Arcade games

We are having a great time at school this week with a major focus being Design and Technology.

Our arcade games which have been designed are now being made ready for Mission Day.

The games need to be finished by tomorrow ready for testing by class members next week to fix any issues with the playability of the game.

I think they are looking great!

Website making

Do you know how to make your own website from scratch?

The students are writing their own html coding to create a website to advertise their Arcade Game for Mission Day.

They have made a great start so far.

The Websites are due in Week 5 on Friday June 1st!



Fred’s Van

Tomorrow is a casual day if you bring some canned goods to donate to Fred’s Van. We have a speaker coming out to assembly tomorrow. As you know, Fred’s Van is one of the charities we support every year for Mission Day.

Your donations will be gratefully received.

Business Plans

For Mission Day this year our classes are designing Arcade Style Games. This was easily the most popular activity at last years Mission Day!

Children organised themselves into groups and have started a business plan which includes a group name, the name of their arcade game and design.

We are now in the making stage. I can’t wait to see the final designs!



While the year 7’s have NAPLAN….

While the year sevens are busy completing the online NAPLAN testing for this year, the year six students have been busy working on a NAIDOC week inquiry. Today we took a break to see what some of the helpers have been up to over at the fish farm with Mr McCarthy.

We got a quick tour of new garden developments, like the worm farm and compost sites. We saw where future gardens will be placed. Some noticed that the broccoli had been destroyed by aphids and it would be left to seed and start again.

Some students saw this opportunity for learning and decided to research what aphids were and ways to stop this from happening again. They will share this research and recomendations with Mr McCarthy over in the fish farm. Bella took some photos of the problem to get started..





Welcome back to term 2

We hope all families had an enjoyable and relaxing break after what was a busy but productive first term. It was great to see all students arrive yesterday positive and with enthusiasm ready to begin another busy term.

We have started off the term looking at 3D shapes and the properties of prisms and pyramids. We will look at drawing, making nets and models of these solids over the next week or so. Today we had a bit of fun with our learning by choosing a 3D shape to create using skewers and marshmallows. But first we needed to investigate EXACTLY what materials we would need by drafting a design and recording the vertices and edges.

Here are some photos….


And then of course…… they were eaten!!!!