Wednesday 15th November (week 5, term 4)

Following students’ PE and Spanish lessons we listened to one of the debates that we unfortunately didn’t have enough time to view on Monday. The group that presented were fantastic and their topic “Aliens Exist” had us all questioning at the end whether they do or don’t exist…

St. Kilda Mangrove Trail Reflection

As we were unable to do Guided Reading on Monday (due to Mrs. Sharman’s extra YearBook session) and yesterday we were on excursion, we have decided not to do Guided Reading this week. Instead, we will complete other Literacy based activities after recess. Today students completed a reflection on yesterday’s excursion. Please check their blogs for these, which include pictures of them in action.


A reminder these are due for submission on Friday at 9am. We have asked the students to edit their own work by checking it more than once, asking a friend to read and edit it for them, and to ask a parent at home to check these. Can you please support you child in this process as it is imperative that the final product is to a high standard.

Monday 14th November (week 5, term 4)


A massive highlight for this year has been the debates that took place today. It was great to see how well students had prepared and researched their topic. It was also very pleasing to see our students speak so confidently in front of everyone – a skill we have been working on this year. The topics that students chose were:

Uniforms should be worn at Holy Family!
Girls can’t play sport as well as boys!
iPhones are better than Samsung phones!
AFL is better than A – League!
High school should start at year 7!
PS4 is a better system than Xbox 1!
Animate is better than  cartoons!

Thursday 9th November (week 4, term 4)


Students spent the morning finalising and their arguments for our upcoming debate – to be held next Monday in the Hall. In order to prepare an accurate academic debate students have been required to work effectively as a team and research any arguments / statements that they are making.

Guided Reading

Between recess and lunch students completed a double rotation of guided reading. This made up for our missed day on Tuesday.

Remembrance Day – Poppy making (100 Languages)

This activity was introduced by our own history expert, student Alex Huynh. Alex spoke about the meaning of the Poppy and Remembrance Day, which originally occurred to mark the end of World War I. Alex also spoke to the class about the significance of the Poppy now.

Here are the children at work. Stay tuned for pictures of the finished product tomorrow.

Friday 3rd November (week 3, term 4)


Following this mornings assembly the three 6/7 classes met up to take photos ready for the end of year festivities as well as students’ yearbooks.

Guided Reading – Community Service


Wednesday 1st November (week 3, term 4)


Following their PE and Spanish lessons students were given time to collate and submit part 1 of their dance assignment. This required students to summarise both Australian contemporary and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditional dance, and to compare the two i.e. what is similar and what is different.

Guided Reading

Due to the Touch Football tournament yesterday, today we completed both ‘Tuesday’ and ‘Wednesday’ guided reading rotations.

 Brain Break

To help keep the students engaged we had a brain break between each session of guided reading! This time we played a game of ‘Would you rather?’.


After lunch and until the end of the day students were given time to take photos and to complete their yearbook.

Monday October 30th (week 3, term 4)



Mrs Sharman was in again after recess to answer any questions we had about iBooks. These are due Friday week 5!

Guided Reading

The activities we are completed this week are:

  • Guided reading with a teacher.
  • Community service (1-on-1 reading with a R/1 student).
  • Writer’s Notebook (due week 7).
  • Behind the News – video response (History of Video Games)
  • Blogging (Literacy and Numeracy reflection)


Thursday 26th October (week 2, term 4)

Numeracy – Probability and Chance

Following our welcome circle and administration, we went through the solutions to the previous lesson’s problems. Students were required to mark another students answers. This allowed us to go through and re-visit / explain each question before we moved onto a new set of problems.

After this we began working on two-part worded problems that required students to decipher different bits of information and apply it properly. Students had to apply problem solving skills to be successful with these questions. Although these problems were far harder than the previous ones, students should be commended on their ability to be resilient and try to solve them.

Guided Reading

As the majority of our class was out at the European Handball Tournament yesterday, today we had both ‘Wednesday’s’ & ‘Thursday’s’ guided reading rotations.


Tuesday 24th October (week 2, term 4)

Welcome Circle

In the spirit of Mrs. Giannakakis’ recent holiday to Europe, and specifically Greece, this morning students welcomed each other saying ‘hello, how are you?’ and responded by saying ‘good morning to you’ in Greek. This was the first time the majority of our students had spoken or heard Greek before, they enjoyed the challenge and being exposed to something new.

Numeracy – Probability and Chance

Today we introduced a new unit on Probability and Chance. We did this by students brainstorming some key words, ideas and examples. Some of these were:

  • Impossible and Certain
  • Likely and Unlikely
  • Something is possible
  • Possibility
  • Percentage
  • A chance somehting may happen
  • Raffle tickets, gamblin, bidding, auctions,
  • Sport (scoring a goal)
  • Elections
  • 50-50 or 1/2

Year 7 – End of year planning

After lunch all the year 7’s combined to discuss some important upcoming events. Mr Bartold shared with us the ‘Mega Mix’ he spent hours creating that will be used in conjunction with the end of year dance. This mix consists of 25 songs that were all chosen by the year 7 students. We also spoke about our ‘Graduation song’, and end of year excursion. More details to be provided later.

Wednesday 18th October (week 1, term 4)

Literacy – Debating

Following PE and Spanish students began a new unit surrounding academic debating. After a brief introduction students worked in groups of 6 to create their a proposition or topic statement to debate. Each group then split into sub-groups of 3, one group affirmative (for) and one group negative (against). The topics that students came up with were:

  • School uniforms should be worn at Holy Family!
  • Girls can’t play sport as well as boys!
  • iPhones are better than Samsung phones!
  • Australian rules Football is a more popular sport than Soccer in Australia.
  • High school should start at year 7!
  • PS4 is a better system than Xbox 1!
  • Anime is better than cartoons!
  • Animal testing should be banned!
  • Aliens exist!

Guided Reading

Mini Maths

Dance – Traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

In pairs students began a Dance unit comparing and identifying traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance and contemporary Australian Dance. Students worked in pairs researching and brainstorming both areas.

Wednesday 27th September (week 10, term 3)

As the term is coming to a conclusion we have encouraged students to make the best use of their time, particularly in regards to completing and submitting their final work. Students have been working diligently to complete a range of tasks, and we have asked that they complete these to the best of their ability rather than rush.

Geography Presentations

After working in groups to collate their answers to a set question on Monday, students today presented their findings.