Wednesday 16th August (week 4, term 3)


After Spanish and PE students continued their work that they started yesterday on classifying triangles. In this activity students were required to draw 10 different triangles and then ask a partner to measure the angles using a protractor and the sides using  a ruler. Students were then required to use the information that they learned yesterday to help them classify each triangle.


Whilst 6/7RG were practicing their upcoming assembly with 2JH, students were given time to finish their Treasure map that they will get their year 2 buddy to complete later in the week.

Moon Lantern

After lunch 6/7JW went to the Atelier to continue working on their Moon Lantern Design. Students in 6/7RG spent the afternoon in the Hall working with 2JH rehearsing for their assembly this Friday.


Michal and Lochlan’s Goat they created in Log Park.


Tuesday 15th August (Week 4, Term 3)

We started the day with our ‘Welcome Circle‘. This is an opportunity for students to say hello and connect with others in the class, particularly those who they don’t necessarily spend much time with. It has the benefit of giving the students a positive start to their day.


The numeracy inquiry that the students have been working on for the last few weeks has involved a knowledge of different triangles. Today they spent time investigating more specific information about triangles and their angles.


Wellbeing Survey

This morning all of our students completed an online survey about their wellbeing and engagement. They did this efficiently and respectfully.

Moon Lantern Festival

As the Moon Lantern Festival approaches, we began preparations for the lantern display and competition that happens each year at Holy Family. The students are linking concepts from Design and Technology, cross-curricular priorities and mathematical concepts to create a lantern made from various prisms.


Guided Reading

The students participated in their guided reading groups.


Geography Inquiry/Assembly Preparation

The students continued on with their Geography inquiry, while others completed tasks that needed to be done in preparation for 6/7RG’s buddy assembly on Friday.

Monday 14th August (week 4, term 3)


In library this morning the class read The Rules of Summer, which is a short story about two boys, one older and one younger, and the kind of rules that might govern any relationship between close friends or siblings. Rules that are often so strange or arbitrary, they seem impossible to understand from the outside.

Guided Reading

Throughout guided reading this weeks students will complete a range of different tasks. Including:

  • Community Service (1 on 1 reading with Reception / year 1 students from JM & RV)
  • Writer’s Notebook (digital book)
  • Guided reading with a teacher
  • Blogging – a family recipe that represents either their culture or something of sentimental value (a family members special dish)
  • Reading stamina

Geography Inquiry

Students began working on their Geography Inquiry Project which requires them to compare the liability of Australia and an Asian country of their choice. Students have been asked to consider culture, population, size of the country, history, cost of living, climate and statistics in their initial research.

Friday 11th August (Week 3, Term 3)

Well done to 6/7JW on their fantastic assembly with their buddies!


We continued our investigations from last week in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) room. The students are taking amazing initiative with their learning and we are starting to see some amazing creations as a result of their efforts.

Some of the students created artwork using nails and string. It was fantastic to see them valuing the design stage of the process, rather than just leaping into the making part of the process.

Some students used skills such as persistence, creativity and teamwork while in log park or using fitness equipment.

The design process was also evident at the sewing station.

There was also some students doing knitting.

Last week some of the students started designing and making an easel for the Atelier. They made amazing progress today and it was fantastic to see them so engaged. Other students used some of the materials to make other items, such as arcade games.

Guided Reading

The students participated in their guided reading groups.

Investigation Reflections

The students spent some time reflecting on their morning of investigations. Their responses are on the blog.


In the afternoon we spent time with our buddies.

Thursday 10th August (week 3, term 3)

In what continues to be a very busy week for our 6/7’s, today a third of both 6/7JW and RG were competing in the Cross Country Carnival, whilst the rest of 6/7 hosted the whole school Saint Mary of the Cross Mass. This follows on from having a Basketball carnival yesterday and both the boys Football and girls Netball carnivals on tomorrow. On top of all that 6/7JW has their buddy assembly with 2RS tomorrow (Friday 11th August). So although the week has been slightly disrupted our students have continued to work through a range of assessment items.

Geography and Numeracy Inquiry

Throughout the day students continued working on their Treasure maps and instruction cards for their year 2 buddies as well as the next stage in their Dream House Numeracy Inquiry .

Saint Mary of the Cross Mass

Assembly Preparation

Wednesday 9th August (Week 3, Term 3)

The students started their day with Spanish and Sport.

Upon returning to the classroom we had administration and some time for Mass preparation.


Never see a need without

doing something about it”

The theme of our class Mass tomorrow is ‘Mary of the Cross’. The students spent some time looking at one of Mary MacKillop’s most famous quotes and writing about what it meant to them. They put their responses on their student blogs.


Mass Practice

As our class is hosting a whole school Mass tomorrow, the students involved spent some time with Mr Urdanoff going through their parts.

Guided Reading

Students participated in Guided Reading groups. The students involved in the community service group have enjoyed visiting the new Reception children in Miss Quigley’s class to help with reading and other activities.

Writer’s Notebook

The students spent time on their digital Writer’s Notebook books.


6/7JW worked with their buddies to practice for Assembly which is this Friday morning.

6/7RG are also working hard to prepare for their Assembly (Friday week 4, Term 3). Today we broke into groups to get things done more effectively. A small group worked on the script, another group filmed for iMovies, some students worked on the Australian anthem movie we’re creating and others completed artworks. It is wonderful to see the student working together and working to their strengths to create something amazing!

Tuesday 8th August (week 3, term 3)

Welcome Circle


This morning students were asked to create a treasure map featuring different areas of the school and list a set of instructions for their buddy to complete. When creating their map students had to incorporate grid lines and a number / letter reference for each axis, a compass reference and a key. Whilst the focus isn’t on the accuracy of their drawing, it is on their mapping skills, we also asked students to make it legible so that their buddies are able to interpret it.


Positive & Healthy For Life


After the Mass songs practice both classes spent time with their buddies preparing for their upcoming assemblies. 6/7JW & 2RS have their’s this Friday and are currently rehearsing and going through the last few things. 6/7RG & 2JH have their assembly next week (week 4) and spent this time making things for their “Treasure” themed assembly.


We moved guided reading rotations too after lunch and following that we gave students time to finish off their Dream House floorpans. A reminder that these are due first thing tomorrow morning (Wednesday 9th August).

Monday 7th August (Week 3, Term 4)

We started the day with Spanish and Library.

At library we read the book ‘Feathers’ by Phil Cummings, a book that follows the path of a travelling bird. The students did a fantastic job of identifying that the book was not really about the bird, but rather about the people on the ground below and how a feather can bring joy.


Numeracy Inquiry

The students have been working well on their numeracy inquiry focused on designing their dream house, which has incorporated concepts of measurement, ratio, angles and shape. Their floor plans are due on Wednesday but they did have time to work on them today.

Guided Reading

The students started their guided reading rotations for the week. The BTN news story for the week related to Science.

Assembly Practice

6/7JW spent time this afternoon preparing for their assembly on Friday. We can’t wait to see what they have organised!

Writer’s Notebook

6/7RG had time this afternoon to work on their Writer’s Notebook stories.


Friday 4th August (week 2, term 3)


After 5/6IB & R/1EC’s assembly 6/7JW & RG students teamed up with 6/7NB & 5/6MN for investigations. Unlike previous investigations, this week they took place in the school’s newly developed STEAM room, Atelier, log park and the adjacent outside court area.

Students were provided with a range of new provocations, including:

STEAM room-  sewing (with a machine) and stitching, wood and nail art, wood work (creating easels for the Atelier & JP classrooms) and arcade game design.

Atelier – Visual art (painting) and knitting / making with wool.

Log Park – Maze design, create an obstacle course and play (making – buildings, bridges, ships).

Court area – Positive & Healthy for Life activity.

After recess students were given the opportunity to reflect on their learning on their personal blogs (please go check your child’s). This allowed students to not only reflect, but to start planning how they can develop their learning next week.


After completing the investigation reflections students did their last rotation of guided reading for the week. Once these were submitted for review students were able to work on their writer’s notebook until lunch.

After lunch 6/7JW worked with 2RS on creating their set design for our assembly next week, whilst 6/7RG worked with 2JH on a pirate themed provocation – which included making pirate flags.



Thursday 3rd August (Week 2, Term 3)


As a part of our Geography unit on ‘Place and Liveability’, the students have been exploring general information about Australia and countries around the world. Today, they focused their learning on interpreting and creating maps.


Literacy – Six Word Stories and Writer’s Notebook

After recess, we used a Literacy lesson to explore the power of words in our writing. The students were given images of Australian landscapes and had time to brainstorm a range of words to describe the picture. They then tried selecting, combining and editing their word choices to make a story made up of six words, inspired by a very famous example by Ernest Hemingway.

For example, a picture of Bondi Beach might inspire a story such as:

Waves crashing. People surfing. Sharks circling.


The students also had time to work on their digital Writer’s Workshop stories.

Guided Reading

The students participated in their guided reading groups – BTN, reading stamina, reading with the teacher, reading with junior primary children and Writer’s Notebook.


We finished off the day with some time to work on the Geography task, Numeracy inquiry or further develop their Writer’s Notebook stories.