Week 3 Investigations

What a great start to the morning!

We had a range of activities which included mini table tennis,  rubric cubes, canvas art, clay making, mini car models, mouse trap, giant jenga, origami, lego and wool!  Students used the Clara learning powers as a reflection tool, thinking carefully about where and how they used them.




2 thoughts on “Week 3 Investigations

  1. Wow! The learning activities look engaging and I am eager to hear about the reflections from the children about how they used their learning powers.

  2. Hey Mr Slater, here is my reflection from this morning

    Today for investigations, the learning powers I used was Collaboration and Creativity. I will explain these learning powers below.

    Collaboration –
    I used Collabration because I was collaborating with my friends. I was collaborating with Nathanel, Om and Jack. We all worked together on how to solve the rubix cube, but Jack already knew how to. Myself, Nathanel and Om were trying to solve our own cubes each. We couldn’t solve it so Jack helped me out and told the others to listen and watch. Later, it turned out that I solved it. After a few mintues later, I forgot all the steps because I didn’t write that down and I can’t remember that may steps. But I was still happy!

    Creativity –
    I used Creativity because I took a risk. As I said, Jack helped me but first he told me to do on my own first.
    Well, I thought to myself “I have to take the risk” so I risked it, watched videos and even used websites. I was not stressed, I calmed myself down and asked Jack to help and he did.

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