Time capsule – Insta Style

Students in 6/7 HM & DE have been challenged this afternoon to make their own offline Instagram style profile. They used programs such as Preview, ActivInspire and Photoshop along with the blank Instagram templates and began making their own profiles.

These Insta templates will be completed by all students of Year 6/7 and placed in a time capsule that will beopened again at the end of Senior Year

Watch this space to see our completed work

Group provocation: Make the tallest tower

This morning students put their resilience to the test by trying to construct the tallest tower. Their materials included: jenga blocks, lego, playing cards and unifix cubes…..Here is how they went….

Student quotes:

It was hard because the tower kept falling….

It was frustrating because the balance was off…..

It was challenging because the airconditioning was on….