Early man in 200 words description-From Oceanne

In the start, the movie explains the stone age and about our ‘ancestors’. It explains about the stone age developing into the bronze age. It’s about a family that is in a tribe that only hunt rabbits for their living, and since they their tribe is to only focused onto hunting rabbits they haven’t evolved into their own world’s age, the bronze age. They’re overtaken by people of the bronze age and the family’s valley gets abducted and turns into the bronze age’s land. The family tries to get their valley back by going into the bronze age’s land and being spies and find out what they plan next and what they’re going to do with their valley.


The family is considered ‘dumb’ since they aren’t as smart as the bronze age people. The family has a main character that is called ‘Dug’, he gets into the bronze age city from their land being attacked from the bronze age and he gets thrown into a basket accidentally. His family invented ‘football’ (soccer) and then gets mistaken as a football player and stays in the bronze age city. He is a middle-aged stone age with messy hair and dresses within rags since his a caveman.

Week 4 Investigations

We started  our morning off with a range of activities which included air hockey, mini soccer, wood work, table tennis, beads, cards, puzzles and water paints.   Each week, these activities are aimed at fostering areas of CLARA – curiosity, collaboration, belonging, orientation to learning, mindful agency, hope and optimism, sense making and creativity.  



Richest Youtubers

For math we did top 10 of anything, but it didn’t have to be the TOP 10, it could be like 10 celebrities of your choice, 10 populated cities, 10 tallest mountains, and so on. Then you had to write the number in numbers, and then do the index notation, and use blocks to show it, I also wrote the sum, then having to list them from #1 to #10 This is my #1, and #10.