Thursday 14th September (Week 8, Term 3)


We have started our new Geography unit on Water. The students were given some inquiry questions about water and how it usually moves through our community and the world, in the absence of natural disasters.



They worked through these questions at their own pace, revisiting prior knowledge and looking in more detail at water movement through South Australia.

Students used websites such as SAWater to find their information.


They will be looking next at what happens to water networks and supply in the case of disaster, such as hurricane Irma in Florida.


Creative Writing Prompt

The students were given a selection of writing prompts and were asked to choose one. They then had 50 minutes to write as much as they could. The aim of this task was to build writing stamina and concentration.

We also completed guided reading, Maths (cartesian planes) and prayer. Please see previous blog posts for details.

Tuesday 12th September (Week 8, Term 3)

Welcome Circle

We learnt how to sign our names using sign language and greeted each other this way this morning. This allowed us to start the day positively as well as address several areas of the curriculum such as Literacy, Personal and Social capability and Ethical Understanding.



The students showed a wonderful growth mindset and were very successful in their efforts.

Literacy  – Poetry

Our focus in poetry today was Imagery. Some example include the following:


The students have had a go at writing poems with more structure, such as limericks and Haiku poems. Today they created free verse poetry where the only request was that they included aspects of imagery.

By Felicia

The students also continued with Writer’s Notebook, Guided Reading sessions and Maths – location and transformation unit  (see previous blog posts for details).


Wednesday 6th September (Week 7, Term 3)

The students started the day with Spanish and Sport.

When they returned to the classroom we had a quick class meeting where we discussed our new classroom setup, outdoor classroom day and the importance of looking after our classroom environment.


The students then had time to work on either their Science report or their angles investigation, ensuring they had extra time to finish tasks which were started earlier in the week.

Digital Technologies – Coding

As a part of National Literacy and Numeracy Week we have been looking this week at digital literacy. This has led us to an exploration of coding. The students have been developing their skills in this area and have created a range of art, dance, animation, fashion, music, games, stories, etc.

Some students used the screen to test out their animations to a larger audience.

Writer’s Notebook

The students had time this afternoon to work on their Writer’s Notebook stories. They have had the whole term to create a digital story using a website such as or

These are due on Monday of week 10.


Monday 4th September (Week 7, Term 3)

Welcome to week 7!

The students started their day with Spanish.


In our Library time this morning we read ‘A Bag and a Bird’ by Pamela Allen.

Usually Pamela Allen writes for a slightly younger audience but this book has an important message about the effects that pollution can have on our wildlife. The students were able to recognise the importance of this issue.

Guided Reading

We participated in our Guided Reading groups. The groups were as follows:

  1. Community Service – reading with younger students
  2. Writer’s Notebook
  3. BTN (Behind The News) – responding to media
  4. Guided Reading – reading with the teacher
  5. Blogging – discussion about digital literacy, its benefits and challenges.



Last week we looked at Matter and the difference between a chemical and physical change in matter. The students participated in a range of experiments, exploring this idea and recording their observations along the way. Today we looked at how to create a more formal scientific report and students worked on creating one that included features such as Title, Aim, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and Errors.


We have previously looked at angles as a part of our Dream House Inquiry. Today we started a more detailed exploration of the different types of angles, as well as calculating unknown angles. We started by watching a video about angles which can be accessed here:

The students then continued working on an independent investigation into angles. A small group worked with a teacher to consolidate their knowledge further. They used this diagram in their discussions of supplementary and complementary angles.



Thursday 31st August (Week 6, Term 4)


This week we have been looking at Matter in Science and exploring the difference between chemical and physical changes in Matter. This morning we head down to the STEaM room to engage in some experiments that looked at this further.

The students were divided into small groups and noted the changes happening at each station.

  1. Heating chocolate
  2. Mixing detergent, milk and food colouring
  3. Mixing cream and salt
  4. Mixing vinegar and bicarb soda in a balloon.

Guided Reading

We had our guided reading session after recess.

Moon Lanterns

The students had some time to work on their Moon Lanterns for the Moon Lantern Festival.

Numeracy Inquiry

They then had time to work on their 3D models for their Numeracy investigations. These are due on Monday.

Tuesday 29th August (Week 6, Term 3)

Welcome Circle

Recently we have been using learning and using different languages to greet each other during Welcome Circle.  Today we learnt how to say “Hello, my name is…” in French. The students have been particularly respectful during these language-based welcome circles and we are proud of the effort they made to learn something new.  A lovely positive start to the day.


We began a new Science topic this morning on ‘Matter’. We started by using the website ‘Socrative’ to get an idea of the students’ prior knowledge in this area. Some of the students were able to share some of their ideas about the definition of matter and what different states of matter are.

Matter: “something with weight, that takes up space”

States of Matter: liquids, solids and gases

We talked about the difference between a physical change in matter vs a chemical change in matter. To demonstrate a physical change in matter, we combined a cake mix with eggs, milk and butter.

We then had the students work in pairs to predict and hypothesise about different scenarios in relation to states of matter. They worked with a couple of different partners for this activity.


We broke up our Science block with planned fitness activities.

Guided Reading

After recess we had our guided reading sessions for the day.

Moon Lanterns

We had some time in the Atelier to work on our Moon Lanterns for the Moon Lantern Festival.

Geography Inquiry

The students also worked on their Geography inquiry projects which are due this week (Thursday).

Friday 25th August (Week 5, Term 3)

Today we celebrated Book Week. We started the day by watching 5/6MN and R/1MS perform their book week themed Assembly. There were so many amazing costumes and it was wonderful to see so many students in our class dress up for book week!

Many of students were away at Sports Carnivals – we wish them luck!


Upon returning to the classroom, the students worked on their ‘Six Word Stories’ that they have been completing in Literacy. The challenge with this task is to select a small amount of words, yet still create atmosphere and give readers a taste of what has happened or might be about to happen. It is the ultimate editing challenge!

Guided Reading

The students participated in their guided reading sessions.

SBS Competition Submissions

The students spent time working on their submissions for the SBS competition ‘What does learning a language mean to you?’. Many of the students have been incorporating green screen technology into their videos – it is fantastic to see the students challenging themselves and demonstrating a high level of digital literacy.




Finishing Off TIme

As the students have quite a few things due over the next week or so, they were given time this afternoon to make some progress with these projects. They worked on:

Numeracy inquiry

Geography inquiry

Language presentation for Spanish

Six Word Stories

Writer’s Notebook stories


Monday 21st August (week 5, term 3)

Spanish and Library

We started the day with Spanish, followed by Library. The book we read in Library was called  ‘Fluke’ by Lesley Gibbs.


Book Week – Australian Illustrator

As a part of our Book Week celebration, we were lucky enough to have an illustrator, Lauren Mullinder, visit our school. She ran a drawing workshop for some of the students that were interested.


The students had a go at drawing as Lauren talked them through what to do.

Guided Reading

The students participated in their guided reading session.

Literacy-Six Word Stories

The students continued working on their six word stories.

Moon Lantern Festival 

After designing their Moon Lanterns, the students were able to spend time creating them today.

Thursday 17th August (Week 4, Term 3)

Guided Reading

This morning we started the day with a double guided reading session. The students’ flexibility in a week with a lot of disruptions has been admirable!


To make the most of the nice weather and move our bodies, we went outside for some fitness games.


The students have been investigating angles within triangles as a part of their numeracy inquiry. They had some times today to measure and identify the kinds of triangles that had been given to them by a peer.


The students participated in a whole school Mass celebrating the Feast of Assumption.

Assembly Preparation

6/7RG went to the hall to practise for their buddy assembly.

Tuesday 15th August (Week 4, Term 3)

We started the day with our ‘Welcome Circle‘. This is an opportunity for students to say hello and connect with others in the class, particularly those who they don’t necessarily spend much time with. It has the benefit of giving the students a positive start to their day.


The numeracy inquiry that the students have been working on for the last few weeks has involved a knowledge of different triangles. Today they spent time investigating more specific information about triangles and their angles.


Wellbeing Survey

This morning all of our students completed an online survey about their wellbeing and engagement. They did this efficiently and respectfully.

Moon Lantern Festival

As the Moon Lantern Festival approaches, we began preparations for the lantern display and competition that happens each year at Holy Family. The students are linking concepts from Design and Technology, cross-curricular priorities and mathematical concepts to create a lantern made from various prisms.


Guided Reading

The students participated in their guided reading groups.


Geography Inquiry/Assembly Preparation

The students continued on with their Geography inquiry, while others completed tasks that needed to be done in preparation for 6/7RG’s buddy assembly on Friday.