Monday 19th June (week 8, term 2)

Library/ Spanish

Isabella read the book “One Story” to the class today. This is continuing on from our focus to get students to read/speak out loud to small audiences more often.

Writer’s Notebook

Following both classes Spanish and Library lesson we gave students time to go on with their Writer’s Notebook. We used this time to remind them that it is due Tuesday week 10 and reminded them that we have camp week 9 Mon- Wed so they need to be organised in finishing their books.

Guided Reading

We introduced some changes to guided reading this week. We have made the due date for Writer’s Notebook very clear (Tuesday week 10), as teachers we are giving each student every chance of success so we have decided to give students an extra Writer’s Notebook session throughout guided reading this week, and the teachers will work with that group to conference and help draft each their books.

Activities week 8:

  • Writer’s Notebook (conference with teacher)
  • Reading Stamina
  • Writer’s Notebook
  • Community Service (reading with R/1 students)
  • Media Response (BTN story on ‘Koalas Declining’)

Keeping Safe Curriculum – Emergencies

We introduced the next topic from the Keeping Safe Curriculum which identified what is classified as an emergency. We did this by giving students scenarios and they had to decide whether they agreed or disagreed that it was an emergency. Students moved to a specific side of the room to represent what they thought.

Keeping Safe Curriculum – Relationships

After lunch we continued our work from the Keeping Safe Curriculum which focused on relationships. TO start we asked students what they thought a relationship was. Some of there answers:

Sophie: Friendship between two people

Yaksh: A really close knowing – you know someone closely

Mia: Friendship

Kim-Anh: Family

Sophie: Pet

Tarshana: A relationship makes you feel happy

Sophie: With a living or live thing – something you share with a living person.

Other responses included:

Significant other

A girlfriend

Two people bond


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