Making SLIME!

Today the activity I did was making slime, it was like making a dream come true! The teacher bought the ingredients (which was very generous) and a lot of students came rushing to the table. Adela, Annie and I had to wait for the first group to finish so we can have a turn. When I was making it with my friends, there was no spoon so we had to use our hand (it got very messy). At first, I didn’t know if it would work because the glue was everywhere. We finally got the slime to clump up and It didn’t take long. I was very happy with the texture.


I used collaboration because I worked with my friends to make the slime work. I also used creativity for making the slime and decorating it with gliter.

Week 5 Investigation Reflection


Today I had investigation in my class, as soon as I went in the class I saw slime making, I rushed over and waited for my turn, but my friends Tammy and Tam-an let me do mine next to them so I waited for the glue to come to me, I added the shaving cream after I added the shaving cream and started mixing with the spoon, my friends told me to use my hands so I did and it was messy and felt like it didn’t work, but kept on going, then my friends added the activator and still didn’t feel like it was working but it was better than before. I kept on mixing and adding the activator and it worked in the end I didn’t give up and it worked.

I was going to do it with my friend Zadok but he had to go to the think tank so I did by myself but let my other friends add the other stuff in so they can do something too, I let the add stuff and I tell them when to stop. I really didn’t know what I was doing so I let them add the stuff and I just mixed it and in the end it worked then I went to another table to make it better by playing with it so that they could make their own.

I was curios on how to make slime, I’ve made them before but always fail even when I did it with my expert friends Tammy and I still failed, so I tried today and when I finished I knew what I needed to do and not to do to make it better. I was curios on how to make it better by adding what.

I feel like I worked on a level 8 today.