Genius Hour – Step 2

This afternoon we continued our Genius Hour, where students explored a topic of interest.  Today, students recorded what they knew about their topic and what they want to find out.  Students will use these 10 questions to help guide their research!  Stay tuned as we will be having a showcase for us to share our learning!

Week 3 Investigations

What a great start to the morning!

We had a range of activities which included mini table tennis,  rubric cubes, canvas art, clay making, mini car models, mouse trap, giant jenga, origami, lego and wool!  Students used the Clara learning powers as a reflection tool, thinking carefully about where and how they used them.





This morning we explored what made us feel different emotions. We recorded different examples of what made us feel these emotions, whilst thinking about some strategies for what we can do when we are feeling angry!

Genius Hour


Everyone is a genius!

Every Tuesday afternoon students will participate in Genius Hour.  This will allow each student to learn and explore more about an area of interest to them!

The first step of our project started with students recording their own interests and passions.  This led them to choose one topic to delve into deeper.  Step 2 focused on recording what they knew about the topic and what they wanted to find out!

Next lesson we will explore how to record some open questions which will help guide our research!


Morning Investigations

We started our Tuesday morning off with some investigations which focused on building learning relationships, creativity and curiosity.  Students were free to choose an activity that they were interested in.  Activities included puzzles, knitting, origami, lego building, giant jenga, juggling, canvas art work, play dough shape making and making a boat that floats.


Writer’s Notebook

Welcome to week 2!

This morning we started to generate some ideas for our Writer’s Notebook.  We will have the choice in what we want to write about and in what genre!  These sentence starters helped us to start thinking about ideas for our stories!  Stay tuned for some of our ideas!



As a part of Health this morning, we explored our own identity.   Students created a list which described who they are!  This was a great way  for students to share more about themselves and for us as teachers to learn more each student.


Some examples from the students are:

I’m a scooter rider

I’m a subway eater 

I’m a car lover

I’m a Nike lover 

I’m a jetty jumper 

I’m a Star Wars fanatic 

I’m a heavy sleeper

I’m smart 

I’m an animal lover 

I’m a caring person

I’m a happy person

I’m Italian 

I’m a nick name maker 

I’m a music lover and listener 

I’m a game maker 

I’m a cheerleader 

I’m dog lover

I’m a proud female human 

I’m a proud citizen 

I’m a passionate power supporter

I’m a book reader

I’m a day dreamer