Sports Day

Yesterday’s Sports Day was a brilliant day that was enjoyed by all 6/7 students. It was great to see students enjoy their last Primary School Sports Day by participating enthusiastically all day. A massive congratulations to the House Captains and other senior leaders who helped create the chants and teach them to their respective houses.

Sum of Squares Investigation

Over the past week our class has been completing an investigation into Diophantus’ Therom on the sum of square numbers. Students were given the provocation “Diophantus investigated numbers and developed a hypothesis regarding the number of squares needed to write any number – What was this hypothesis and how would you check to see if it is right?”

Below is snapshot of how our learning progressed. This activity was an introduction to this concept, students are currently working towards discovering exactly what Diophantus’ hypothesis is.

Mini Maths

For the past 2 Numeracy lessons students have been completing ‘mini maths’ games that focus on problem solving. During this time students have used trial and error  to find different solutions. Students have been encouraged to analyse strategies and apply different tactics to beat their partner.