Students today learnt about Neuroplasticity and how the brain works in creating new pathways for learning. they then related this to the movie Inside Out and baby Riley’s core memories.


Finally students wrote about times when their own Neuroplasticity was strengthened.

Prefix words and sentences

Remove, remake, unhappy, detach, refill, reattach, without, overdo, preheat, premade, replay, disadvantage, unsafe, impossible, dislike, undressed

I need to remove that stick out of the dirt.

My is going down to the oven to preheat it.

I went to refill my bottle.

My dad is unhappy with my grades.

I had to reattach my Lego together.

I watched the replay on my game.

My sister ran outside without shoes.

My brother broke my paper man, I had to remake it.

Skate boarding is unsafe.

My team has a disadvantage because we have less players.

I am going to dislike this video.




Today students investigated prefixes and they worked out that they were  different to compound words.

Prefixes – Prefixes can be added to base words to create new words.

Prefixes ending in vowels are added directly to base words.





Prefixes – Sometimes negative prefixes are added to words to create new words and change their meaning

Negative prefixes include dis-, im-, un-, in-, mal-, mis-





Students also found that some words such as ‘disgusting’ look like they have a prefix (dis), however do not as there as not a base word of ‘gusting’.