Science Investigation – Reaction Time

Last week students investigated what reaction time is and how it relates to everyday life. Following this students created an experiment to test each others reaction time in class. Yesterday, students performed their experiments by dropping a ruler unexpectedly and participants had to catch it. Using the measurement on the ruler gave the participant their score (0cm being the best and 30cm being the worse).

Students are now completing a report on their experiment and will analyse their results look at the validity and accuracy of their experiment. Following this students will investigate further how reaction time applies in everyday life.

Numeracy – Algebra

In math this term students have been working on and investigating algebra. Students have explored different concepts and have applied these to everyday situations / problems.

Today students investigated chicken cages and made connections between patterns and algebraic rules. This will be an ongoing investigation throughout the week.

Reading Response – Board Game

Throughout week 7’s literacy students created their own board game based on a book they are reading or have read. Students were very creative in designing their games – some of the game-play features included: questions, strategy, truth or dares, challenges. Students created their own board, player pieces, die, instructions, and boxes to store the game.

Here are some photos from Friday (week 8) of students having a go at playing each others game:


Photos of students creating their games (week 7):

Illawonga Camp

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