Highlights of the week

Zack – Getting senior jumpers

Isabel – Spending time with our buddies

Carlo – Basketball with friends

Francis – When Mr Bartold made ‘Namsville’

Alasdair – Mr Bartold’s photo on the big screen

Sammy – Guess who for Science

Yen My – Finishing all my work

Bryce – Doing good work

Noah – Having a great week

Georgia – Fun with friends



To link with our reading of ‘The feather’, can you please search wherever you go over the weekend for feathers and bring them into school so we can make some dream catchers. Some string would also be very beneficial for your child to use.

Insta Famous

As part of an initiative for our graduating class of 2018, each student across the 6/7 cohort has used an offline Instagram Template to create their own profile which they will then be able to reminisce over at the end of the year. Have a look below at some of the profiles we have created.

Laptop Family Workshop

Hi everyone,

On Tuesday (week 5 – 27th Feb) from 9 – 10:30am Gary, Hansen, Adam Slater and Emma Finos are running another family workshop about how to use the student laptops. We may cover areas such as:

Programs available on the laptop
How to save and retrieve data
Upload photos
General rules about laptop use (i.e. not eating or drinking near devices, appropriate games)

It will be a very practical workshop led by the families and their questions. We are also asking the students to come with their families so students are involved in teaching and explaining ideas to the adults. Once we have RSVPs I will let you know if your students will be involved in the workshop.

The workshop is free and will be held in the Cafe.

Please send notice of your interest to Emma Finos.