As a part of Health this morning, we explored our own identity.   Students created a list which described who they are!  This was a great way  for students to share more about themselves and for us as teachers to learn more each student.


Some examples from the students are:

I’m a scooter rider

I’m a subway eater 

I’m a car lover

I’m a Nike lover 

I’m a jetty jumper 

I’m a Star Wars fanatic 

I’m a heavy sleeper

I’m smart 

I’m an animal lover 

I’m a caring person

I’m a happy person

I’m Italian 

I’m a nick name maker 

I’m a music lover and listener 

I’m a game maker 

I’m a cheerleader 

I’m dog lover

I’m a proud female human 

I’m a proud citizen 

I’m a passionate power supporter

I’m a book reader

I’m a day dreamer