Monday 25th September (week 10, term 3)


To summarise this term’s work students worked in groups to unpack a question that they had all previously researched. This allowed students to further unpack and clarify certain aspects of our water unit. The questions included:

  • Describe the water cycle.
  • What happens to the water as it moves through our community? Describe in detail
  • Is water a renewable resource? What are the issues surrounding this topic?
  • What is a catchment? Name and describe South Australia”s catchments.
  • How old is the water of the world? Give some background information about this.
  • What are some of the issues and impacts to our water during natural disasters?

Guided Reading

The actives for guided reading this week are:

  • Guided Reading with a teacher
  • Community Service: 1-on-1 reading with a reception or year 1 student
  • Media Response: Behind the News – Kangaroo Control
  • Blogging: Outdoor Classroom day reflection
  • Term 3 review (self appraisal)

Tuesday 19th September (week 9 , term 3)

Numeracy – Chance and Probability

Today we began our next unit in numeracy on statistics and probability. In this unit students will take part in a fictional Australian Rules Football League – “The Dog League”. Students will be given a set of rules (which remain the same) and apply them by using the statistics to a range of different games in a pretend finals series (top 8). Each game provides students with the winning margin and a range of statistics. Based on the rules provided students have to determine which team is the winner, and which team progresses to the next round of finals.

Monday 18th September (week 9, term 3)

Guided Reading

This week’s activities are:

  • Guided Reading with a teacher
  • Writer’s notebook (due Tuesday week 10)
  • Community Service (1-on-1 reading with a R/1 student)
  • Behind the News media response
  • “R U OK?” day response and reflection (handwritten)


Continuing our work on Water, as a class we explored and unpacked the following article about Venice, Florida USA.

The article depicts how Venice has been affected by Hurricane Irma, and specifically how the water supply had been shut off for a period of time. Students then looked at the short term and long term impacts that this may have had on this area and Florida as a whole.


Dear parents, caregivers and students,


Can you please ensure that laptops are charged to 100% before arriving to school. As the year has progressed there is an increasing number of students who are arriving to school with their laptops not charged fully. We are only allocated 2 chargers per double class so it makes it hard for students to complete their work uninterrupted if they are required to charge throughout the day. Another reason why laptop battery life doesn’t last the day is due to students playing games before, during (recess and lunch) and/ or after school. Can you please remind your child that they need to take responsibility for their laptop and ensure that they are properly prepared each day.

Friday 15th September (week 8. term 3)

Today students were able to continue working on and completing work set during the week. Including:

Writer’s Notebook

A reminder that completed books are due for submission Tuesday week 10.


Students are required to create a 20-30 second video that tells a story. Students have been guided through a range of step-by-step activities in a genre of their choice to help.

Numeracy – Transformations and Location (Cartesian Plane)


Thursday 14th September (Week 8, Term 3)


We have started our new Geography unit on Water. The students were given some inquiry questions about water and how it usually moves through our community and the world, in the absence of natural disasters.



They worked through these questions at their own pace, revisiting prior knowledge and looking in more detail at water movement through South Australia.

Students used websites such as SAWater to find their information.


They will be looking next at what happens to water networks and supply in the case of disaster, such as hurricane Irma in Florida.


Creative Writing Prompt

The students were given a selection of writing prompts and were asked to choose one. They then had 50 minutes to write as much as they could. The aim of this task was to build writing stamina and concentration.

We also completed guided reading, Maths (cartesian planes) and prayer. Please see previous blog posts for details.

Wednesday 13th September (week 8, term 3)


Students today worked on locating points on a Cartesian plane. Students were given a list of points that they needed to plot which then created a picture. This required students to determine the ‘x’ and the ‘y’ axis and to plot the points correctly. Students were then asked to colour in the picture however they liked.

Tuesday 12th September (Week 8, Term 3)

Welcome Circle

We learnt how to sign our names using sign language and greeted each other this way this morning. This allowed us to start the day positively as well as address several areas of the curriculum such as Literacy, Personal and Social capability and Ethical Understanding.



The students showed a wonderful growth mindset and were very successful in their efforts.

Literacy  – Poetry

Our focus in poetry today was Imagery. Some example include the following:


The students have had a go at writing poems with more structure, such as limericks and Haiku poems. Today they created free verse poetry where the only request was that they included aspects of imagery.

By Felicia

The students also continued with Writer’s Notebook, Guided Reading sessions and Maths – location and transformation unit  (see previous blog posts for details).


Monday 11th September (week 8, term 3)

Numeracy – Location and Transformation

We began a new unit on Location and Transformation today. Students first completed an online activity that focussed on transformation and students were able to explore translations, reflections and rotations on a Cartesian plain.

Following this students incorporated their creativity and created a design or drawing that will be translated, reflected, and rotated around the coordinate plane. See below for some example:

Haiku Poem

Students explored how to write Haiku poems. Students were able to differentiate these poems from others due to how they are structured – 3 lines (5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables). After students had a go at writing their own poems they then looked at the differences and similarities between Haiku poems and Limericks. This is to be completed for homework.

Wednesday 6th September (Week 7, Term 3)

The students started the day with Spanish and Sport.

When they returned to the classroom we had a quick class meeting where we discussed our new classroom setup, outdoor classroom day and the importance of looking after our classroom environment.


The students then had time to work on either their Science report or their angles investigation, ensuring they had extra time to finish tasks which were started earlier in the week.

Digital Technologies – Coding

As a part of National Literacy and Numeracy Week we have been looking this week at digital literacy. This has led us to an exploration of coding. The students have been developing their skills in this area and have created a range of art, dance, animation, fashion, music, games, stories, etc.

Some students used the screen to test out their animations to a larger audience.

Writer’s Notebook

The students had time this afternoon to work on their Writer’s Notebook stories. They have had the whole term to create a digital story using a website such as or

These are due on Monday of week 10.