Thursday 15th June (Term 2, Week 7)

Guided Reading- Wednesday catch up lesson


Today children engaged in self-driven fitness. Activities include, ball skills, four square, power walking, soccer and netball.

Guided Reading

Head over to our students blogs to see what media response they are working on for this week. This week’s topic is about coding. Our class have done many investigations about coding, especially using the schools ozobots.

Literacy: Ancient Society Oral Presentations

Today, the children presented their oral presentation on their chosen inquiry of an Ancient Society. The students have worked hard across the term to research, plan, organise and present their learning. Today’s oral presentations are an excellent example of how the students use a growth mindset in their learning, especially when speaking in front of a crowd.

Writer’s Notebook

In Week 10, Tuesday 2nd July, each student will be handing up his or her major Literacy assessment piece.

This is a text that they have been composing all term based on a text type of their choice. Most children chose to write narratives but some will present a non-fiction. Students are then to draft, edit and publish their text in a hard cover book.

As negotiated by the students, this term, students will submit a hand written text. Today, many students started to construct their hard cover, followed by illustrating their front cover and back cover (blurb). Other spent this time finishing their story and preparing it for editing. Children are encouraged to edit their story before publishing and handing it up for assessment.

Congratulations to the Holy Family Soccer Knockout Team who are through to the next round!

Sam Marciano

Riley Stam

Patrick Roberts

Cooper Underwood

Dennis Amale

Satish Wellington

Akash Wellington

Francis Deng

Abi Fikru

Zac Maguire

Joseph Ajang

Matios Devajq

Domenic Ventra

Simon Sangu

Raymond Chau

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