Thursday 14th September (Week 8, Term 3)


We have started our new Geography unit on Water. The students were given some inquiry questions about water and how it usually moves through our community and the world, in the absence of natural disasters.



They worked through these questions at their own pace, revisiting prior knowledge and looking in more detail at water movement through South Australia.

Students used websites such as SAWater to find their information.


They will be looking next at what happens to water networks and supply in the case of disaster, such as hurricane Irma in Florida.


Creative Writing Prompt

The students were given a selection of writing prompts and were asked to choose one. They then had 50 minutes to write as much as they could. The aim of this task was to build writing stamina and concentration.

We also completed guided reading, Maths (cartesian planes) and prayer. Please see previous blog posts for details.

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