Paperboyo art- stills and animations

I have been fortunate enough to be in contact with Paperboyo himself through instagram! He was thrilled to hear about the work we are doing and requested to see some of our own student samples. We have already featured our paperboyo art on our blog but here is everything that we have done so far- a mixture of stills and animations. There’s more to come when we perfect our green screen technology to transport us to world famous monuments- just like paperboyo does for real!





Science- own mixtures experiment

Today some groups began to experiment with separating mixtures of their choice. Some groups were finding the iron content in some breakfast cereals whilst others were trying to see which colours made up other colours of textas using chromotography. James and Cameron were playing surgeons (sort of) in trying to seperate the elements of  pig’s blood using a self made centrafuge. Here are some photos from our afternoon, stay tuned for some posts from students themselves outlining their discoveries.

Designing your own town!

In Health this morning we started to created a birds eye view of a town.  We are aiming to include natural and built environments that would encourage and promote physical and social activity.  Some students have asked if we can make a miniature model of our design.

Student Led Lessons Week 5

Today we had Lina and Anastacia lead a lesson on using the program FireAlpaca to create backgrounds and characters. In addition to this, Tony introduced the class to various features Photoshop has and gave the class the opportunity to explore the program.  Angie and Annalise presented a very informative and detailed video showing us how to outline in FireAlpaca! All presenters were organised and showed confidence when speaking in front of the class.