Student Led Lessons

Today, Danny shared his knowledge of how to create his own website using the WIX program.  Danny set the class the task of creating their own website and offered his assistance along the way.

Cameron S introduced the Sphero devices to the class and had different groups coding using blocks, java and free driving to make them move!

The Stolen Generations

This term we are exploring the Stolen Generations.  This will be explored through watching the movie Rabbit Proof Fence.  To begin our topic today, we viewed some behind the news clips explaining what happening during the Stolen Generations  and on the apology given by Kevin Rudd.





Students teaching students

This morning we started our student led lessons and what better way to share the amazing knowledge we have in our classroom.

Lucas and Mathew started us off by teaching us how to use the program blender to animate!

Thien and Khao taught us how to create music using garage band.

It was great to see our students speaking so confidently infront of the class, sharing their knowledge whilst supporting and helping students along the way.  Well done Lucas, Mathew, Thien and Khoa.  Stay tuned each week for more!