Classroom Norms


What are they?

In a traditional sense, the teacher would create rules that students would be required to adhere too. Norms however are “an agreement among members of a classroom or school about how they will treat one another,” Gary Borich, Professor of Educational Psychology at The University of Texas (2014). Therefore, by adopting a contemporary paradigm we are inviting the students to create what they believe to be a positive classroom culture. As teachers we believe that by doing this as a class community, the students are more likely to buy into following them.It is our intention to help students create, uphold, and share responsibility for making sure the norms get followed.


During week 0 (the week before school returned) the staff of Holy Family were led by Professor Ruth Deakin-Crick in various workshops surrounding CLARA and the dimensions of learning powers. One activity that stood out required us (the staff) to work in groups and create secondary drivers to our pre-determined drivers. It was from this activity that Mr. Norris and Mr. Winters thought that we could replicate it with our 6/7 students to create our classroom norms! During week 1 the students of 6/7 PN & JW were given 5 provocations (RESPECT, SAFE, LEARN, TRUST and RESPONSIBLE) these acted as ‘pillars’ for students to then create their own norms. In small groups students used ‘sticky notes’ to write down as many key points for each of these drivers or pillars and then they stuck them to the corresponding spot! See below:

Our finished product


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  1. Hey Guys, we look forward to seeing all the work you’ll being this year and all much an impact you will have on the school as the last year 7 seniors and first year 6 seniors.

    Alex H Karan S James M

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