Mission Day Making

This morning we were all working very hard to start making things for Mission Day! Students are working in small groups and have decided on what they will sell, how much it will cost and have made various forms of advertisements!

company logo for Cameron S, Tony, Danny, James- 6/7 ND

Health – Influence

In health this morning we focused on how we may be influenced by others.  We had the task of reflecting on important people in our life who influence us in a certain way.  This may be to act, behave or make certain decisions.

We also looked at celebrities or well known people in the world who and thought about how they influence others around them.


Coding Hour

This afternoon students had the opportunity to write their own code for a series of games.  Students had to give specific codes for characters to move and complete tasks.  We even had a small group of students writing their own code for a website. 

Mission Day Planning

This morning students worked in small groups to plan what they would sell for Mission Day.

Mission day is always a great day where we raise money for local, community and global charities!  Every Tuesday over the next few weeks, students will be making their items and creating advertisements.