PHENOMENAL Showcase of learning

When you have teachers leaving a room saying, “My mind is blown,” you know the students have done something well!

Our showcase this morning was beyond any expectations set at the start of the term.

It was amazing to see each student produce such outstanding work. Work of which they were proud. When questioned about something new they had learnt, each student was able to share in detail their findings.

An amazing term’s worth of work. Thanks to all the family members who came to look today and who shared a genuine interest in each person’s work. The children really appreciated your interest.

We also had a number of classes come to visit our Museum.

Thanks also the parents who help support their children with buying materials and allowing them time at home to work on their presentations.

3 proud teachers today!!



Moon Lantern Day

Don’t forget tomorrow is a SHARED lunch.

If you’re bringing in hot food it would be great if that arrives by about 12.15.

All children are to bring their own fork and reusable plate.

Students can wear cultural clothes, red or their school uniform.

We look forward to celebrating tomorrow.

History Showcase

We welcome you next WEDNESDAY 26th of September at 9am to our classrooms for a showcase of learning.

This term the students have been working hard to show their learning about an ancient world. The students are working on dioramas, creating food, computer presentations, letters and many other creative ways to show their learning. This has also been homework all term so hopefully you have already seen some of the learning your child has been doing.

To celebrate the learning that has taken place, each student will be set up Wednesday morning to present their findings to the wider community. We invite you the parents, grandparents and friends of the students and we will also be extending an invitation to other classes and members of staff around the school. Please share in your child’s learning but also take the time to look at what other student’s have done as well. We have some very creative students in the class!

We hope you can come along to share in your child’s learning journey.

Moon Lantern Festival

We are celebrating the Moon Lantern Festival this Friday at school. You would have received a note last week to bring some food to share with the class at lunchtime. We also ask each student to bring their own reusable plate and a fork from home to reduce the waste of plastic plates and forks.

Many thanks for your support

Class Novel

Reading is always a focus within our classrooms.

Students have been actively involved with reading a novel last term and are continuing this term. Some of the novels we are reading are No Regrets, Hatchet, The Midnight Gang, The Twits and Onion Tears.

This term we are going to do a shared text alongside our reading program. The novel is called The City of Ember.

We started our reading today.

Perhaps you can talk with your child about their first impressions of the book.

Stolen Girl

This week is Reconciliation Week.

In the spirit of this we recognised the Indigenous people of our land through story today.

The book ‘Stolen Girl’ was shared with the class and the children were given the opportunity to reflect on the Stolen Generation.


Arcade games

We are having a great time at school this week with a major focus being Design and Technology.

Our arcade games which have been designed are now being made ready for Mission Day.

The games need to be finished by tomorrow ready for testing by class members next week to fix any issues with the playability of the game.

I think they are looking great!