Monday, Week 2

Welcome back to week 2,

What a fantastic spring fair on Sunday, we hope that you enjoyed yourself.

At the end of this week it is HN’s buddy assembly, so they are working hard with their buddies to prepare. Whilst at practice DP started exploring angles in numeracy. We discussed the main angles and how to measure them using a protractor. We spoke about right angles, obtuse and acute angles and made a maze in the class. The task was to code a Sphero to complete the maze by measuring the angles it needs to turn. Students learnt how to measure angles using a protractor and code the Sphero’s. We will continue this task tomorrow.

After recess we had our final session with Martin Pascoe and our HASS documentaries. Students will be showing these on Friday after the buddy assembly.

In the afternoon HN met with there buddies again and DP went to library and worked on their animals inquiry. We are aiming to finish the animal by mid week 3 so we can present it during our assembly.

Good afternoon all.

Week 1 Update

Note: Tomorrow is a casual day in preparation for spring fair. We ask if students could bring a pot plant or potting mix to help the plant stall on Sunday.

Welcome back everyone,

We hope that you had a relaxing and enjoyable holidays. What a busy start to term 4. Spring Fair this weekend means that Friday is a pupil free day while the school is being transformed for the fair. HN and DP have also had a very busy start as we have our assemblies in week 2 and 3 respectively. We have spent many lessons meeting with our buddies and working on our productions.

We have also continued to focus on 24 hour time in numeracy and started to explore directions and mapping skills through open ended inquiry.

These are an example of the types of tasks the students could choose in numeracy. Students were able to choose the level that they believed challenged them and worked to complete it to the best of their ability.

DP has also started an inquiry based on the adaptations that animals have made to survive. Using Mudla as a resource we have a range of animals that we can focus on and get first hand evidence. Students are able to choose an animal and discover the physical and behavioral adaptations that animals have made to survive.


Tuesday, Week 10

Hi everyone,

We are really looking forward to our excursion tomorrow and thank Dylan, Isabella J, Cameron and Grace’s parents for volunteering their time to come with us.

Our trip will start at the new RAH on North Terrace and we will make our way to the Botanic Gardens, taking photos of the cityscape along the way. Nature photos will then be taken at the Botanic Gardens and this experience will support our learning in Technology and The Arts.


9:20 am  Leave school by bus.

9:55         Arrive in the city for recess, near the new RAH

10:15        Start our walk towards the Botanic Gardens
(Stopping to take  photos along the way)

 12:15      Arrive at the Botanic Gardens and eat lunch.

 12:40      Explore the gardens and take photos.

 2:20       Return to Holy Family by bus.

 2:50 pm  Arrive back at Holy Family.


Students need to bring:

  • Wear full sport uniform with school hat preferably
  • Small backpack with recess, fruit, lunch and water
  • Camera/photographic device
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses are advisable

Have a great night and see you all tomorrow 🙂

Monday, Week 10

Good morning everyone,

Leading into the last week, we have a busy week planned. We have our excursion on Wednesday and numerous meetings with our buddies, prepping for our assemblies next term.

Today we started with our last session of MITIOG. We continued to explore the year 5 framework. We may have one more lesson tomorrow afternoon to wrap the unit up.

After recess we continued working on our HASS documentaries. Unfortunately Martin couldn’t make it in today but we may be able to make up that session later this week. To start the lesson we dissected another documentary, focusing on some of the techniques used. This was the students second to last lesson on this task as it is due Monday, Week 2. We plan on sharing all of our documentaries on this day with Martin.

After lunch we split and HN went to spanish while DP went to library. After this HN met with their buddies and DP worked on their Literacy. The Shaun Tan author study “The Lost Thing” is due at the end of this week.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, Week 9

*Students remember to bring in an object for photography tomorrow.

Good afternoon all,

Numeracy – Time Inquiry

After going through the events of the day, students spent the first session of the morning continuing to work on their Numeracy Investigation regarding “Time”. Students graphed the information they had collated from the previous numeracy lesson. They needed to record averages for each of the runners and plot this information in a table.

After recess we focused on HASS – Government

Students brainstormed their definition of “What is a government?” This led to a discussion regarding the different tiers of government in Australia and “What is democracy?” Students then had the opportunity to choose one area they would like to research.

Inquiry options:

  • Telling the story of the Australian Democracy. Students create their own Timeline highlighting the main events that led to democracy in Australia.
  • Who represents you in your local electorate?

Before lunch students went out for some free Fitness

In the afternoon session, we had Visual Arts – focusing on The City of Salisbury Christmas Card Design Competition

Students were encouraged to participate in the City of Salisbury Christmas Card Design Competition. The Salisbury Council has invited students to participate in this special Christmas card design competition. The winning design will be used on The City of Salisbury Christmas Cards with special credit given to the artist!

*Just a reminder that children can wear Cultural Clothing, Red or School Uniform on Friday 21st September for the Moon Lantern Celebrations.

*We also have a shared lunch tomorrow. We ask students to bring lunch (savory preferred) a reusable plate, fork/spoon. We aim to have zero litter from this shared lunch and we will wash plates and return them home with students. If you plan to bring in hot food aim for 12-12:15. We will begin eating around 12:20.




Wednesday, Week 9

Hi everyone,

We are looking forward to the Moon Lantern Assembly on Friday and celebrating this cultural event with a Shared Lunch afterwards.


Once again we are asking for your kind support in providing your child with a plate of food to share on the day and encourage it to be a savoury option. If you would prefer to send a sweet dish please feel free to do so.
In the interests of the environment and reducing waste, we are also encouraging students to bring their own plate, knife, spoon and fork from home, rather than use disposable plastics. These items will be rinsed by your child and sent home at the end of the day. Please name items if possible.

This morning we began our Made in the Image of God ‘Being Sexual’ unit. Girls from 5HN, DP, PP and CM worked with Mrs Higgs and Mrs Pinneri, whilst Mr Murray and Mr Pearce worked with the boys. The outline of what will be covered over the next two double lessons/weeks is written below and today we began with a focus on puberty. In the interests of those students who are not participating, we will leave the details of the session out, but encourage you to talk with your child about their learning in this area at home.

After recess, both classes continued to work on their Literacy comprehension task based on Shaun Tan’s text called ‘The Lost Thing’. The questions that have been devised get progressively more complex, leading the students from finding literal information to using more inferential and evaluative thinking to generate their responses.

Once complete, students then could choose a creative writing prompt to explore from the list above.

In the last session of the day, students separated into their ‘Job Role Groups’ involved in our ‘Photo Plus’ Photography Company. (Details of this session will be posted tomorrow).

Each group was given a brief as to the first tasks that they needed to work on, with the ‘Bloggers’ working to document the learning in their own way. This team will be creating their own page linked to the home page of this site in which they will publish the weekly goings on within the company. Be sure to check it out tomorrow when it will hopefully be published…

Monday, Week 9

Good morning all,

This morning we started a new class novel, Georgia’s Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl while Mr. Pearce set up our Speed Ball competition (Fitness). We then commenced week two of the competition. Once again the students worked really hard, encouraged each other and demonstrated some fantastic skill.

After recess Martin joined us to continue working on our HASS documentaries. We spoke about interviews and how the questions are very important. They need to be open ended and easy to answer. We spoke about the difference between planned interviews and Vox Pops. It is the planned interviews that can have more preparation and go into more depth. We also spoke about how the interviews need to support our overall aim in the documentary.

After lunch we split for Spanish and Library. HN met with their buddies today to continue working on their assembly. DP started our next literacy task, another author study, the new book “The lost thing” written by Shaun Tan. Students had a range of comprehension questions that relate to the book and then some creative writing prompts that will all be collected before the Term 3 holidays.

Thursday, Week 8

Good morning all,

After going through the events of the day, students spent the first session of the morning working on their Numeracy Investigation.

We posed the question: How fast can you ran 100m in?

In groups of 4, students recorded how fast they could run 100m. Students recorded their results and will calculate their average time. Students will then graph their groups results and compare their running times against Usain Bolt’s Rio 2016 results.

After recess students began Independent Learning Time.

Students had the option of continuing work on their Company badge, Spring Fair Poster or started to construct their Moon Lantern.

After lunch students continued ILT.

Moon Lantern Festival

Chinese and Vietnamese families traditionally celebrated the new moon as part of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Moon Lantern Festival celebrates the gathering of friends and family after the crops are harvested. The celebration is to give thanks for the harvest and pray for family and good fortune. Some cultures will celebrate with a lion dance, carry brightly coloured lanterns or eat moon-cakes.

In celebration of the Moon Lantern students began planning and designing lanterns for this cultural festival.

It was great to see the children working so well and designing fantastic lanterns.

Catholic Schools Music Festival

All the very best to the girls involved in tonight’s Catholic Schools Music Festival tonight.

 Just a reminder that children can wear Casual clothes tomorrow, Friday 14th September. Please bring in a sealed packet of lollies to support the Spring Fair.

Also the disco is tomorrow night. The year 5 session starts at 7:15 and finishes at 8:30. Parents are welcome to wait in the parent cafe where coffee will be available. Payments can be made through the QKR app.

Wednesday, Week 8

Hi everyone,

This morning in Numeracy the students recapped their learning from yesterday, where they investigated the the Men’s 100 metre sprint times at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. This task allowed students to read,  sort, order and compare times recorded in decimal form, building on their understanding of place value, as well as data analysis, tabling and graphing.

After ordering the sprinters from 1st-24th across the 3 qualifying finals,

students then placed the top 8 runners into their appropriate racing lane for the final of the event and compared their times with Usain Bolt’s world record:

We then watched the final and discussed ways to go about completing the third part to the task:

Once complete, students then spent time designing and making a badge that they can wear during Company Time. This badge was to include their name and job role, as well as their managerial position, if applicable.

They were also presented with a brief from the Spring Fair Committee to design a flyer for this year’s fair.

Design Brief:

We are looking for some creative students to design an A4 flyer for the Spring Fair.
The flyer will appear on the blogs, Facebook and other social media.

We would like the flyer to emphasise that:

  • Nova will be broadcasting at the fair from 11am.
  • There will also be a guest appearance by Michael Keelan.

We would need the flyer by no later than Friday Week 8.

They were given a basic and temporary flyer as an example of the information that they could choose to include:

Students will continue to design their posters throughout the rest of the week, along with creating a Moon Lantern for this years Moon Lantern Festival, which is being celebrated as a school next Friday. Stay tuned for more information.

Finally, we wish all students involved in the Catholic School’s Music Festival all the best for a great performance tomorrow night. We are sure that you will do our school and yourselves proud!


Monday, Week 8

Good morning all,

We hope that you all had a fantastic weekend. We started Monday morning with a new fitness competition. This aligns with the PE curriculum as the students are learning to play handball. The games were fast paced, enjoyable and the students were really showcasing their skills. These are the teams and results from Week 1 of competition.

After recess we welcomed back Martin. We continued to work on our HASS documentaries. Most students were starting to film, narrate and edit their iMovies. We have set the due to for Term 4 Week 1 (Friday). This will allow students to finalise some editing over the holidays if they wish and then view most of them on Monday Week 2 which is Martins last day with us. We look forward to seeing what the students produce.

After lunch the classes split for Spanish and Library. DP started to work on a mini project that is linked with HFCS’s global project. They started to create a mini movie that showcases who they are as an individual. These movies will be shared with two schools in America as we form a buddy system online.

*Students will be receiving a consent form today for a program called FlipGrid. Could these please be signed and returned ASAP.