Insta Famous

As part of an initiative for our graduating class of 2018, each student across the 6/7 cohort has used an offline Instagram Template to create their own profile which they will then be able to reminisce over at the end of the year. Have a look below at some of the profiles we have created.

Week One

Welcome to a new year. We are very excited to have a learning community that has shown such wonderful eagerness and leadership already. This last week we have really enjoyed learning about each other and how we best  learn. This will continue to flow in coming weeks as we introduce students to the Clara Framework and their individual Learning Powers.

We look forward to being able to post student learning regularly on this blog page, however, we still require many Making Learning Visible consent forms before we can proceed with this. Please ensure you have sent your form back to school with your child this coming week.

A reminder that our parent info evening will be held Monday 5th February at 5.30pm in rooms 40/41.  We would love to see as many parents and carers there as possible as we outline our intentions for the year.

A highlight of the week was meeting our young reception buddies from Miss McCarthy and Miss Canala’s class where we visited Grevillia Reserve to explore, play and get to know each other. We look forward to working lots with them this year and think that many great learning opportunities arise working beside some of the younger students at our school.

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