Wednesday 16th August (week 4, term 3)


After Spanish and PE students continued their work that they started yesterday on classifying triangles. In this activity students were required to draw 10 different triangles and then ask a partner to measure the angles using a protractor and the sides using  a ruler. Students were then required to use the information that they learned yesterday to help them classify each triangle.


Whilst 6/7RG were practicing their upcoming assembly with 2JH, students were given time to finish their Treasure map that they will get their year 2 buddy to complete later in the week.

Moon Lantern

After lunch 6/7JW went to the Atelier to continue working on their Moon Lantern Design. Students in 6/7RG spent the afternoon in the Hall working with 2JH rehearsing for their assembly this Friday.


Michal and Lochlan’s Goat they created in Log Park.


Monday 14th August (week 4, term 3)


In library this morning the class read The Rules of Summer, which is a short story about two boys, one older and one younger, and the kind of rules that might govern any relationship between close friends or siblings. Rules that are often so strange or arbitrary, they seem impossible to understand from the outside.

Guided Reading

Throughout guided reading this weeks students will complete a range of different tasks. Including:

  • Community Service (1 on 1 reading with Reception / year 1 students from JM & RV)
  • Writer’s Notebook (digital book)
  • Guided reading with a teacher
  • Blogging – a family recipe that represents either their culture or something of sentimental value (a family members special dish)
  • Reading stamina

Geography Inquiry

Students began working on their Geography Inquiry Project which requires them to compare the liability of Australia and an Asian country of their choice. Students have been asked to consider culture, population, size of the country, history, cost of living, climate and statistics in their initial research.

Thursday 10th August (week 3, term 3)

In what continues to be a very busy week for our 6/7’s, today a third of both 6/7JW and RG were competing in the Cross Country Carnival, whilst the rest of 6/7 hosted the whole school Saint Mary of the Cross Mass. This follows on from having a Basketball carnival yesterday and both the boys Football and girls Netball carnivals on tomorrow. On top of all that 6/7JW has their buddy assembly with 2RS tomorrow (Friday 11th August). So although the week has been slightly disrupted our students have continued to work through a range of assessment items.

Geography and Numeracy Inquiry

Throughout the day students continued working on their Treasure maps and instruction cards for their year 2 buddies as well as the next stage in their Dream House Numeracy Inquiry .

Saint Mary of the Cross Mass

Assembly Preparation

Tuesday 8th August (week 3, term 3)

Welcome Circle


This morning students were asked to create a treasure map featuring different areas of the school and list a set of instructions for their buddy to complete. When creating their map students had to incorporate grid lines and a number / letter reference for each axis, a compass reference and a key. Whilst the focus isn’t on the accuracy of their drawing, it is on their mapping skills, we also asked students to make it legible so that their buddies are able to interpret it.


Positive & Healthy For Life


After the Mass songs practice both classes spent time with their buddies preparing for their upcoming assemblies. 6/7JW & 2RS have their’s this Friday and are currently rehearsing and going through the last few things. 6/7RG & 2JH have their assembly next week (week 4) and spent this time making things for their “Treasure” themed assembly.


We moved guided reading rotations too after lunch and following that we gave students time to finish off their Dream House floorpans. A reminder that these are due first thing tomorrow morning (Wednesday 9th August).

Friday 4th August (week 2, term 3)


After 5/6IB & R/1EC’s assembly 6/7JW & RG students teamed up with 6/7NB & 5/6MN for investigations. Unlike previous investigations, this week they took place in the school’s newly developed STEAM room, Atelier, log park and the adjacent outside court area.

Students were provided with a range of new provocations, including:

STEAM room-  sewing (with a machine) and stitching, wood and nail art, wood work (creating easels for the Atelier & JP classrooms) and arcade game design.

Atelier – Visual art (painting) and knitting / making with wool.

Log Park – Maze design, create an obstacle course and play (making – buildings, bridges, ships).

Court area – Positive & Healthy for Life activity.

After recess students were given the opportunity to reflect on their learning on their personal blogs (please go check your child’s). This allowed students to not only reflect, but to start planning how they can develop their learning next week.


After completing the investigation reflections students did their last rotation of guided reading for the week. Once these were submitted for review students were able to work on their writer’s notebook until lunch.

After lunch 6/7JW worked with 2RS on creating their set design for our assembly next week, whilst 6/7RG worked with 2JH on a pirate themed provocation – which included making pirate flags.



Wednesday 2nd August (week 2 term 3)

Numeracy Inquiry

After their PE and Spanish lessons the class went through the rubric for the Dream House Inquiry. We also introduced the last stage of their project where students will be required to create 3D replica of their design. In this section we will be encouraging students to use their 100 languages – including digital technology.

Dream House Inquiry Runbric-uqk9c5

Guided Reading

Buddy – Assembly preparation

After lunch 6/7JW went down to the library to work with 2RS to plan and create the PowerPoint for our assembly. After we assigned roles we went outside to log park to film a scene for our assembly. Here are some photos of our progress, stay tuned for more sneak peaks!

Tuesday 1st August (week 2, term 3)

Numeracy Inquiry

Students are delving deeper into their dream house inquiry. Students are starting to discover some of the problems associated with designing a house and discovering the idea behind block sizes and area (square metres). Some of the questions that the students have been asking themselves is what is a ‘normal’ block size? How big are certain rooms in houses (laundry, bathroom, bedroom etc)? They are then exploring how to accurately draw a floor plan to scale. What initially seemed like a straight forward task to the children, has quickly become a great learning experience where they have been able to unpack a range of mathematical concepts.

Gratitude email

Following guided reading students were explicitly taught the features of how to write a proper email. The reasoning behind this is that students would often email teachers without completing a subject field, addressing the person they are speaking to, and properly saying who it was from. The task students were given was to email a family member and utilise their own character strength of gratitude to acknowledge how that person helps them.


After lunch students were asked to explore a national geographic map making website. Students were able to click on the interactive map and find out interesting facts about different countries. Students were asked to blog some of their findings! Please have a look yourself 🙂


Thursday 27th July (week 1, term 3)

Numeracy workshop

To help with their inquiry students completed a workshop which required them to create a floor plan of our classroom. This task involved students measuring the perimeter of the room and the diameter of the furniture. From this students are incorporating their ability to use ratios and by developing their own scale (i.e. 1cm = 1m). Most students completed all their measurements and are ready to complete their accurate floor plan. Students will be given more class time tomorrow (Friday) to complete this, those that have not will need to do it for homework.

Australian Ninja Obstacle Course Reflection

After our daily guided reading, and in line with the design and technology model, students were required to reflect on the ‘Australian Ninja’ obstacle courses they created – this follows on from them designing, implementing and evaluating.


Buddy Assembly preparation

After lunch we met with our buddies to begin planning for our upcoming assemblies. 6/7 JW and 2 RS assembly is week 3 and 6/7 RG and 2 JH is week 4. Stay tuned for more information!


Students were given the rest of the day to work on their character strength ART work. These will be completed Friday, any that are incomplete will need to be completed for homework over the weekend.

Tuesday 25th July (week 1, term 3)

Welcome circle

For the first time this term we started the day with our class welcome circle. This enabled students to acknowledge each other and served as an opportunity to revisit our school’s values and pillars. We also used this time to go over any administrative  issues for the day.


Students began working on a numeracy inquiry which requires them to create and design their dream home. In today’s lesson students were simply required to come up with ideas and draft what they would like in their house (with no budget). Following this lessons students will complete a workshop on how to scale their ideas onto paper and create an accurate floor plan.



After recess we continued on with guided reading rotations as per usual. Following this students completed a mini workshop on “The power of 3”. During this time students explored that by using 3 adjectives when describing something it provides the reader with further anticipation.


After lunch students re-visted their top character strengths and began a visual art project by presenting their character strength of choice in an abstract way.


Wednesday 5th July (week 10, term 2)


After their PE and Spanish lessons students completed their recycling proposals. These initiatives will be presented to Mr. White, Mr. Slater and Mrs. Martin for them to decide which one will be implemented in the school. Have a look at some of the examples:

Keeping Safe

To finish off the Keeping Safe curriculum today students explored different scenarios and looked at what the early warning signs were, who that person could talk to (their network), what the best course of action would have been. In this activity students worked in groups and brainstormed the different possibilities.

Brain Breaks:

Literacy – Information Reports

Students were given the afternoon to continue working on their information reports on a chosen Catholic Sacrament. These are due at the end of the week (Friday morning). Students will be given some more time in class tomorrow to finish them.