Wednesday 21st June (week 8, term 2)


Following Spanish and PE lessons we continued our work on multiplying fractions, specifically, multiplying mixed fractions. Students were introduced to a basic step-by-step methodology needed to answer mathematical problems. In this instance, students were required to firstly convert the mixed number to an improper fraction before multiplying. After this students are then required to simplify their answer to receive ‘maximum’ marks.

Guided Reading

Keeping Safe Curriculum – Trust

Following on from our work adhering to the keeping safe curriculum today we looked at trust and discussed what  it meant. Students responses initially revolved around trust meaning “someone that will keep your secrets”, we however unpacked this and found that trust means more than that, rather it means to rely on someone or something. Students then created a lotus diagram of their trust network. Here are some examples:

Writer’s Notebook (hardcover making)

Students were given time to make their cover after lunch, those that had already completed this continued working writing / editing their book.

Monday 19th June (week 8, term 2)

Library/ Spanish

Isabella read the book “One Story” to the class today. This is continuing on from our focus to get students to read/speak out loud to small audiences more often.

Writer’s Notebook

Following both classes Spanish and Library lesson we gave students time to go on with their Writer’s Notebook. We used this time to remind them that it is due Tuesday week 10 and reminded them that we have camp week 9 Mon- Wed so they need to be organised in finishing their books.

Guided Reading

We introduced some changes to guided reading this week. We have made the due date for Writer’s Notebook very clear (Tuesday week 10), as teachers we are giving each student every chance of success so we have decided to give students an extra Writer’s Notebook session throughout guided reading this week, and the teachers will work with that group to conference and help draft each their books.

Activities week 8:

  • Writer’s Notebook (conference with teacher)
  • Reading Stamina
  • Writer’s Notebook
  • Community Service (reading with R/1 students)
  • Media Response (BTN story on ‘Koalas Declining’)

Keeping Safe Curriculum – Emergencies

We introduced the next topic from the Keeping Safe Curriculum which identified what is classified as an emergency. We did this by giving students scenarios and they had to decide whether they agreed or disagreed that it was an emergency. Students moved to a specific side of the room to represent what they thought.

Keeping Safe Curriculum – Relationships

After lunch we continued our work from the Keeping Safe Curriculum which focused on relationships. TO start we asked students what they thought a relationship was. Some of there answers:

Sophie: Friendship between two people

Yaksh: A really close knowing – you know someone closely

Mia: Friendship

Kim-Anh: Family

Sophie: Pet

Tarshana: A relationship makes you feel happy

Sophie: With a living or live thing – something you share with a living person.

Other responses included:

Significant other

A girlfriend

Two people bond


Friday 16th June (week 7, term 2)

Camp dorm allocations announced

The 6/7 cohort met briefly after the assembly to announce the dorm room allocations and activity groups for the 6/7 camp at Mylor. We reminded students that we tried to respect their preferences  for their dorm groups where possible, and have completely randomised the activity groups to try and get students working with other students that they would not normally work with.


Adelaide Crows Womens Team Football Clinic

Our 6/7 girls took part in a football clinic hosted by the inaugural AFLW premiership players Chelsea Randell (co-captain) and Anne Hatchard. Our students absolutely loved the opportunity to hear from and speak too two prominent figures in our sporting community. In some of our girls’ own words they were ‘fan struck’ being in the presence of these athletes.

Writer’s Notebook

Whilst the girls were at their clinic the boys of 6/7 RG & JW continued working on their writer’s notebook, most spent the time making their hard covers.


Guided Reading


Wednesday 14th June (week 7, term 2)

Ancient History

Following their PE and Spanish lessons students were given time to put the finishing touches on their Ancient History Oral Presentation which will be presented tomorrow (Thursday) morning. Students have been encouraged to make cue cards simply writing dot points to cue their knowledge of their previous inquiry project. Students have been told to summarise some of the key areas of their findings and to present these to the class engagingly.

Guided Reading

As we were unable to do Guided Reading on Monday and Tuesday we did a double session today to make up for it. This week the activities are as follows:

  • Guided Reading with the teacher
  • Media Response (BTN News Story on Coding in Schools)
  • Community Service (1 on 1 reading with a R/1 student)
  • Blogging (Hindu Temple or Athletics Carnival reflection)
  • Writers Notebook

Some examples of students’ reflections:

Negotiated Learning

After lunch students were given time to complete either their Creation Story or Media Art (ATSI Resilience). Those few that had already finished both were able to continue working on their writer’s notebook.

Wednesday 7th June (week 6, term 2)


Following the students’ PE and Spanish lessons we went through some important things for them to remember:

  • Tuesday next week (week 7) we have our excursion to the Baps Shri Swaninarayan Hindu Temple. As it is a long weekend (public holiday Monday) can students please bring these forms back Thursday or Friday. This excursion is on during the same time as the athletics carnival so if you are apart of that then you don’t need to worry about bringing this form back.
  • Thursday week 7 students will have an oral presentation presenting their Ancient History assignment.
  • Camp forms are due back Friday this week (week 6). Thank you to everyone who has returned theirs, there are only a few that have not returned theirs yet.

Guided Reading

After recess students took part in guided reading activities as per usual. A reminder to students that if they have not finished their blog then they are to save draft, and complete for homework. Once it is completed then they are able to “submit for review”.

Health – Resilience

Keeping in line with the keeping safe curriculum today we looked at what resilience meant. During this time we first asked students what they thought resilience was, we then viewed a video showing times that famous people showed resilience in their lives, and then we asked students if they would like to share times in their lives that they have been resilient. We then gave students the provocation – “Using Media Arts represent how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have showed resilience”

Monday June 5th (week 6, term 2)

Library/ Spanish

Today we read the next of six short listed stories, titled “My Brother”.  This story’s blurb – “When a grieving brother sets out to find his lost sibling, his quest takes him on an ethereal journey across land and sea – to fantastic, floating cities, and mediaeval towns full of dark alleyways and winding staircases– to vast open grasslands and eerie, silent forests– until eventually he arrives in place of timeless beauty and light.”

Students followed along closely due to the serious nature of the book. Following the story the class had a brief discussion about the book and answered some comprehension questions about what took place.


We used the rest of the morning to go through some administrative issues, including:

  • Due dates and extension requests. Students are always able to negotiate an extension, it just has to be done prior to the day the work is due.
  • Use of lockers.
  • Classroom cleanliness – stationary and student property packed away properly.

Guided reading

This week’s tasks are as follows:

  • Guided reading with a teacher.
  • Writers’ Notebook.
  • Blogging (business and economics reflection).
  • Media Response on Aboriginal Recognition (work to be done in literacy book – focus on note taking).
  • Community Service (1 on 1 reading with R/1 JM and RV).


Using the figures obtained during the mission day activities students analysed their businesses and calculated their profit and/or loss. They then calculated their unit price based on how much they spent and how much they sold.

Writers’ Notebook

A reminder that students Writers’ Notebook is due during week 10 (published good copy). Students should be using this week and time during homework to complete their draft to begin editing next week and beyond.


Friday 2nd June (term 2, week 5)

History and Religion

To begin the day we gave students the choice to either continue working on their Ancient History Inquiry (due Monday) or their Religion (research the creation story of religion other than Christianity).

Mission Day Preparation

Students were given time to put the finishing touches on their Business & Economics assessment and preparing their stall ready for the Mission Day activities.

Mission Day Mass

Prior to the Mission Day activities the whole school took part in mass discussing why we take part in this annual event. Students were made aware that helping other people doesn’t just mean giving money to charities, but also taking the time out of their own day to help someone, or to simply make them smile. The students in our class definitely lived up to this expectation through all the hard work they put into making today such a success.

Mission Day Activities

Students should be commended on how well they ran their ‘business’ in order to raise money for charity. Not only was our class active in donating and purchasing tokens, they generously sacrificed their own day to serve others, as each of their stalls were such a success.

Tuesday 30th May (week 5, term 2)


We continued our work on fractions today. Students are focussing on adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. Some students are finishing extension questions whilst other students are working with the teachers in small groups. To help separate the double lesson we went out for daily fitness in between. This allowed students to have a ‘brain break’ and take part in physical activity.

Keeping Safe

Today students created a lotus diagram based on ‘Risk Taking’. In this students worked in groups and brainstormed different risk taking behaviours or activities that young adults may be faced with.

Weave Silk

Throughout mindfulness this week students have been creating their own Interactive Generative Artwork. This is simply done on a website ( ) … give it a go yourself.


History Inquiry

Students used the afternoon to continue woking on their Ancient History Inquiry. A reminder this is due Monday, week 6.

Monday 29th May (week 5, term 2)

Cyber safety and protection

Today the 6/7 students took part in a cyber safety and protection workshop presented by South Australian Police. This focussed on students making safe choices particularly in the ‘ever-growing social media world’. Students were very engaged and took part in discussion with the officers that were presenting.

Catherine House

Two presenters from Catherine House presented to our year 3 – 7 students today, explaining how their foundation allows women to access their emergency accommodation and services. Our students asked many questions and discovered that the Catherine House tries to help women to achieve greater personal well-being, social and economic participation and a meaningful and satisfying life.

Guided Reading

Activities week 5:

  • Guided reading with a teacher
  • Community Service (reading 1 on 1 with reception / year 1 students, as well as supporting their class room teachers in a range of activities – investigations etc.)
  • Media Response (BTN video on ‘Fashion Waste’) *See our home page on the blog for further information
  • Writers’ Notebook
  • Blogging (Personal and Social responsibility reflections)

As mission week is on Friday today we took part in a ‘double lesson’ of guided reading (each group completed Monday’s and Tuesday’s activities).


We continue to take part in the schools “Positive and Healthy for Life” class fitness activities. Every two days a different container is rotated amongst the classes with a different activity / game and the necessary equipment. Each class has 4 student leaders who run the activities as well as manage the equipment and the rotating schedule.


Students continued their work on their Ancient Society Inquiry. Through negotiating with the students we have agreed that is is due Monday, Week 6. Students will be given 4 more lessons to work on this during the week.