Monday 23rd October (Week 2, Term 4)

Numeracy: Last weeks write up summary.

Literacy: Year Books with Mrs. Sharman and Guided Reading:

Debates: Today children engaged in a provocation to create a visual label for Holy Family’s Coffee business. Here are some of the designs. 

Thursday 19th October (Week 1, Term 4)

Assembly: Congratulations to Mrs. Moise and her team for a brilliant assembly celebrating Diwali! 


Numeracy: Mini Maths

Today children continued playing their mini maths games. On completion, they recorded a write up of strategies. These noted strategies will assist them in future numeracy lessons.

Year 7 Song Mash up

Thank you to all the year 7’s who worked in small groups to brainstorm what songs they would like to feature in their end of year dance.

Guided Reading

Today the children engaged in two sessions of Guided Reading so Fridays group doesn’t miss out!

Literacy: Year Books

Wednesday 18th October (week 1, term 4)

Literacy – Debating

Following PE and Spanish students began a new unit surrounding academic debating. After a brief introduction students worked in groups of 6 to create their a proposition or topic statement to debate. Each group then split into sub-groups of 3, one group affirmative (for) and one group negative (against). The topics that students came up with were:

  • School uniforms should be worn at Holy Family!
  • Girls can’t play sport as well as boys!
  • iPhones are better than Samsung phones!
  • Australian rules Football is a more popular sport than Soccer in Australia.
  • High school should start at year 7!
  • PS4 is a better system than Xbox 1!
  • Anime is better than cartoons!
  • Animal testing should be banned!
  • Aliens exist!

Guided Reading

Mini Maths

Dance – Traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

In pairs students began a Dance unit comparing and identifying traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance and contemporary Australian Dance. Students worked in pairs researching and brainstorming both areas.

Friendly Reminders

Good afternoon students, parents and caregivers,

Welcome back to the school term. Here is some important information for you to consider.

  1. Year 7 students need to email their teacher one photo of them as a baby. Please email your teacher this photo before the end of next week. Thank you.
  2. Thursday 19th October (week 1) is a casual day! Children are asked to donate a plant to the Spring Fair.
  3. Friday 20th October (week 1) is a Pupil Free Day.
  4. Please join the Holy Family Catholic School community on Sunday 22nd October for our annual Spring Fair. Please find attachment in this email.

In kindness,

Mrs. Giannakakis and Mr. Winters

Tuesday 17th October (Week 1, Term 4)

Welcome Circle using sign language 

Literacy: Exploring Ibooks program for our Year Books 2017


Guided Reading

Numeracy: Mini Maths Games

Literacy: 100 Languages reflection for the holiday break

Monday 18th October (Week 1, Term 3)


We hope you’ve all had a lovely break and ARE feeling refreshed for the last term of school. As we enter Term 4, we are very excited for what the term will bring as we draw closer to farewelling and graduating our Year 7 students. Term 4 promises to be a busy, yet enjoyable term for all of our students. We have many key events coming up so we ask that you continue to check your emails and continue to check our blog for updates.

iBooks – Year 6 & 7 Yearbook

After recess, Mrs Sharman introduced iBooks to students and briefly explained the features of the application. This year students will be creating their own yearbook that will be compiled by Apple and available on the iBooks store. This is an exciting initiative and this will allow students to include a variety of content that is important to them, which will then be available to them forever.

Guided Reading

We will continue to complete guided reading groups for the term. The activities are designed each week with the intention to engage students in a range of different literacy based activities. This week the activities are:

  • Guided Reading in a small group with a teacher
  • Behind the News (Video Response) – This weeks topic is “The History of the Alphabet”
  • Community Service – 1 on 1 reading with a reception / year 1 student
  • Writer’s Notebook – Student choice of book type
  • Blogging – goal setting for term 4

Holiday Reflection – 100 languages


Thursday 28th September (Week 10, Term 3)

Fish Farm

Today we had the official launch of the Holy Family School of Fishing. We had an assembly where Mr McCarthy shared the news of the Government grant that the school has received in relation to our fish farm.



We also continued our Science Experiment from Tuesday. The students checked the progress of their yeast, water and sugar mixture, examining the results.

The students also had time to finish off their poetry, coding and Maths tasks – please see previous blog posts for details.

Wednesday 27th September (week 10, term 3)

As the term is coming to a conclusion we have encouraged students to make the best use of their time, particularly in regards to completing and submitting their final work. Students have been working diligently to complete a range of tasks, and we have asked that they complete these to the best of their ability rather than rush.

Geography Presentations

After working in groups to collate their answers to a set question on Monday, students today presented their findings.

Wednesday 20th September (Week 9, Term 3)


Further time was given today to work on the ‘Who won it?’ Maths task. Students worked with Mr Winters to clarify their thinking.


The students continued their coding task.


Over the last few weeks the students have been working on a range of poems. They have been given the task of presenting these in any way they choose. Some students have chosen to make something, while others have chosen to represent their work digitally.

Tuesday 26th September (Week 10, Term 3)


This morning the students worked with Simon to explore and investigate how to create carbon dioxide suitable for the tanks in the fish farm. They observed a demonstration whereby vinegar was mixed with bicarbonate soda to create a high impact chemical reaction between the two. We learnt that while mixing vinegar and bicarb soda does create carbon dioxide, it also produces byproducts that would not be good for the fish.


The students then created carbon dioxide through combining warm water, yeast and sugar. Producing carbon dioxide in this way does take longer, but it produces it in a way that makes it suitable to use in our school tanks and aquariums.

Upon returning to the classroom, the students began a scientific report about the morning’s experiment.

The students also did guided reading, poetry and Maths. Please refer to previous blog posts for further details.