Student Camp Reflection iMovies

Over the past few days students have been working to create iMovie’s that reflect on their experience from camp. Have a look below at a few of the students perspectives. Because of the large file sizes of some of these video clips I cannot post them all, so please ask you child to show you their reflection if you wish.

Camp wash up

Hi All,


We are back and we have finally defrosted from our 3 day visit to the frosty conditions that greeted us at Illawonga. The students really enjoyed themselves and the diversity of experiences that is on offer along the mighty Murray River. Have a look below at some snapshots from our adventures. We are currently creating some iMovies of our adventures that hopefully we can post too.


Geography Inquiry

Today students commenced a new inquiry project that pairs the World Cup soccer event in Russia with the theme of place and liveability. Students will inquire about all facets of one of the 32 nations that are competing at this year’s Fifa World Cup. Drawing on nations from all four corners of the globe students will develop questions based on curiosity that will enable them to conduct research and present their learning using their 100 languages. We are looking forward to seeing the progress they make over the next couple of weeks.

Erika: I chose Croatia because I don’t know anything about it and it seems interesting.

Jessica: I chose Japan because I want to find out more about their culture.

Dom V: Argentina because I know nothing about it and I want to learn more.

Sam: Belgium, I don’t know why.

Carlo: Germany, because I would like to go there one day.

Camryn: Spain, so I can learn more about it.

Gabriella: Colombia, because it sounded interesting

Alicia: Panama because it is somewhere that I have not learnt about before and it sounds interesting.

Francis: Senegal, because I want to be unique.

Yen My: Argentina because I am very curious about this country

Abi: Nigeria, I chose this place because it is somewhere different.

Jay: I chose Germany because they are most likely to win the World Cup

Prayer in 100 Languages

Over the coming weeks students in 67NB & MS will be sharing prayer using their 100 languages. This is achieved through prayer cubes that have been created. Students have spoken about different ways that prayer can be represented and delivered. Each day a pair “roll the dice” to determine which way they will deliver prayer to the class. Today Gabriella and Emily shared a reading from the Gospel and a short story with the class based on their chosen theme of Family. We are looking forward to seeing the different ways in which prayer can be delivered as each student gets their opportunity to share with the class.



Mission Day

What a super day for the students in 6/7NB & MS. Plenty of hard work and persistence went into creating our cardboard arcade for Mission Day. A big thank you to the children and their families for supporting and generously donating to the charities that Holy Family supports. Check out all the action that unfolded today:

Group Dynamics for National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence

Today our class participated in Group Dynamics activities that promoted collaboration and teamwork, as together we took a stance against bullying and anti-social behaviour.

Our first challenge for the day was a Survivor style scavenger hunt around the school grounds. There were 6 checkpoints that needed to be located, at each location a package full of letters was awaiting collection. Once all packages were found teams made there way back to the class to solve the phrase.

After recess, our teams embarked on their second group challenge which was a quiz game. The questions were based on Holy Family Pillars for learning and identities as well as learning that had occurred throughout the first 6 weeks.

We commenced our  third activity just before lunch. This was an engineering task – groups worked to build the highest and strongest tower out of straws. The challenge was to make a structure that could hold a handball without collapsing.

At lunchtime a group of students from our class invited others to join them in activities including slime making and mindful colouring which promoted the opportunities that exist if they choose kindness.

After lunch we worked in our groups, putting on our creative hats as we made a series of photos that promote the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence .














Have a look below at a highlights package of pictures from throughout the day.





















































National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence



Tomorrow is National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. The national day is Australia’s key anti-bullying event for schools; schools are called to imagine a world free of bullying. An important part of the day is to stimulate conversations around bullying and violence and where to seek assistance if students need it. has fantastic resources to support the work in bullying if you need.

Orange is the colour for the day so we have highlighted this throughout some of the activities planned for the day. One of the aims of the day is to bring additional awareness of bullying and violence and to start conversations with and amongst students:

  • Jayne and Sue have kindly offered to only serve orange snack foods at recess and lunch.
  • Yr6/7HM and Yr6/7ND will incorporate elements of No Bullying and Violence in their assembly.
  • At lunchtime we will have some student led lunch time activities – Pleasingly students from our double have committed to foregoing their own lunch to run activities for their peers. Well done Vanessa, Grace, Aurora, Kiara, Maria, Ferlisa & Evelyn.

In 6/7NB & MS we will be recognising the significance of this day by partaking in group dynamics tasks across the course of the day, where we are challenging the children to use their learning powers of collaboration, belonging and hope & optimism while also drawing on character strengths including teamwork, fairness, kindness, bravery and leadership as they work in groups to achieve positive outcomes. We look forward to sharing photos of the day shortly.

Positive Affirmation Cards

Today we met up with our reception buddies from RAM & RGC. Together the students were given the provocation of Positive Affirmation – The challenge was to work together to decide on a positive phrase that enhances self belief and promotes a positive mindset. Once this was done students drew a representation of this positive affirmation onto a card. Have a look below at our very positive messages which we will gift to our reception buddies.