Monday 23rd October (Week 2, Term 4)

Numeracy: Last weeks write up summary.

Literacy: Year Books with Mrs. Sharman and Guided Reading:

Debates: Today children engaged in a provocation to create a visual label for Holy Family’s Coffee business. Here are some of the designs. 

Thursday 19th October (Week 1, Term 4)

Assembly: Congratulations to Mrs. Moise and her team for a brilliant assembly celebrating Diwali! 


Numeracy: Mini Maths

Today children continued playing their mini maths games. On completion, they recorded a write up of strategies. These noted strategies will assist them in future numeracy lessons.

Year 7 Song Mash up

Thank you to all the year 7’s who worked in small groups to brainstorm what songs they would like to feature in their end of year dance.

Guided Reading

Today the children engaged in two sessions of Guided Reading so Fridays group doesn’t miss out!

Literacy: Year Books

Friendly Reminders

Good afternoon students, parents and caregivers,

Welcome back to the school term. Here is some important information for you to consider.

  1. Year 7 students need to email their teacher one photo of them as a baby. Please email your teacher this photo before the end of next week. Thank you.
  2. Thursday 19th October (week 1) is a casual day! Children are asked to donate a plant to the Spring Fair.
  3. Friday 20th October (week 1) is a Pupil Free Day.
  4. Please join the Holy Family Catholic School community on Sunday 22nd October for our annual Spring Fair. Please find attachment in this email.

In kindness,

Mrs. Giannakakis and Mr. Winters

Tuesday 17th October (Week 1, Term 4)

Welcome Circle using sign language 

Literacy: Exploring Ibooks program for our Year Books 2017


Guided Reading

Numeracy: Mini Maths Games

Literacy: 100 Languages reflection for the holiday break

Monday 18th October (Week 1, Term 3)


We hope you’ve all had a lovely break and ARE feeling refreshed for the last term of school. As we enter Term 4, we are very excited for what the term will bring as we draw closer to farewelling and graduating our Year 7 students. Term 4 promises to be a busy, yet enjoyable term for all of our students. We have many key events coming up so we ask that you continue to check your emails and continue to check our blog for updates.

iBooks – Year 6 & 7 Yearbook

After recess, Mrs Sharman introduced iBooks to students and briefly explained the features of the application. This year students will be creating their own yearbook that will be compiled by Apple and available on the iBooks store. This is an exciting initiative and this will allow students to include a variety of content that is important to them, which will then be available to them forever.

Guided Reading

We will continue to complete guided reading groups for the term. The activities are designed each week with the intention to engage students in a range of different literacy based activities. This week the activities are:

  • Guided Reading in a small group with a teacher
  • Behind the News (Video Response) – This weeks topic is “The History of the Alphabet”
  • Community Service – 1 on 1 reading with a reception / year 1 student
  • Writer’s Notebook – Student choice of book type
  • Blogging – goal setting for term 4

Holiday Reflection – 100 languages


Friday 7th July (Week 10, Term 2)


This morning, students submitted their Sacraments Information Reports and got the morning to work on their camp reflections.

Catholic Sacraments Baptism Lily-1sn7mtw Imformation Report Marrige – Miaa-2h4eynb Information report confirmation Vinh-1u1shss Ravneet, Holy Baptism -18cj5kh Raymond Eucharist -2jqw4xh Confirmation Information Report Thuy-24keeer Charli : Marriage-18sfvtz Baptism – Apple-1gd9xpu Baptism – Blake-20wx8et Carlo Reconciliation-1t0ivsn adonia’sCatholic marriage-yjk3o3 Austins Eucharist Infomation Report-264moq1 Baptism Lloyd-xhlvnp Catholic Marriage Grace-137gfar Catholic Marriage Jayden-1vsimsy Confirmation information report Isabella-19ih06a Eucharist James Mao-2cofa82 Felicia Reconciliation-qcab2w Holy orders by Ethan-1mxvlhq Jane marriage-14t5ez0 Noah Baptism-1oxlzv4 Shontae’s Baptism Reconciliation-2kgznx6 Sienna Marriage information report-1spa99i Simon new Information Report -zpg0i1 tarshana-2no4ubl what is marrige jack-y79pdx


This afternoon the students had fitness (dodgeball) on the basketball courts followed by a class brainstorm of the things that the children would like to learn and explore next term. This helps the teachers organise the learning to suit the students so they are highly engaged at school and in class. Some students also got to work in the fish farm with Mr. McCarthy making a big fish tank with a bridge.


End of day…

After a whole school clean up, we joined forces with all the 6/7 classes and played a few games of KAHOOT. Some of these KAHOOTS were created by the students themselves. it was a great way to end the term.

Thursday 6th July (Week 10, Term 2)

NAIDOC WEEK celebrations

We started our day learning about NAIDOC week and what it means to Australians, especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We were so lucky to have Mr. McCarthy with us this morning in 6/7JW, who shared some learning with the students about Aboriginal people and their connection to the land, sea and animals. He shared stories about his time in Darwin working with Aboriginal communities and their experiences and respect for animals. Children were given the opportunity to explore their curiosity and create a 100-language artwork that illustrated their ideas about NAIDOC Week. To set the scene, we played music from an Aboriginal artist named Gurrumul and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Sorry for the ‘upside down’ video!

Fish Farm

Students spent a lesson in the Fish Farm today exploring how it had developed and learning about the types of fish and how the system works.

Camp Reflections and Information Reports

Students were given time to work on their camp reflections and/or sacramental information reports. Both of these tasks are due tomorrow and students have been encouraged to work on them for homework.

Tuesday 4th July (Week 10, Term 2)


A BIG congratulations to Mr. Norris and all of the Holy Family Catholic School Music students on their wonderful performance this morning during our Music Assembly.

Science- Recycling Provocation

Students continued working in pairs and creating their own creation for our school’s future recycling system. They will present their work as a proposal to Mr. White, Mr. Slater and Mrs. Martin – the winning idea will be implemented in the school. This is due by the end of the week (more class time will be given).


Today, students were given the opportunity to explore problem solving using fractions, decimals and percentages.


Health- Keeping Safe

Our focus continued this morning on unpacking ‘Power in Relationships’. Students looked closely at gender stereotyping and how this could disadvantage us.


Woolworths Earn and Learn Sticker Program

Holy Family Catholic School have registered to be a part of the 2017 Earn and Learn Woolworths Sticker program. Start date Wednesday 26th July to 19th September 2017

If you shop at Woolworths, please collect as many stickers as you can and stick them on the sticker sheets (found in store or collected from the front office, also attached below ready for printing).


Once you have filled a sticker sheet with 60 stickers (please only stick them in each  box and not randomly across the sheet as this won’t be accepted-SEE EXAMPLE BELOW), bring the sticker sheet into the front office and drop it into the box.

The Woolworths Earn and Learn program gives our school the chance to earn amazing school resources. Each $10 you spend in Woolworths = a sticker!

Thanks for supporting our school.


Thursday 9th June (Week 9, Term 2)

Writer’s Notebook

The students were given the morning to work on their Writer’s Notebook hardcopy assessments as they are due next Tuesday 4th July.


With our small group, the students were given free time fitness. This meant that they were responsible for setting up and engaging in a fitness activity of their choice.

Camp Reflection

Students were asked to reflect on their time at camp by creating a media art newspaper.

Afternoon treat

The students were treated to a movie afternoon together with 6/7NB, RG and JW.