Website making

Do you know how to make your own website from scratch?

The students are writing their own html coding to create a website to advertise their Arcade Game for Mission Day.

They have made a great start so far.

The Websites are due in Week 5 on Friday June 1st!



Fred’s Van

Tomorrow is a casual day if you bring some canned goods to donate to Fred’s Van. We have a speaker coming out to assembly tomorrow. As you know, Fred’s Van is one of the charities we support every year for Mission Day.

Your donations will be gratefully received.

Business Plans

For Mission Day this year our classes are designing Arcade Style Games. This was easily the most popular activity at last years Mission Day!

Children organised themselves into groups and have started a business plan which includes a group name, the name of their arcade game and design.

We are now in the making stage. I can’t wait to see the final designs!



Random materials

Hi all,

We would love you to do some collecting of random materials around the house that could be used for our Science next term. Toilet rolls, cardboard, wood, marbles, string, fidget spinners, magnets, springs etc

We are using this YouTube clip (and a few others) as inspiration to create a giant chain reaction but we need a lot of resources. Anything you can save for us will be appreciated. We have big goals!

Many thanks


Today we had a wonderful day with our Reception buddy classes at Tennyson beach and West Lakes.

We had perfect weather for fishing, beach play and starfish hunting. Unfortunately we weren’t very successful with catching lots of fish but it was still a fun day.

It is truly special to see our 6/7 students caring for their little friends. Not only do they literally look up to our students but they value and look forward to spending time with them. It is lovely to see some special friendships forming. Big buddies were great at holding little buddies hands across the road, playing with them at the beach, helping them fish and sitting with them on the bus.

Special thanks to Fil Musolino and Sav Marciano for being fabulous parent helpers from our rooms.




Refugee Art WINNERS…

This week all the HFCS students who submitted their art into the South Australian Refugee Art Week competition were judged by the teachers. Each teacher was allowed to choose their top 10 from about 100 entries.

Amazingly 7 of the 10 pieces of work that are going to be sent to the state competition were from our class!

Congratulations to Paris, Jess H, Kim Anh, Branda, Georgia, Erika and Kushi!

Busy times….

We have done some amazing work over the past few weeks about refugees.

We are currently sharing a novel together called, ‘A Long Walk to Water’. This has promoted a range of questions and inquiry about Africa as the book is set in South Sudan. It follows the lives of 2 people, 20 years apart. Nya and Salva. It would be a fair assessment that the children have been highly engaged in the story which has been full of action for all the wrong reasons and events that we are fortunate enough not to experience within Australia today. Even the simple act of turning on a tap to get clean water. It has resulted in a range of ethical questions by the students and amazing thought processes such as, “Why is that fair?”, “Why can’t they just turn a tap on, why do you have to travel half a day for water?”, “Why can’t everyone live peacefully?” and “Why do you have to walk 3 days to see a doctor?”

Along with our story, the students have also been creating a piece of art for a competition for Refugee Week. There are many classes participating. 10 winners will be decided from our school and their art will be displayed in an exhibition during Refugee Week in June. We couldn’t be more impressed with the work that is being produced by our students. We will post some photos once the work is completed.

We have also been busy preparing a play for the schools Good Friday presentation which is tomorrow after lunch.

Sports Day chants are also being prepared!

Harmony Day celebrations – lunch and clothing

To celebrate Harmony Day we will be having a shared lunch on Friday, March 23rd.

We appreciate any contributions for the lunch which can be a favourite family dish or traditional cultural food. Please be mindful that we are a nut free school and if your child has a food intolerance or is vegetarian, that you supply food that they will be able to eat and enjoy with others.

Please put your name on plates/containers/serving spoons that you would like us to return to you.

We also appreciate any cakes/lasagna etc to be pre-cut as we don’t have access to knives.

Shared lunches are always a wonderful celebration of the multiculturalism we have in our school community.

We have advised Jayne that our class will not have any canteen lunch orders on this day.

On the day your child can wear orange clothing or traditional cultural clothes.

We look forward to a harmonious day. Many of our students are involved in dances during the assemblies and are always a highlight of the Harmony Day assembly.