Thursday, Week 2

Good afternoon all,

Thank you to those students who have already returned their Art Gallery/Museum Excursion note. Please keep sending them in. 🙂

We began our day with Quiet 15 and Guided Reading. Students worked on their Guided Reading and questions.

Photography Provocation

Students continued their work from the previous lesson on their Photography Provocation focusing on – What jobs/tasks need to be performed in order to run our company successfully?

We took the students input from Wednesdays lesson and placed it into a mind map. We discussed in detail what jobs are needed for our Photography company and the skills associated with these occupations.

In groups of 4, students had to answer questions about the occupations which were identified and what personal skills and abilities are needed to be successful within each of these jobs. Students had to research the jobs that were highlighted as needed for the class company. They needed to write job descriptions that outlined what qualities and skills are needed if applying for these jobs. Students were able to identify which character strengths they thought were most important for each job. These are a list of the jobs that the children researched:

Group 1 – Website Designer

Group 2- Merchandise

Group 3 – Accountant

Group 4 – Data Collector/Analyst

Group 5 – Advertiser/Designer

Group 6 – Bloggers

Group 7 – Film/Documentary Maker

Group 8 -Journalists

Group 9 – Interior Designers

It was great to see the children working together in their groups and each contributing to discussions regarding what qualities are needed for each job.

In Maths Mini students continued on from Tuesdays lesson focusing on: subtraction, long multiplication and algebra. Students worked really well during this session

During Visual Arts, we focused on Anime drawing, many students in the class have expressed an interest in this art form. Anime drawing is a fascinating art form that many professional animators use online, on TV and in video games. Anime, a word for Japanese animation, includes comics called Manga with fictional characters that exaggerate the human form.

The characters are very expressive and therefore have large wide eyes, hair that stands out and either tiny mouths or mouths that are wide open to express feelings. Students had the opportunity to practice anime drawing techniques focusing on anime faces and hairstyles.

Just a reminder that children can wear Casual clothes on Friday 3 August by bringing in a Gold Coin Donation. Also, in the lead up to this weekends’ Showdown, show your true colours tomorrow by donning the scarf of your favourite team! In the name of fun and friendly banter.

Wednesday, Week 2


Hi everyone,

Thank you to those students who have already returned their Art Gallery/Museum Excursion note. Please keep sending them in. 🙂
We are also grateful for the support of Lily, Jineet, Grace and Cameron’s parents, who have kindly volunteered to come along and support us on the day. If you have a current Police Check and have completed a Volunteer Induction and would like to come along, it’s not too late – the more the merrier!

A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month! We filled out the calendar for the new month and there is a lot to look forward to.

First up, students were presented with an Inquiry, based on the text ‘The Rabbits’, and using their own understanding historical understanding of the colonisation of Australia.

This task really challenged most of the class, as it required them to re-read the text to look for statements that John Marsden used to signify the hardship that the Indigenous Australians and the environment endured as a result of the arrival of the First Fleet. Using inferencing skills and going deeper into the meaning behind the text to describe the problems and make connections with one event and its consequences is new learning for our class and really put their critical thinking skills to the test.

Below are some ideas that were modelled to the group, to help get them started. This analysis will be continued on Friday.

Guided Reading saw the teachers listen to our 3rd group of students read individually, being the ‘Competent Comprehenders’. The name of each of our groups come from the reading traits that we are working to instil in each our students, and are focus areas for discussion during 1:1 reading time.


In Maths Mini in 5HN, students engaged with new learning, with the number tasks that each group worked through outlined below. Many students wanted to carry on with this learning at home, which was great to see.



Multiplying by 1 digit


Multiplying by 2 digits


Solving algebraic equations where there is an unknown quantity

In the afternoon session, we continued on our journey into photography by looking at ways to get students’ work viewed and appreciated by an audience.

Class Brainstorm:

Introducing the idea of running and ‘Class Company’:

Mindmap brainstorm – What jobs will we need to run our company?

Follow up task:

Such a busy and mind-bending day! We hope you have a great night everyone.

Tuesday, Week 2

Good morning all,

This morning we had 6 students doing the ICAS English test. We wish them all the best.

This morning students continued to work on their English response questions to the Rabbits book. These questions required the students to inference and analyse the text. Students added these responses to their OneNote document allowing them the flexibility to add pictures from their book and label them whilst responding to the questions.

After recess students broke for Spanish and Music. Whilst half the group attending specialist lessons the other group worked for a lesson on their guided reading and the other lesson on their numeracy workshops. The students have one more double on Thursday to complete the workshops which will be collected Friday. In guided reading, some students continued to read their books, others were finished and working on their rubric of activities. We aim to finish the first rotation of guided reading by the end of week three.

We finished the day with some Fitness in the afternoon. Students were given the freedom to choose their activity and learn through play.

With numerous notes being handed out yesterday afternoon, we encourage students to get their notes back ASAP. Our excursion to the Art Gallery & Museum needs to be back by Tuesday, Week 3. We encourage students to get their photography satchels back before school photos on Tuesday, Week 5 (21st August) and any parents interested in attending the Made in the Image of God (parent information session), this session can answer a lot of questions you may have.

Happy Tuesday

Monday, Week 2

Good morning all, we hope you had a restful weekend. 🙂

Please see the attached link for access to the latest School newsletter:


We kick-started the day with Numeracy and the students continued to work on their Measurement challenges. All students should have progressed to their second Workshop task by now, as both of these pieces of work will be due on Friday.

Fitness was our ‘Socki’ game, which is a hybrid of soccer and hockey. After splitting the classes into 8 teams last week, games resumed across our two courts. Teams that hadn’t played each other last week had the opportunity today and scores were once again kept and tallied.  Next week will be our last round before the ‘Play Offs’ begin.

Let the fun begin!

After a hot and sweaty time in the Hall, students came back and ate fruit, whilst listening to the complete version of ‘The Rabbits’. This time they heard the words of John Marsden and used them to make sense of the entire story. They then set about responding to a series of questions based on the text, using their inferencing skills. We won’t publish responses yet, as students will have more time this week to complete all questions.

In Library today, both classes read the second of the Children’s Book Council Award shortlisted books. It was called ‘A Walk in the Bush’ by Gwyn Perkins. 5HN preferred ‘The Great Rabbit Chase’ over this weeks’ text, as the illustrations were far more detailed and the storyline more engaging.

Please look out for 3 notes that have been sent home tonight:

  1. 5HN and DP Excursion consent form.
  2. School Photo payment form
  3. Made in the Image of God (MITIOG) communication

If you are able to assist us on our excursion to the Art Gallery of SA and the Museum on Friday, 10th of August (Week 3), please let us know in person or via email. A current Police and Catholic Education Check will be required.

Thanks everyone and see you tomorrow!

Friday, Week 1

Good morning all,

Week one has flown by and we are already at Friday. We have started some fantastic provocations and work this week and students will continue to work on many of the concepts next week.

This morning students continued working on their numeracy rotations aiming to finish the first one by the end of the lesson today. The work is looking fantastic and students are really demonstrating their knowledge of volume.

After recess we read the student version of the Shaun Tan book “The Rabbits”. This really highlighted how images can be interpreted through symbolism and colour to set a scene and tell a story.

Students then worked on their guided reading rubric. Students selected the questions they wished and worked to reach the points they required. Students complied this into OneNote which will allow them to work at home on it if they wish.

Students then finished the day by working on their photography inquiry. They also started to develop their digital folios on OneNote. This allowed them to make multiple pages pinning numerous photos to each section.

Finally finishing the day with some fitness. Some students played cricket, handball and lots enjoyed the new footy goals.

Hope everyone has a refreshing weekend. See you all Monday.

Thursday, Week 1

Good morning all,

This morning students spent the first 15 minutes reading their guided reading books, in preparation to start the rubric tomorrow.

After this students continued to work on their volume rotations. Students are aiming to finish the first rotation by the end of the week so they can start the other next week. Students are loving using Minecraft and crafting the cereal boxes.

After recess we went straight into Art so their choir group didn’t miss out making their bookmarks and they can easily catch up the Maths Mini for homework. Students worked to create wacky bookmarks so they can mark their pages in the guided reading books. They also learnt the concept of doodle art, check out some of these wacky designs!

Just before lunch students had their final lesson to complete week 1’s Maths Mini. Students enjoyed the challenge completing sums that challenge their individual abilities.

After lunch we continued to look at the skills within photography. Students explored some of the top 100 ‘Time Magazine’ photos of all time. Students analysed these photos and students hypothesised the emotion that was captured and the story that it was representing. Preparing them tomorrow to analyse their personal photos and start taking their own photos.


Wednesday, Week 1

This morning in Literacy we began our Author Study. Students had 10 minutes to access Shaun Tan’s website and record 10 facts  about this Australian author and illustrator.

A mind map of the information found was created:

We then introduced the first of Shaun’s texts that we are going to study, which was a collaboration with another famous Australian author, John Marsden. Titled ‘The Rabbits’ and containing Shaun’s illustrations and paintings, students viewed the images only as a whole and then were split into groups of 3 to analyse a specific page.

As they were working, students reflected on the meaning behind the text as a whole. Here are some of their thoughts:

I think the whole story is about the Aboriginal story of the white people trying to take over the land. They built cities, destroyed the land and tried to take over. – Cameron

The rabbits are the British and the numbats are the Aboriginal people. – Dylan

There are flags everywhere and the flag represents the British flag. – Anyuat

The story reminds me of the First Fleet and the conflict between the white people and the Aboriginal people. – Bill

This task is like the Drag and the Gremlin task we did with Mr Hummel. He read us the words and We had to imagine and draw the pictures. This time we have seen the pictures but need to imagine the words. – Omid

Numbats are a real animal and they are from Australia. Rabbits are European and they have big musket guns, whilst the numbats have spears and white lines on their backs. This is representing the English settlers and the Aboriginal people. – Jay

Maybe the rabbits are refugees and that’s why they came by boat. The numbats didn’t want them there so that’s why they started a war. – Ryan

The British came and made a colony. The numbats represent the Aboriginal people. – Skye


Maths Mini in HN took place whilst DP were at Sport with Miss Roberts. The focus was on vertical addition and subtraction, as well as place value. Students worked on differentiated tasks that are based on their individual needs and included worded problems and number sentences to solve.

After lunch we introduced Guided Reading for the term.

Once the rubric had been introduced, students received their text and enjoyed spending some time reading it. Many students decided to take notes as they went, which will help them with their book responses, which they will begin in our next session.

We have narrowed our focus today to centre upon the art of Photography. We discussed how photographs have the ability to capture a moment/emotion/expression in time like no other medium and how we are all ‘photographers’ to a certain extent, with our ability and readiness to snap shots using our phones.
To start us on our thinking about photography, we discussed the photo below of Mrs Higgs’ son, Will. Students brought their own understanding to the photo and could easily tell a story using it, based on their shared experiences. The image was worth 1000 words.

After this, students then went about analysing 3 more of Mrs Higgs’ photos, responding to the question prompts provided.
We finished the day with a chat about how our personal photos and albums are not so much works of art, rather a chronological story of our lives that bring back memories of the past. We wouldn’t find examples like this in an art gallery but seeing photos as a story-telling medium will help students to consider the story they want to tell or a feeling they’d like to invoke when they look through the lens and press the ‘capture’ button, on whatever piece of technology that might be…

Tuesday, Week 1

Good morning all,

It is great to be back and straight back into some fantastic learning. With Tuesday’s being a broken up day due to Spanish and Music lessons we had a large focus on our Term 3 Inquiry. We presented the key inquiry question “A picture tells a thousand words” and this prompted an excellent discussion with the group. We shared a range of different images and the students shared their opinions and views on what the image meant to them.


The task was to research different art styles/forms and comment on how the artwork communicates a message to you. Students documented their findings and interpretations in any way they wished.

Students continued to work on this while the group split for Spanish and then during the second lesson worked on their Maths Mini. Maths Mini focuses on some of the core skills required from inquiry based learning in Numeracy. These sessions are shorter and students are provided with different skills at different levels. Week 1’s focus is vertical addition that includes carrying, vertical subtraction that includes borrowing and short division including remainders. Students entered at a level that is specific to their needs allow to practice these skills setting them up for success in their inquires.

At the end of the day we finished with some free fitness which continues to promote our inclusive and collaborative environment.

Monday, Week 1

Hi everyone and welcome to Term 3! We hope you had a lovely holiday break.

We are looking forward to a great term ahead and have some interesting, challenging and engaging learning planned. This term, one of our major foci will be on Photography and all of the learning associated with the art of capturing images. Science, Numeracy, The Arts and Technologies will be integrated and we are hoping to start our own photography company, where the students can share their learning and creative talents with you, the parents. Stay tuned for more info as the term unfolds…

We began our Numeracy this term by reflecting on our measurement understanding and the various units of measure we use in our daily lives. Students completed a warm up and then were able to choose which Workshop they wanted to leap into.

Our two Workshops focussed on aspects of Volume and Capacity, as well as 3D shapes.



Fitness was a new game called ‘Socki’, which is a hybrid of soccer and hockey. The classes were split into 8 teams, and games were played across two courts simultaneously. Games were 3 minutes in duration and each colour team played each other once, ending up in 6 games played on each court in total. Next week we will swap who plays who, but teams will remain the same. After 3 weeks of rotating, there will be a ‘Play Off’ week, based on the scores accumulated over the weeks prior.

In Library today we read the first of the short-listed Book Week books. 5HN enjoyed chatting about their pet rabbit experiences and Mrs Higgs told a story about her ‘Bun Bun’, who ended up getting his leg amputated after an unfortunate accident with a car. 🙁

Friday, Week 10

Good afternoon all,

How fast has this semester gone!!!

As we reflect on some of the fantastic work we have done over the semester we also experienced some very proud moments. Firstly our start of the year assembly got us off to a fast start, quickly binding the class together. We had a lot of other special achievements; sporting, musical, artistic and some cultural celebrations. We have already been through so much together in just one semester and myself, Dani and Virginia cannot wait for the next one.

We have some fantastic activities, projects and inquiries planned for Term 3 and look forward to getting stuck in when we return. We wish all members of our class and community an enjoyable and relaxing holidays.

Special mention to the DOCK group. This group consists of D (Dani) O (Osi) C (Celine) K (Kristina) all who have birthdays within the July holidays. We hope you all have fantastic days.

(Great photo bomb!)