History – Ancient World Inquiry

Students have the opportunity to explore either Ancient Greece, Rome or Egypt.

Today we explored what physical features were evident and how these impacted/influenced civilisation.  Our end assessment piece for this task will be a written day in the life of someone living during that time.  Each week we will have a area of focus that we will explore.  Next History lesson we will be learning about the different roles of people.


Hayley’s sound effect pictures

Panda pic 1: I was hoping the music represents that the panda is sad and feeling alone, that’s why it’s clinging onto a human.

Panda pic 2: I was hoping the music represents the panda in a playful mood.


Mountain pic 1: The music is a sound effect of the sea because it’s supposed to represent how he’s standing and listening to the ocean.

Mountain pic 2: The music is supposed to be like he’s calmly walking up the mountain.


Landscape pic 1: The music is supposed to be a bit happy and cheerful, like he’s watching the city during the sunrise.

Landscape pic 2: The music is supposed to represent that he’s feeling sad and alone.



Music can impact the way we interpret or see something. It happens all the time in movies, commercials and even the way we READ something.

Today our task was to choose a picture and select two different pieces of music to play with it.  Each different piece of music should make the viewer feel a certain way or emotion.