Buddy Lesson Reflection


Last week we planned an activity to perform with our buddies, and this morning we did that. Mia is my buddy and I planned for her to do a Scavenger Hunt. I made a bunch of question and she answered them, then once she answered correctly she tried to scavenger out the objects. After Mia found everything, I gave her a prize box that included Bubbles, Stickers and Pencils with her name on them, funky erasers and a bag to colour in. Mia said she wildly enjoyed it.

I believe my buddy learnt to seek for objects that could be anywhere, she looked in all the difficult spots and told me that harder spots are where she looks first. Mia also learnt to answer questions in under 15 seconds, Mia aced the Scavenger Hunt, I’m super proud of her. I think maybe next time I would change the Scavenger hunt and add a theme to it, I’d also make her find more things and maybe even give her harder questions. I reckon Mia and I used Collaboration because we seeked the objects together. After she searched all the spots she had no clue and asked me to help, I also found out I have a terrible memory when I forgot where everything was. We found it all though.

After Mia won the Scavenger Hunt we went to the Playground and played Chasey with Grace and Keisha, Sienna and Fuok and Kaitlyn and Zarii. Chasey was fun! We played Chasey until Mia wanted to go to the sandpit (which was about after 2o minutes), so we did. We met Kaitlyn and Zarii at the sandpit and helped them search for dominoes in the sand, WE FOUND THEM ALL!

All round it was great fun, and I definitely want to do it again!

What am I Grateful for?

Gratitude is when you are grateful for the little things in life and you are being humble and caring for the environment.

I am grateful for my family, without my family I wouldn’t be able to live.

I am grateful for Holy Family Catholic School, without Holy Family Catholic School I wouldn’t be able to have a great education.

I am grateful for my friends, without friends I would be lonely.

I am grateful for dance and netball, without dancing and netball I wouldn’t be able to do the things I love.

I am grateful for stationary, without stationary I wouldn’t be able to draw the reality drawings I love to draw.

I am grateful for trees, without trees I wouldn’t be able to breathe.

I am grateful for Netflix, without Netflix I wouldn’t be able to watch Riverdale and The Good Place.

I am grateful for books, without books I wouldn’t be able to read Roald Dahl and other great authors.

I am grateful for farmer’s, without farmer’s we wouldn’t be able to have some vegetables and grains.

I am grateful for 000, without 000 we wouldn’t be safe after an accident.

I am grateful for nature, without nature we wouldn’t be able to have a good looking environment.

I am grateful for water, without water we wouldn’t be able to be hydrated.

I am grateful for food, without food we wouldn’t be able to be fed (We would be starving).

By Madi. 😍