “What makes an ideal teacher? & What makes an ideal student?” This will aid tasks set for Week 4, when we plan to build our “Ideal Classroom”.

Image result for ideal teacher clipart

Fingers crossed tomorrow is a little cooler

Daniel & Dani

Monday, Week 2

As we start a new week our focus turns to our Assembly. This morning coupled with fitness, students learned a dance for our Assembly. Growth Mindsets were on show, with students giving it a go and learning some new moves.

After recess we started a HASS inquiry. This will also be showcased in our Assembly, highlighting the parts of the world we come from.

Time flew as students explored their cultural heritage, finding fascinating facts and comparing populations in the world. We celebrate the different places we all come from and that we are all made in the image of God.

Check out some work in progress

Skye – England                                                        Grace – Italy                                                             Lily – Scotland & Poland

Yshi – Philippines                                                    Hiep – Vietnam

We cant wait to see how these inquires evolve and look forward to sharing the end product at Assembly.

*Note – Please return the Making Learning Visible form ASAP so we can put whole group photos on the blog.

Daniel & Dani

Our first week – Through students eyes

As we approach the end of the first week (it has gone so fast!!), I asked some of the students in 5DP & HN how their first week back was.


My first week at school was great because I got to meet new people. and make new friends. and I really like are class room. and of course are teacher because there really nice.


My first week at school was exciting, I was waiting for school holidays to end so that I get to go to school, I was looking forward to seeing who was in my class.

The first day of school was the most exciting part of the week because I get to see my old friends again and get to make new friends.

I knew most of the people in my class. Throughout the day, I was so happy because I now I get to learn things and not sit around and stay at home all day, I get to do sports, maths, English, art and more.

This was one of the best classes I’ve been in. When we worked it wasn’t as loud as my last 3 classes and that means I get to concentrate on my work.

At play time, I get to play with my old friends that I’ve haven’t seen for a long time, and I think my first week at school was Fantastic!


This week  I liked meeting my new teachers, you are amazing .

This week I made new friends and their names are Skye and Ava

This week I liked doing art and liked getting to know each other


I loved the seating of the class room I found it nice and open. So far I’ve made 1 friend and I think at the end of the year I’ll have more, So far so good.


This week was so much fun… I had the the most fun I had ever had in a long time. I love our classroom because its nice and spacious. I enjoyed my sport lesson and every fitness time we had. Everyone in my class is funny witch is one of the reasons I love this class.I enjoyed reading demon dentist and cant wait to read the rest then maybe read another book in my own time or with the class. I really enjoyed writing my letter to the teachers as well as the two truths and a lie.

Lorraine L

I think this 1st week has been great because I feel like everybody in my class this year has been shy on the 1st week all other years. But, this year everybody has a friend with them and everybody is so comfortable with the people around them so fast!


My first week was great I have the best teachers and have some friend in the class and love all the lesson we do in the class because there really fun and cool and can’t wait to see what we do trough out the year I know it’s going to be fun. Hope the best


The first week of school was great I saw some people from last year which was good and the teachers are nice. the bubble doodle art was fun and a great way to start art for the year. SO the first week of school was great.


The first week of school was great because I saw some friends from last year and I got to met new people and that I get to name art with Mrs Nunez. And I think this is the best first day


Thursday, Week 1

Another fantastic day in 5 DP & HN. For the first time students accessed Prodigy. Prodigy is a numeracy game that is very engaging and aligned with the curriculum. Today students focused on Data – reading and interpreting graphs. The students loved the opportunity to use this program and showcased some great skills.

Students then loved the opportunity to do fitness. We continued to focus on team building skills. Students guided their blind folded partners around the course, using effective communication to ensure their partner avoids hazards. We then played a modified game of tunnel ball. They loved the competitive aspect of this.

(I will add photos of the group when i have all the permission notes returned)

After recess, students finished writing their draft letter. Most are up to publishing their final copy on the computer, some students are taking it home tonight to finish. We will finish them tomorrow.

Finally we finished the day with Art. Senora Nunez set an awesome task, allowing students to creatively draw and decorate their name. This was a hit!! Check out some of these cool designs.


Wednesday, Week 1

After a fantastic first day back, we continued learning about each other. Students finished the two truths, one lie task, with HN having some time to present while DP was at Spanish. We plan to present some more on Friday. Both classes experienced their first PE lesson of the year and all the reports were positive.

Later in the day the students had the opportunity to learn more about us. Both Dani and myself presented our letters to the students. We managed to answer most of the questions that the students asked us. It is now the students turn to write back to us. This gives us the chance to learn more about each member of the classroom, whilst looking at their spelling, grammar and sentence structure. We aim to have a handwritten draft completed by Thursday afternoon and a final copy presented on the computer by the end of the week. In the final copy, students can include photos of their pets, favourite sports and foods etc.

We cant wait to read all of these!!!

With our Assembly fast approaching in Week 3, we will soon turn our focus to preparing for that.

Stay Tuned

Mr. Pearce and Mrs. Higgs

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