Invisibility or flight?

I would chose flight instead of invisible because instead of my mum taking me to school, swimming and taekwondo I can fly, this will save TONS of petrol because i’m very busy and have to go to a lot of places a day, so I can just go my own. I can also go to places with my friends and my parents don’t have to worry about taking me there and going home. You fly away from dangerous places, maybe when someone is trying to hurt you. Flying will be faster than driving because there wont be any house or traffic in the way, you will get to places on time, when flying you will feel the fresh air and it has a beautiful view you can see. When flying you can scout around in the sky when you don’t know where a place is. It is easier to find places or people when in the sky. You are basically a bird. I can also fly up to places to get stuff if kids lose their stuff on a roof, I will easily just fly up and get the ball for them so they can keep playing.

Invisible would be bad because, you will have to be naked so no one could see you. If you had cloths on they can see random cloths flouting around. They would most likely try to grab the cloths and you will get touched. Most people would think of stealing if they had invisibility but you really cant. If you went to grab the thing you wanted they will see the object, and you will be busted. But being invisible is good for hiding, unless they have a dog which will sniff you out. But with flight you can fly up and people wont be able to get to you. It is better for stealing, running away, hiding, traveling and tons of other things you can think off. Your legs wont get tired too because 1qyou want have to walk, plus flying is faster so you wouldn’t really walk anyways. You can catch thieves and help out the police to make their day easier.

It could be possible to go over sea with this so you wont have to pay for extremely expensive flights, the bad thing though is it might take awhile and you might not have the energy to. But if the countries are connected you can, but might take longer than plane. I don’t know how fast or how slow you can go because I don’t know how it feels. If you could control it and go super fast it is possible to go over sea.

Buddy Activity – Lili and Angela

What lesson did you run for your buddy? : The lesson Angela and I ran for our buddies was street art / chalk art. We used chalk to show off our creativity to the school.

What do you think your buddy learnt / developed this morning/ : This morning I think our buddies developed her recoursfullness. They learnt to use the materials around themselves.

How did your lesson go? Would you change anything next time? : Next time the only thing I would want to change is to get more items prepared and to have more time.

What CLARA learning powers did you use today? : Today the CLARA learning powers I used were creativity and teamwork. We worked together to create the final flower and some of the drawings inside and we used our creativity to think of ideas and things that we wanted to draw.

Buddy Activities-Angela

Today we had our buddy activities. We planned the activities a week in advance to make sure we were prepared. Our activity was street art/ chalk art. The activity was letting our buddies show their creativity and resourcefulness. We made sure our buddies enjoyed the activity while still using their learning powers. Together we created a chalk drawing (drawing below). It consisted of many elements our buddies thought of , we included some of our ideas. Next time I think I would change where we do the drawings I would rather like it in the sun because the the water would dry and it would be easier to  continue on which the drawings. I believe that I used callboration and creativity. I think I use Collaboration because our buddies and us worked as a team and creativity because we only had a limited amount of colours and we used all of them in one way or another.