How we treat others??

We have continued our work on keeping safe this week. By sharing ‘The Toothpaste story’ and ‘An Apple Experiment. We have been able to reflect and discuss the way our words, choices and actions can have both positive and negative effects on others.

Cameron thinks –  that the apple analogy is like the bucket dipping, you can bruise other peoples apples, sometimes without even knowing!!

Zack – The apple represent peoples feeling and emotions.

Nam – Rotton apples can represent the bully.

Shivansh – Bullying can hurt people on the inside, things that happen at home, losing important people.

Noah – Trolls (people who make people feel bad on the internet).

Georgia – Trying to protect themselves from getting hurt again.

Paris – Don’t want others to pity them.

Emily – Don’t want parents or other people to feel sad.

Georgia – Surrounding ourselves with the right people – like good friends who are supportive and loyal.

Zack – Stay out of arguments that don’t involve you.

Brodie – Tell people how they are making you feel.

Stay away from websites and social media that is harmful.

Selena – Treat them how you would like to be treated.

Carlo – Have a filter to what you say. Have social intelligence.

Camryn – Show respect to others.


Izzy – Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Kiara – Think before you speak.

Brodie – The tube of toothpaste will always be damaged, because you can’t take it back inside.


Class Novel

Reading is always a focus within our classrooms.

Students have been actively involved with reading a novel last term and are continuing this term. Some of the novels we are reading are No Regrets, Hatchet, The Midnight Gang, The Twits and Onion Tears.

This term we are going to do a shared text alongside our reading program. The novel is called The City of Ember.

We started our reading today.

Perhaps you can talk with your child about their first impressions of the book.

Religions of the World Inquiry

Over the past week students in 6/7 SM and NB have investigated the many aspects of Catholic Faith. The pictured inquiry questions were useful in helping to organise our new learning and prior knowledge.

We are now beginning to investigate one of the many other religions celebrated around the world. We will make comparisons and compare with what we know about our Catholic faith.

Finally students will be sharing their learning as the teachers other in small group sharing groups.








Keep Safe Curriculum.

As part of the keeping safe – Child protection Curriculum, students have identified all the people within their lives they have relationships with and connections that have been made. They created networks to incorporate their families, friends, sporting groups, church groups and many other groups within their wider communities. The students discovered they had a wide range of resources and relationships that they could access within their lives.

Today we explored the meaning of trust and the qualities of someone or people we could trust.

Students then revisited their networks from last week to identify the people they could trust. They used this diagram to classify them…


Obviously these are all different for everyone, you might like to take a look and share this at home.

Next week we will be looking at the effects of good and bad friendships / relationships and how we should treat each other.

Student Camp Reflection iMovies

Over the past few days students have been working to create iMovie’s that reflect on their experience from camp. Have a look below at a few of the students perspectives. Because of the large file sizes of some of these video clips I cannot post them all, so please ask you child to show you their reflection if you wish.

Camp wash up

Hi All,


We are back and we have finally defrosted from our 3 day visit to the frosty conditions that greeted us at Illawonga. The students really enjoyed themselves and the diversity of experiences that is on offer along the mighty Murray River. Have a look below at some snapshots from our adventures. We are currently creating some iMovies of our adventures that hopefully we can post too.


Science – Investigating and experimenting with gravity.

Today the classroom was an exciting place, with 5 different provocations set up that allowed students to explore gravity and the force it creates. The different experiments and STEM challenges encouraged students to think critically to solve problems, make predictions and observations then reflect upon their learning.




Here are some photos….