Buddy Lesson

What lesson did you run for your buddy?


The lesson that I run was Origami. For Origami i Did a chatter box and a paper 
flapping crane. Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative
shapes and figures. "Ori" Means fold and "Kami" means paper in japanese. 

What did you think that your Buddy learnt/Developed

I Strongly believed that my buddy learn/developed lots of things because when you are
doing origami you actually stimulate your whole entire brain. When My buddy, Felix
learnt how to do a flapping crane and a paper chatter box which was pretty hard but I
taught him so one day he can do one easily.

how did your lesson go? what would you change.

I think my lesson went well because He was really engaged what he was doing and he really 
likes doing origami too and we played with our chatterbox and flapping bird. So I would 
Change nothing particular.

What are the CLARA character strength that you used?

The CLARA character strengths were collaboration and orientation to learning. When I 
did collaboration with my buddy I helped him to do a fold and he helped me to do a fold
too. I used Orientation to learning because When I did the origami task me and my buddy
was really opened to do origami and challenged ourselves to make it.