Holy Family girls cricket team to play at Adelaide Oval


Back in term 1, a whole lot of students (boys and girls) participated in the Northern Zone Blast Cricket Tournament. The day saw great success for all of our teams that participated but for one particular team the journey is not yet over.

Last Friday the school received notification that one of our girls teams who went through the tournament undefeated have now gained entry into the State Final to be held at the Adelaide Oval.

This feat is absolutely heightened by the fact that prior to the tournament each of the students had very limited experience in playing cricket. Yet, through a willingness to give something new a go and an attitude of positivity, exciting opportunities have now presented to this group.

7 of the 9 girls in the team are in our double and are very excited to have the opportunity to play at Adelaide Oval.

Graduation Yearbook

This term students are well under way and  busy working on their contribution to the graduation yearbook. This year the yearbook will be presented in the format of a digital iBook. Each graduating student will be represented by a chapter of the book. Within their chapter students will reflect on their final year of primary school along with their journey across the years at Holy Family.

This iBook allows for loads of unique content from each student while also enabling students to produce a published piece collectively that will showcase their learning, friendships, year highlights and special events from throughout the year.

Each week students will have to meet editorial deadlines that will allow us to have our iBook reviewed by Apple prior to being published on the iBook Store before students graduate.

We are very eager and look forward to seeing how each student contributes to this collection.

Working on the Cartesian plane

Over the last week students have been busy working on their understanding of translations, rotations and reflections on the Cartesian plane. Students created their own image that they then plotted on Cartesian plane before using the principles of translation, rotation and reflection across the four quadrants. Have a look below at some of our finished work.

Catholic Schools Music Festival

Last night seven students from 6/7NB & MS performed as members of the combined Catholic Schools Festival Choir at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre. It was a superb night where so many talented students showcased their musical prowess to a captivated audience.


Aaliyah, Aurora, Alicia, Bella, Monica, Kiara & Keerat have been working hard since February to learn the songs and accompanying choreography. Well done girls on a wonderful performance.



Making moon lanterns

Next Friday the school will celebrate the Moon Lantern Festival. In preparation for this occasion the class has been busy making lanterns. The exciting thing this year has been all the different interpretations of lantern designs that have been creatively thought of by the students. Progress photos below. Final products to follow.


aMAZE-ing Angles

To consolidate our learning with angles so far this term students have today commenced creating mazes on the classroom floor. The next step is for them to each create code for our robotic friends the SPHERO’S. This will be achieved through one of two means, either using block coding or through using JavaScript. The Sphero will be coded to successfully navigate the maze. It was wonderful to see great engagement and enthusiasm shown by the students this morning and we look forward to them thinking critically and creatively to achieve learning outcomes across many of the general capabilities as outlined by the Australian Curriculum.



















Grandparents Morning

Hi All,

A very successful grandparents morning was held wit the students from 6/7Nb and RAM. It was a great opportunity for the students to engage their parents in some of the learning provocations and to showcase the wonderful relationships that have been fostered over the course of the year. Thank you to the parents and grandparents that were able to make it today.