Design and Technology- Building a Fish Farm Food web using web buidling…

Our goal will be to have an annotated food web linked to the fish farm blog which will show all organisms and how they depend on eachother for food (as part of our study of food webs and ecosystems). Each student is designing their own using eith Wix or just linking pages together from other programs….Some students are even trying to code their own web page from scratch!! Here are some live shots of us making the actual sites…stay tuned for the sites themselves!

Welcome back- Term 2

Hi bloggers! Welcome to term 2. We kick start this week with a fun and exciting camp to Illawonga on the Murray river starting Wednesday and concluding Friday. 

We will also be looking at various ecosystems of the area before camp and when we return as part of science.

Stay tuned for other student work and reflections in the meantime.