Friday 16th June (week 7, term 2)

Camp dorm allocations announced

The 6/7 cohort met briefly after the assembly to announce the dorm room allocations and activity groups for the 6/7 camp at Mylor. We reminded students that we tried to respect their preferences  for their dorm groups where possible, and have completely randomised the activity groups to try and get students working with other students that they would not normally work with.


Adelaide Crows Womens Team Football Clinic

Our 6/7 girls took part in a football clinic hosted by the inaugural AFLW premiership players Chelsea Randell (co-captain) and Anne Hatchard. Our students absolutely loved the opportunity to hear from and speak too two prominent figures in our sporting community. In some of our girls’ own words they were ‘fan struck’ being in the presence of these athletes.

Writer’s Notebook

Whilst the girls were at their clinic the boys of 6/7 RG & JW continued working on their writer’s notebook, most spent the time making their hard covers.


Guided Reading


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