Wednesday, Week 7

Hi everyone,

Please continue to return your Camp forms and MTIOG notes ASAP. We will be starting our unit on ‘Being Sexual’ in the next couple of weeks and it is essential for permission to be given for your child to participate. Thank you to those families who have done so already. ­čÖé

Please note the tasks that are due this Friday:

The main focus of the day was for students to work towards developing a logo and name for our photography company.

Yesterday afternoon, students received an email that notified them about which job position that they had successfully gained. These positions are outlined below:

In these job groups, students worked firstly to develop a catchy name. They had 25 minutes to do this and present their best name to the class for voting.

This is what they came up with:

We then voted on the best name for our company and ‘Photo Plus – Stories of Us’ was the winner with 24 votes, with ‘PhotoVentures – Adventures through photography’ coming second with 17 votes.

Students then followed the design process below to help develop ideas for our company logo, working both independently and collaboratively at various times.

They were provided with a range of online links that explained the importance of considering their use of colours and fonts and used this understanding to come up with some highly creative designs.

Idea development:

Have a great night everyone!


Monday, Week 7

Good morning all,

This morning we started a new task. Students worked on a gratitude journal. Our lives are so busy and we can easily forget all of the things we are so lucky to have. Today students had a chance to sit down and reflect on the things they were grateful for. On their One Note i put together a range of open ended prompts to get the students thinking. These journals can be so powerful, focusing on the things we are grateful for can lower stress. Here are some examples of some students who wished to share.

After recess we continued to focus on our documentaries in HASS. We provided the students with some more examples of documentaries and some research they may wish to include.

Students then worked on their documentary with the support from Martin Pascoe. Most students have conducted their research and created a storyboard. They are now starting to film and collate different parts together into one iMovie.

After lunch the classes split for Spanish and Library. After DP finished library they work in class on their guided reading.

Friday, Week 6

Students were very busy this morning working through the following list:

Here is some of the completed ‘Fraction Flags’ work.

Over the weekend, Mr Pearce and Mrs Higgs will be taking a close look at the Job Applications that were submitted. With what we have read so far, we have been impressed with the quality of the work and look forward to using these pieces to form the working groups for our Photography Company.

At 11:50 am, we ventured to the Father’s Day Stall, which was hosted and organised by our lovely Parent volunteers.

After Mr Pearce returned to class from his morning in Leadership, we began to explore our next photography art session. Landscape photography was introduced and Mr Pearce showed the students some Photoshop techniques for enhancing the natural elements and bringing out the intended beauty within a shot.

Students then set about photographing a landscape within the school environment with the aim being to make the everyday or ordinary appear extraordinary. They were asked to look at scenes, spaces and environments that the walk past everyday and capture the beauty within them by photographing it from a different angle or perspective.

We will keep you posted on the finished images once they have been rendered in Photoshop next week.

We hope that all the dad’s have a very happy Father’s Day on Sunday and get very spoilt!

Catch you all next week. ­čÖé

Wednesday, Week 6

Good morning everyone,

We had a TRT in today because Mrs Higgs isnt feeling the best, we hope she feels better soon.

Students started the day by continuing their job applications. As part of our photography company we have a number of roles to ensure the company can run successfully. Students wrote an application for two jobs of their choice, all of the options allowed students to focus on their own unique skills and what they can bring to the company. Job titles were:

Accountant, Advertising and Marketing, Blogger, Brand Manager, Data Collector, Documentary Film Maker, Journalist and Website Developer. Students also had the chance to apply for a managerial position in each field.

Students responded to a range of job advertisements, focusing on formal letter writing and learning some base skills in writing cover letters. They could transfer the skills learnt in persuasive writing and use examples of their school work to show specific skills.

In the middle of the day the classes split for Spanish and Sport. This gave individual classes a chance to focus on their guided reading and some Maths Mini.

After lunch we introduced decimals in numeracy. We outlined how important it was to understand, tenths and hundredths as this plays a major role in our monetary system and sports. We watched some sporting videos of how major events can be decided by tenths, hundredths and sometimes one thousandth of a second. Students then completed a couple of workshops that focused on decimals on a number line and manipulating numbers to tenths and hundredths of a second. Students will continue to work on this tomorrow.


Monday, Week 6

This morning began with Maths Mini, which focussed on creating flags split into various fractional parts. Students accessed the game below and recorded their creations into their graph book.


Before recess, students were excited to finally get the chance to play the final round of ‘Soccey’. We made the playing space larger and had 4 games in total with 7v8, 5v6, 3v4 and 1v2 playing off against each other, with an audience comprised of those that weren’t playing at the time. Well done to Group 6, who were the ultimate Soccey champions for 2018!

Team 6 – the winners!

After recess, Martin Pascoe was back to support the students with their learning in History. He took a group of students outside on the deck, who showed him the storyboards they had created for their documentary.

Prior to this, Mr Pearce stimulated a discussion surrounding introduced species, by showing an example of a food web. In this Science discussion, students learnt about primary and secondary consumers and noted how the introduced rabbit was able to breed and succeed so successfully because they have no direct predators.

By the end of this week, students will need to have an outline of their documentary produced, which will take the form of a storyboard and we will then see the coming weeks spent filming and editing using iMovie.

Here is an example of a finished storyboard, completed by Ann Maria and Shanthana:

Whilst 5HN was at Spanish, 5DP spent time looking further into food chains and webs. They accessed the site:

Library was cancelled this afternoon, as the new space is still being set up. We will let the students know when their make up borrowing day will be when we know. ­čÖé

Have a great night!

Friday, Week 5

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Friday in 5HN and DP!

Please use the link below to access the School’s newsletter:


Assembly this morning was a real blast, seeing all of the Staff and students dressed up for our Book Week celebrations. Mrs Martin/Mrs Henderson’s Year 6/7s and Mrs Nicosia’s Year 1’s hosted a great Assembly that showcased a lot of the short-listed CBCA picture books.

It was wonderful to see so many students in 5HN and DP get involved in dressing up for the occasion. Check out some of these happy snaps…

After the Assembly fun, students returned to class to work on any outstanding tasks that they had left to complete. Today the 2 tasks due were:

All but a handful of students made the best use of their time to achieve these goals and then it was Fitness time with Mrs Pinneri. It was such a beautiful time out on the oval in the sunshine and it was a good opportunity for the students to socialise and let off some steam after what has been a very busy week.

Around midday, we were lucky enough to have a visit from professional illustrator, Lauren Mullinder. She is a friend of Mrs Pinneri’s who has illustrated a number of books, including ‘I Hate Rules’, which she read to us to begin the time that she spent with us.

After the reading, Lauren showed us some sketches that she completed in order to illustrate this picture book.┬áHer publisher sends her a script of the text to be illustrated and then Lauren takes the script and sketches out a range of thumbnail sketches.┬áStoryboarding comes next, which then gets sent to her publisher.┬áRefining of sketches then happens, where the images are no longer ‘blobs on sticks’, with the characters drawn with expression and in more detail.┬áOnce changes and edits are made, the final layout is decided on.

Then it was the students’ turn to have a go at drawing! They learnt how to draw a person in proportion and worked with Lauren to add detail to the head and face. The students demonstrated a growth mindset and found the task a great challenge. We thank Lauren for her time and share her website with you if you would like to take a further look at her amazing work.

We hope everyone has an amazing weekend and can get out and enjoy the sunshine!

Blog Thursday, Week 5


Good morning all,

Wednesday was a busy day as we moved classrooms and set up our new area! All the students were really helpful and it has been a smooth transition. We still have a few things to get set up but generally we are ready to go!

After going through the events of the day, students spent the first session of the morning

working on their numeracy looking at equivalent fractions or Visual Arts.

As part of Book Week celebrations students designed a Book Week poster.

The poster needed to promote Book Week celebrations at Holy Family this week and the wonderful books that we have been reading. The focus for the poster was the theme of ÔÇśFind Your Treasure.ÔÇÖ

After recess students continued working on their Visual Arts.

Students spent the first part of the afternoon session participating in the CLARA survey. The CLARA survey gives students a chance to create a web survey that helps them to build on their learning powers. Once students have completed their CLARA survey they can access their Learning Power Profile. As a learner, seeing your profile can be a powerful aid to develop your ability to learn more effectively.

When students finished their CLARA survey they had Independent Learning Time.

Students worked well during the afternoon session.

*Note – Book week celebrations tomorrow and students are encouraged to dress up as a character from one of their favourite books.

Tuesday, Week 5

Good afternoon all,

Firstly this morning we told the students of an exciting new opportunity that will be starting on Wednesday. HN and DP are going to be relocating to where the current parent cafe and library is. This move will allow some shuffling within the school for us to start expanding the fish farm. HN and DP will be the pioneer class for this and be integrated within the fish farm. Our focus will turn to sustainability, water study and aquaponics. With our current inquiry in HASS exploring how Australia has changed since 1788, this is an excellent follow on. We are excited and cant wait to share the fantastic learning with you.

*So pick up on Wednesday afternoon will be in front of our new room (Current Parent Cafe and Library)

Our first lesson of the day was numeracy and we looked at equivalent fractions and adding them together. Students learnt about how to find lowest common factors.

When we split for Spanish and Music the other class continued to work on their numeracy and guided reading. This was HNs first lesson since changing books so must students were busy reading their books whilst Mrs Higgs was listening to them read. This was DPs second lesson so students continued to read but others made a start on their activity rubric.

We finished of the day with Fitness on the oval. The weather was fantastic and it was nice to spend some time outside.

Monday, Week 5

Good afternoon all,


School Photos will be taken tomorrow. Please ensure that your child is dressed in full Winter uniform, including shirt, pinafore (girls), tie and wooden v-neck jumper.


This morning we branched into looking at the concept of equivalent fractions.

Students viewed and manipulated parts of a whole using a Fraction Wall on ActivInspire and were able to easily visualise how a half for example is also the same as 2 quarters, or 4 eighths. When asked ‘Which is bigger – 2/5 or 3/8?’ students could use the wall to compare fractions that have different denominators.

A key revelation in the learning today was noticing that although the denominators get bigger as we move down the wall, the pieces of the whole actually get smaller.

To reinforce all of this, students then got out their laptops and played another round of ‘Fractions Bingo’, with Mr Pearce calling the shots.

As we had a number of students away today, we decided to postpone our ‘Sockey’ playoffs to another day, considering that the teams would be imbalanced. Instead, students enjoyed playing together with the rugby balls, handball and walking laps of the oval, braving the bitter cold. Brrrr!!!

After recess, we enjoyed Martin Pascoe’s company during our History focus. We began the session by watching the ‘First Australians’ series of clips that showed the Indigenous connection to the land dating back 60,000 years. Martin discussed the ‘Rainbow Serpent’ as being the creator of the land and life in Australia and together we compared the myriad of views that different cultures and religions hold about who and how the earth was created. Students then had the opportunity to continue researching elements that they need to answer their inquiry question, after being provided with a range of website links to help narrow down their searching.

We finished the day with Library and voting on our favourite picture book for Book Week.

Have a great night everyone. ­čÖé

Friday, Week 4

The end of the week has come round so fast,

We witnessed a fantastic assembly this morning by 6/7De and Rec/SA, that showcased the use of technology within our school and the future jobs of the students.We then had some fitness before recess.

After recess we started our venture looking at editing photos in CS6. Students were asked to bring in a portrait photo that they could manipulate changing lighting, saturation, contrast etc. Students created a 3×3 grid the encompassed 9 photos with different effects. The results were excellent.

After lunch students had a chance to work on the work that needed to be completed. This ILT time primarily was Numeracy and HASS. All students that were present have their HASS inquiry questions ready for our session with Martin on Monday to start developing a story board for their documentary.

Hope you all have a great weekend! See you all Monday