Students have spent some time in MUDLA (multi disciplinary learning area) utilising the different fish tanks to conduct an investigation on sustainability and evaporation.

Students were given the provocation “how can we test the sustainability of the fish tanks in our school?”

Students applied their knowledge of capacity and volume (that they had learned last term) to calculate the volume of each individual tank 24 hours apart to then compare the difference in volume, and therefore to see how much water had evaporated.

This information was given to our Fish Farm experts – Gerry McCarthy and Simon Fry, to help them gather data for the school’s sustainability projects.

Moon Lantern Festival

This Friday the school celebrates the upcoming Moon Lantern Festival. Students over the past week have been working on creating their own Moon Lantern. This Friday the assembly is based around the festival and to help celebrate our class will be having a shared lunch. We invite all students to contribute a plate (savoury preferred) this Friday to share with their classmates. It would be great to see students bring food that represents their own cultural background (similar to the Harmony Day lunch).


Last week students created a storyboard to plan for an iStopMotion short film. Yesterday, students started putting together their movie. Students used a variety of strategies to create their iStopMotion, including: Plasticine, figurines, lego, drawing (digital and real life).

Fitness with our Buddies

Yesterday our class met up with their buddies REF and REQ. The 6/7 students have planned an activity or game that was based on a specific skill. The 6/7 students first taught their skill (i.e. kicking, jumping, throwing, running etc) to their buddy. Credit must go to how well the 6/7 students planned and prepared their activity, as the session ran very smoothly and all of our reception buddies left with a massive smile on their faces.  Here are some photos:

Science Investigation – Reaction Time

Last week students investigated what reaction time is and how it relates to everyday life. Following this students created an experiment to test each others reaction time in class. Yesterday, students performed their experiments by dropping a ruler unexpectedly and participants had to catch it. Using the measurement on the ruler gave the participant their score (0cm being the best and 30cm being the worse).

Students are now completing a report on their experiment and will analyse their results look at the validity and accuracy of their experiment. Following this students will investigate further how reaction time applies in everyday life.

Numeracy – Algebra

In math this term students have been working on and investigating algebra. Students have explored different concepts and have applied these to everyday situations / problems.

Today students investigated chicken cages and made connections between patterns and algebraic rules. This will be an ongoing investigation throughout the week.