Sports Captains 2018

To cap off a very eventful day, this afternoon many of the senior students at Holy Family presented passionate speeches to their house group peers as they vied for the captaincy positions for the four respective houses: Franklin, O’Loughlin, O’Sullivan and Travers. It was so wonderful to see so many students looking to fill these leadership roles and all should be commended for the delivery of their speeches. It was also really great to see the way they all congratulated the captains when they were announced just before home time today. Well done to the 2018 House Captains:


Zack Maguire

Bella Papadimitroulis

Georgia Norman

Jay Chamberlain

Sienna Druce



Keerat Ghotra

Judd Jackson

John Pham 

Atong Ayuen



Hayley Wilkinson

Kushi Venkatesh

Francis Deng

Lachlan Spinks



Kim Anh Tong

Alicia Tran

Noah Allouche-Sukkar

Cooper Underwood


One thought on “Sports Captains 2018

  1. Congratulations to everyone who became a school captain!!! May we have a good sports day
    Go Red!!! 🎈
    Go Yellow!!! 🌼
    Go Green!!! 🍀
    Go Blue!!! 🦋

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