Tuesday, Week 2

Numeracy – Measure Olympics

Warm Up: We worked on two skills during our warm up session today.

  1. To find the difference between 2 numbers/lengths, we need to subtract the smallest number from the largest:

2. To convert from centimetres to metres we need to divide the number by 100. To go the opposite way, metres to centimetres, we need to multiply the number by 100:

After the warm up, students used these processes to help them respond to a series of reflection questions.

These are some photos of 5DP and HN doing their Numeracy work:


Literacy – Exposition 2

These are some of the ideas we brainstormed for our exposition topic:

We used these ideas to help remember to make our opening sentence for each argument clear and concise. After the full stop we can then include more details about each of the arguments.

Main Session: We continued on with arguing our stance on the topic below.

If we finished our expositions we could move on to writing a short narrative. Our prompt was ‘The Box’.

When 5DP got back from Music the whole class continued their practise NAPLAN Numeracy questions, or their Maths Mini multiples.

At the end of the day we wished Alicia a very happy 11th birthday. She was kind enough to bring in a black forest cake to share and it was delicious!

Monday, Week 2

Fitness in the Hall

Numeracy – Measurlympics
Students continued to document their results of throwing, blowing, kicking and flicking a pom pom.

They needed to graph the 4 actions, showing the distance travelled across a range of units including metres, centimetres, inches, yards and feet.


A reflection on these results will follow in the coming days.


Literacy – Exposition Writing
Class brainstorm:

NAPLAN-style writing prompt:

Some examples so far…


Library- 5HN (Written by Lily)

at library mrs Michalak read us the story called sorry day it was a book about when the aboriginal kids got taken away because they thought that they weren’t looked after properly so the white people took most of the kids in the back of  a van and took them away. but about 10 years ago the prime minister said sorry


Thursday, Week 1

With the weather taking a turn for the worse, students remained inside all day. Despite the weather, inside the class room the students worked really hard. In the morning students were given the rubric for their Hass project. Allowing them mark their work and see where they could improve.

Just before recess students watched some BTN, leading to some excellent discussions about online safety (Facebook story) and then completed a task about Vikings. This was a comprehension task aligned with the new expedition in the Melbourne Museum on Vikings.

Students also had the opportunity to complete a personal and social reflection which will be used in their reports. Reflecting on questions like; Did you enjoy group tasks this semester? How did the assembly help your confidence? etc.

After lunch, art was the perfect way to finish a day spent in the classroom. It gave students the freedom and flexibility to design their own task. Focusing on abstract drawing, this task showcased the students ability to think outside the box.

Wednesday, Week 1

Literacy – Exposition

In the morning students continued to work on their expositions. This time allowed us teachers to conference with students, helping them with their individual expositions. We worked through many different things depending on what individuals needed. Some students started writing a second exposition.

Numeracy – Measurement


Continuing on from yesterday students continued to explore different units of measurement. The ‘measurelympics’ allowed students to work in groups and choosing appropriate units to measure the activities. Students loved this task and once they had their results, they converted their measurements between the imperial and metric systems.

It was a very enjoyable and practical based day.

Tuesday, Week 1

Blog written by Khoi and Ryan

This morning our class did numeracy it was a group task, it was about finding out different units of measurements by sorting out a table divided by “Length, Time, Temperature, Weight and Capacity” then we had to match two numbers with equivalent value, when we finished we had an extension to split all the measurements into the imperial and metric system.

My group was very helpful in finding and sorting out the numbers it worked out very well and my group came 2nd place which I was fine with.

Another thing we did in morning was an exposition where we needed to write an argument about a topic of choice. For example “Less Homework” or “Recess Should Be Longer”. I wrote about recess being longer and found some key points why it should be extended to 25 minutes.

Today In music we watched a video of about rhythm percussion, first we played the rhythm using our body percussion and then we used the boom whackers and played the rhythm in a tune.

Today in Spanish we learnt about the 5th of May which is called Cinco de Mayo in Spanish it’s a day were Mexicans have a parade were people do a traditional dance and eat traditional food, it’s a celebration of everything Mexican.

In the afternoon we did Maths Mini which was about multiples of numbers from 2-10 for example the multiples of 2 are 4, 6, 8, 10 etc.





Monday, Week 1, Term 2

Welcome to Term 2! We hope you had a lovely break and got to spend some important family time together.

After we had our ‘Quiet 15’ in the morning we quickly looked at our timetable for the day. We went out for some fitness in the hall, we played ‘Rats and Rabbits’, where 5DP were the ‘Rabbits’ and 5HN were the ‘Rats’. When Mrs. Higgs would shout ‘Rabbits’ (or Rats) the rabbits would run and the rats would try to chase them, and if they got caught before they reached their ‘safe line’ they would transfer teams. We also played a game where we would stand in a circle whilst holding hands, and we would try to pass the hula hoop around the circle, without letting go of hands. It required a lot of teamwork!

After fitness we came back to class to work more on our HASS. We continued the task where we had to advertise Adelaide or SA to a specific country. After our HASS  we had recess. These are some of the examples of work 5HN and DP have done so far…

After recess we started writing ‘Expositions’. First we looked at a BTN video of students wearing sunglasses in the school yard, and their opinions about wearing sunglasses at school. We then constructed a list of our own opinions on the topic.

Then we went through the structure of an exposition, a Title, an Introduction, Arguments and a Conclusion.

We then chose one of the topics below to write about, either For or Against. We will continue with this tomorrow.

After lunch 5HN had Spanish and 5DP had Library. Then 5HN went to Library and 5DP stayed in the classroom to do a new Maths Mini.






Friday, Week 11


After our ‘Quiet 15’ in the morning, we continued a Numeracy task based on Prime and Composite numbers. We has to choose two rows of numbers on the hundreds chart and record the factors of each number in a multiplication sentence.



This is the warm-up we did as a class before we worked individually. We looked at patterns and connections each factor made, like how the highest factor of an even number is always half the number, apart from the number itself. For example, the highest factor of 10 is 10, but the second highest is 5, which is half of 10.

We all got to choose the two rows of numbers we recorded factors of, here are some examples of the work 5DP and HN did.


After Numeracy we went out to do Fitness. We played a fish game with Mr. McCarthy, where we had to chase a stuffed fish while the teachers would be reeling in the line of the fishing rod, making it harder to get.

When we came back to class, Mrs. Higgs read some of the class novel, Demon Dentist. We sang Cameron a happy 11th birthday and his parents brought in a huge cake for all of us to share. After Mrs. Higgs finished the chapter of Demon Dentist, we each got a slice of Cameron’s birthday cake.

After recess, we had Friday Finishing Time.

This is a list of our things to finish:

Religion & Literacy – Gospel Analysis

PART 1: Analysing the 4 Resurrection Stories 

PART 2: Comparing Matthew and Mark’s Gospel using a Venn diagram


After lunch we continued finishing our tasks. Then we played Number Empire as a class. It started off as a regular game, 1 vs 1, but the whole class had the same numbers from the number generator, and whichever of the pair would win would stay in the game and the loser would become a spectator. In the end, Osi wears the crown!

To finish of the day, we watched our assembly from the start of Term 1. Everybody enjoyed looking at their performance from an audience perspective. When the video of our assembly ended, everybody got up and danced our ‘Go Bang’ dance from our assembly.

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday, and come back to school fresh and ready to learn more!

Written by Yshi Tan (& Mrs Higgs)

Wednesday, Week 11


Sports Day – Tomorrow (Thursday) 12-4pm

  • Make sure you are at school from 11:30 – 11:45 as we leave at 12:00pm, or make sure you have told the teachers that you are going to be dropped off at the park.
  • Make sure you wear sunscreen.
  • Sign out before you leave the park.
  • Bring a water bottle and hat. Fruit and water stations will be provided.

Buddies in 5HN:

After we did our ‘Quiet 15’ of reading, we sat on the floor listening to Mrs. Higgs reading the class novel, Demon Dentist. We continued the chapter, ‘Frozen Paper’. After the class novel, we had an evacuation drill.

Today the year 3’s got to choose us as buddies. 5HN is with 3MS and 5DP is with 2SB.

5HN started off with a semi-circle in the order of the first letters of our names, with A’s at the start and Z’s at the end. This was a warm-up to know each other better.

When we chose our buddies the year 5’s stood up and did a spin. Then they told the year 3’s two things about them and then the year 3’s would put their hand up if they wanted to be buddies with the year 5. After all the year 3’s had chosen a buddy, we all went off to play a games on our laptops together.

After recess 5DP went to their Spanish lesson while 5HN stayed in the classroom doing our R.E. (He is Risen) with our partners, comparing two stories from different gospel writers and making a Venn diagram, or our individual HASS, which is our Migrate to Adelaide task, where we have to choose a country and make a sort of advert about how Australia can be a good place to live in.

To finish the day, we had Sports Team Chants, where we parted into our team colours to practise.

We are looking forward to a positive and fun day tomorrow at Creaser Park and we hope that all students bring a Growth Mindset and an attitude like ‘Trevor’ to the day.

Written by Yshi Tan and Mrs. Higgs

Monday, Week 11


First thing in the morning, 5DP & HN went to the hall and played a fitness game called Golden Child.

Everyone was split into two teams, the shooting team and the running team, one team tries to shoot goals into a basketball ring while the other team ran around the hall. If a runner made it to the other side it’s called ‘home’. The shooting team can get the runner out by shooting a goal. Each team worked hard and not only enjoyed it but used perseverance. We played 3 rounds, one of them being Teachers VS. Students, which the students won.


After fitness, we all came back to class and had fruit as Mrs. Higgs read us the class novel. We then worked in pairs on a religion task on the resurrection of Jesus. We analysed Matthew, Mark, Luke and John’s individual entries on the case and highlighted main points like who and what was in the story, when the story took place, and key points of the entries, when the lesson time was over we went out to recess.

Number Empire:

Once recess ended, we all came back to class and played a game called number empire. We split up into pairs and would vs our partner or another pair and would try to create the largest number using our place value columns. We would generate a random number and place that number in the units, tens, hundreds or any of the thousand columns, including thousands, ten thousand, or hundreds of thousands. Whoever made the largest amount using the randomly generated numbers won the crown!

HASS (History/Geography):

For the rest of the time between recess and lunch we worked on our HASS project where we need to explore our own or another culture that is popular in Australia and create a poster, website or any other way you can present your work in a creative way in order to get more people from that country to migrate to Adelaide. We needed to write about the cultural places of that country that you can eat at, where you can celebrate the main religion, or any other things relating to the task’s main point, which is to get people to migrate to Adelaide.

These two resources could help with research:



Maths Mini:

After lunch we spit classes and 5DP individually worked on Maths Mini for 10 minutes, this included students working, their times table skills. Some students used the game ‘hit the button’, or if you had known your times tables up to 12, you could do lattice maths, which is an easier way of doing long multiplication.

Chant Practice:

At the end of the day students went to their sports day teams’ individual areas for chant practice so they could learn the specific chant for cheering on their team mates on the occasion of sports day this coming Thursday and to encourage your team mates as one!

Written by Osi, Isabella and Celine 🙂

Wednesday, Week 10

Literacy – Grammar and Descriptive Writing

Warm Up:
In this mini-lesson, students worked together to identify and highlight the nouns, adjectives and metaphors used to describe Pig the Pug in this sample text.

Students then set about finishing their character descriptions and checking their highlighting.

During the session, various students were selected to work further on their sentence construction. Together, students used the labels shown to generate facts about Pig, and then chose conjunctions from the list to help them turn a simple sentence into a compound and more interesting statement. What was created in shown below:

This afternoon
After lunch, students spent the session completing the Leuven survey, which will be used to gain an insight into how students and teachers at Holy Family view its Catholic identity, into order to plan for tomorrow. A note was sent home tonight, encouraging parents to participate in the survey. Please look out for it.