Kaitlyn’s Buddy lesson

Today we got to make a lesson for our buddies to do! My buddy is Zarii!

What lesson did you run for your buddy?

I did lots of lessons, first we played with dominos and tried to make the biggest line that we can! Then we went to the playground and played chase with Grace, Sienna, Madi, Fouk, Keisha and Mia! After that we went to the sandpit and made a huge tower!

What do you think your buddy learnt/developed this morning?

I think that my buddy learnt that it isn’t easy to make a line of dominos without having them fall over.

How did your lesson go? would you change anything next time?

Our lesson went really well! Next time I would change my preparation about what I’m doing in the sandpit.

What CLARA learning powers did you use today?

Today I used Collaboration and Curiosity. I used Collaboration when working with everyone on the playground and I used Creativity to help this of what things to organise for Zarii!



Graduation Seating

Today in Class we had to figure out the best way to arrange the tables to fit 300 people. Sienna an I worked together to figure out the measurements and we worked it out. The sums at the bottom are all the people and the amount of tables that we need. in the photo it shows the hall an the arrangements of the tables.