List Poems

Our  literacy focus today was list poems! List poems don’t need to rhyme and the longer they are the more effective they are!

Here are some of our funny lines.

I know someone who hid in a suitcase.

I know someone who scored a penalty in a soccer match.

I know someone who eats too much.

I know someone who has broken their laptop three times.

I know someone who ran straight into a screen door.

I know someone who had to replace their laptop charger 7 times in one year.

I know someone who is addicted to my little pony.

I know someone who dabs when they sneeze.   

I know someone who burnt their finger.

I know someone who does not know how to make poems.

I know someone who changes their hair every month.

I know someone who recorded my singing.

I know someone who slapped themselves in the face.


But I’ve never met someone who has won the lottery. 


Healthy or Unhealthy?

This morning we started our new topic on healthy eating! In small groups, students received a plate of different foods.  They had to record if each item was healthy or unhealthy by providing a reason why and then researched the health benefits for each individual food.  They all did so well to not eat the food straight away! 

Positive Body Image

Our lesson this morning explored positive body image.  Our students explored the kids helpline website which explained what it means to have a positive body image and ways in which we can feel good.  Students identified what they love about their body, what is unique, what their body does for them and how to help it stay healthy and strong.