Today we had a wonderful day with our Reception buddy classes at Tennyson beach and West Lakes.

We had perfect weather for fishing, beach play and starfish hunting. Unfortunately we weren’t very successful with catching lots of fish but it was still a fun day.

It is truly special to see our 6/7 students caring for their little friends. Not only do they literally look up to our students but they value and look forward to spending time with them. It is lovely to see some special friendships forming. Big buddies were great at holding little buddies hands across the road, playing with them at the beach, helping them fish and sitting with them on the bus.

Special thanks to Fil Musolino and Sav Marciano for being fabulous parent helpers from our rooms.




2 thoughts on “Excursion

  1. Your welcome Emily
    Thanks for having me
    I had a great day with you all
    what a fantastic day we had
    Thanks Fil ☀️

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