Tuesday 19th September (week 9 , term 3)

Numeracy – Chance and Probability

Today we began our next unit in numeracy on statistics and probability. In this unit students will take part in a fictional Australian Rules Football League – “The Dog League”. Students will be given a set of rules (which remain the same) and apply them by using the statistics to a range of different games in a pretend finals series (top 8). Each game provides students with the winning margin and a range of statistics. Based on the rules provided students have to determine which team is the winner, and which team progresses to the next round of finals.

Monday 18th September (week 9, term 3)

Guided Reading

This week’s activities are:

  • Guided Reading with a teacher
  • Writer’s notebook (due Tuesday week 10)
  • Community Service (1-on-1 reading with a R/1 student)
  • Behind the News media response
  • “R U OK?” day response and reflection (handwritten)


Continuing our work on Water, as a class we explored and unpacked the following article about Venice, Florida USA.


The article depicts how Venice has been affected by Hurricane Irma, and specifically how the water supply had been shut off for a period of time. Students then looked at the short term and long term impacts that this may have had on this area and Florida as a whole.


Dear parents, caregivers and students,


Can you please ensure that laptops are charged to 100% before arriving to school. As the year has progressed there is an increasing number of students who are arriving to school with their laptops not charged fully. We are only allocated 2 chargers per double class so it makes it hard for students to complete their work uninterrupted if they are required to charge throughout the day. Another reason why laptop battery life doesn’t last the day is due to students playing games before, during (recess and lunch) and/ or after school. Can you please remind your child that they need to take responsibility for their laptop and ensure that they are properly prepared each day.

Friday 15th September (week 8. term 3)

Today students were able to continue working on and completing work set during the week. Including:

Writer’s Notebook

A reminder that completed books are due for submission Tuesday week 10.


Students are required to create a 20-30 second video that tells a story. Students have been guided through a range of step-by-step activities in a genre of their choice to help.

Numeracy – Transformations and Location (Cartesian Plane)


Wednesday 13th September (week 8, term 3)


Students today worked on locating points on a Cartesian plane. Students were given a list of points that they needed to plot which then created a picture. This required students to determine the ‘x’ and the ‘y’ axis and to plot the points correctly. Students were then asked to colour in the picture however they liked.

Monday 11th September (week 8, term 3)

Numeracy – Location and Transformation

We began a new unit on Location and Transformation today. Students first completed an online activity that focussed on transformation and students were able to explore translations, reflections and rotations on a Cartesian plain.

Following this students incorporated their creativity and created a design or drawing that will be translated, reflected, and rotated around the coordinate plane. See below for some example:

Haiku Poem

Students explored how to write Haiku poems. Students were able to differentiate these poems from others due to how they are structured – 3 lines (5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables). After students had a go at writing their own poems they then looked at the differences and similarities between Haiku poems and Limericks. This is to be completed for homework.

Tuesday 5th September (week 7, term 3)


Students continued working through the angles investigation that they started yesterday. Today students were required to investigate the following geometric terms: Congruent, Parallel, Transversal, Corresponding, Alternate, Co-interior.


Following guided reading the class began a coding activity which is apart of National Literacy and Numeracy week. In this activity students were able to choose from a wide range of themes (sport, fashion, art, game design etc), and then completed step-by-step instructions which enabled them to complete a range of different outcomes.

Moon Lantern

In the afternoon we gave students time to complete their moon lantern. This was the last opportunity in class that children were given to complete this task. Students will now need to complete this at home ready for the upcoming festival.

Friday 1st September (week 6, term 3)

Spring is finally here.. YAY!!! Here’s to (hopefully) lots of sunshine and no more cold mornings!


Following 6/7NB & R/1AM’s buddy assembly, the three 6/7 classes and 5/6MN again utilised the STEAM Centre and Atelier areas for investigations. The stations this week consisted of:

  1. Painting
  2. Art: in atelier
  3. Hand knitting
  4. Sewing
  5. Nail string art
  6. Construction Arcade/Easel
  7. Green Screen
  8. Ozobots – Pokemon
  9. Lantern creation
  10. Fish Farm
  11. Fish Farm backdrop

After recess students then completed their reflections on their blog.


Our afternoon consisted of the last rotation of guided reading, students were reminded that their post regarding equality vs equity needed to be thorough as they were given two rotations to complete it. Following this students were able to sign up for our upcoming Outdoor Classroom Day (Thursday week 7). Students were able to sign up for 4 different activities which they will complete throughout the day. On the day students are able to wear their PE uniform.

After lunch 6/7JW got their buddies from 2RS to complete the treasure maps that they had designed. The year 2’s had to follow certain instructions / clues which led them to a treasure (chocolate coin). Both the year 2  & 6/7’s enjoyed this task and loved working with each other.

Wednesday 30th August (week 6, term 3)


Our year 6 students took part in an online NAPLAN trial to help ready them for the roll out of online testing next year. It also served as a trial to see if the school’s electronic infrastructure was able to withstand the demands of all students testing at the same time. Whilst this was happening the year 7’s were temporarily relocated to the STEAM centre to go on with unfinished work.

Guided Reading


Following on from our introductory lesson yesterday on matter and physical vs chemical changes we began the lesson by showing the time lapse video of the cake baking. Students were able to acknowledge that this was a chemical change due to the heat applied to the cake mixture by the oven. Have a look in the video below:

Following this students prepared different hypothesis to certain scenarios that they will experiment tomorrow.

Geography Inquiry

Students finished the day by working on their Geography Inquiry project which are due tomorrow morning.

Monday 28th August (week 6, term 3)

Library / Spanish

Students started the day with Spanish, where they continued working on their 30 second video which explains what learning a language means to them. This is apart of a whole school initiative and each video is being entered into SBS’s National Language Competition 2017.  In library this morning each class read Aquatica, which is the sequel to Mechanica (one of the short listed books that our class voted for last term).

Guided Reading

The guided reading rotations this week are as follows:

  • Guided reading with a teacher
  • Media Response – equality vs equity (two rotations)
  • Writer’s Notebook
  • Community Service – 1 on 1 support with a reception student


Students today began working on stage 4 of their Dream House Numeracy Inquiry. In this section they are required to create a 3D model of their design, this can be hand made or digitally using their laptops. This is due Monday week 7 (4th September).