Photo Plus – Stories of Us


Welcome to the Photo Plus blog we are the bloggers for the company and here to show you what we are learning about in Photography. Our aim is to share our learning to South Australia. Everyone in Photo Plus is working on a specific role to help our company grow.

In Photo Plus we have the BLOGGERS! In the group we have Brendan as our Manger, then we have Alyna, Caitlin, Anyuat & Lily. In the bloggers we write about everyone’s progress and what ideas they and we show it all to you. – Brendan

Then we have the ACCOUNTANTS! In this group we have Shanthana as the Manger, then we have Osi, Kristina, Karlos & Arifah. They find out how much money the company earns and the company loses, we also find how out how much tax they have to pay for the company. -Shanthana

We then have the BRAND MANGERS group 1. The Manger in the group is Skye, then Ava R, Ava F, Tahlia & Alicia. They help manage our company to make sure that everything is in place… Brand managers are the most important part of our company. -Skye

Now we have the BRAND MANGERS group 2. In this group we have we have Jineet as Manger, after that we have Amber, David, Diana, Hayley & Josh. They need to design and perfect any type of t-shirt, logo, outline and adjust it. – Jineet

In the ADVERTISING AND MARKETING group 1 we have Yshi as Manger, then Khoi, Cameron, Emma & Celine. In Advertising and Marketing their aim is to promote our company by attracting others by our posters and other Advertisements. – Yshi

Then we have ADVERTISING AND MARKETING group 2 we have Lorraine L as Manger, Isabella R, Imogen, Taniya & Hiep. The advertising & marketing group is currently, writing persuasive notes to grab people’s attention. – Lorraine L

In DOCUMENTARY FILM MAKERS we have Ann Maria as the Manger, then Michelle, Lorraine C, Marco and Jay. The Film Makers are currently still working their best on the iMovie for Photo Plus. -Ann Maria

In WEBSITE DESIGNERS we have Ryan as Manger, Bill, Micheal, Hayden & Chanell. The web designers are currently researching layouts for our company business and are installing programs they can use for our company website. -Ryan.

The Journalists. We only have 2 people as Journalists who are Isabella J as Manager & Zahra. At the moment the Journalists are working on our very own article for the school newsletter! – Isabella J

Lastly, we have DATA COLLECTORS AND ANALYSTS and in the group we have Grace as Manger, Amiti, Shannae, Deepthi, Omid & Dylan. The Data Collectors have a job to find out what people’s opinions on what photos and things they like.

Some examples of the groups working: