Wednesday 14th June (week 7, term 2)

Ancient History

Following their PE and Spanish lessons students were given time to put the finishing touches on their Ancient History Oral Presentation which will be presented tomorrow (Thursday) morning. Students have been encouraged to make cue cards simply writing dot points to cue their knowledge of their previous inquiry project. Students have been told to summarise some of the key areas of their findings and to present these to the class engagingly.

Guided Reading

As we were unable to do Guided Reading on Monday and Tuesday we did a double session today to make up for it. This week the activities are as follows:

  • Guided Reading with the teacher
  • Media Response (BTN News Story on Coding in Schools)
  • Community Service (1 on 1 reading with a R/1 student)
  • Blogging (Hindu Temple or Athletics Carnival reflection)
  • Writers Notebook

Some examples of students’ reflections:

Negotiated Learning

After lunch students were given time to complete either their Creation Story or Media Art (ATSI Resilience). Those few that had already finished both were able to continue working on their writer’s notebook.

Tuesday 13th June (Week 7, Term 3)

Excursion to the Baps Shri Swaminarayan Hindu Temple

Today, 6/7RG, 6/7JW and 6/7NB visited the Hindu presentation for a learning walk. The presenters were very welcoming and the excursion was infomrative, sparking the students curiosity. Following through, the students chose an aspect of the excursion to further explore and research an aspect of the Hindu festivals, rituals or beliefs.

Religion: Comparison of Genesis Creation story

In class, students listened to the gospel, Genesis, The creation Story. Students then worked in pairs or independently to research a different religions creation story. Students were then asked to create a 100-language comparison illustrating a summary of a religions creation story and a list of similarities and a list of differences from the Genesis story.

The rainbow Serpent by Simon, Blake & Lloyd-2k1ousq

Aboriginal Creation Story Lily-1hxfpc4

Friday 9th June (Week 6, Term 2)

After this mornings R/1  Kaurna Assembly, our 6/7’s peer assessed each others work. This was led by the teachers. Children worked through the improper fractions converted to mixed fractions and mixed fractions converted to improper fractions.

Health: Keeping Safe Curriculum

Today we explored early warning signs when we are feeling unsafe. Students illustrated early warning signs below.

Guided Reading

We finished our last round of Guided Reading today. Children work independently each day and it is a joy to listen to every student read each week.

Negotiated learning time

Once again, we gave the children Independent Learning Time so they could work on their assessments. With the end of term drawing near, it is important that the students are using their class time and using their teacher’s support. Children have the following due dates…

Here are some links to some of the students completed work….

Aboriginal Creation Story Lily-1o1i7uv Austins Aborignal Creation story-12x3suc James Creation Story-1xjzcog Jayden and Greg Creation-14gh7t1 Judaism creation story – Apple-1xph10y Thuy Judaism Creation Story-ryn4mp Vinh creation story Judaism-u0fdmg Thuy Resilience -2gvfgeg the wave hill walk-1d60c6x

Thursday 8th June (Week 6, Term 2)

Literacy: Information Reports

Today we explored the features of an information report. The teachers used the students ATSI information reports to highlight the correct features that belong in an information report. Children were given their new Religion assessment, to research and write an information report about their chosen Catholic sacrament. 


In fitness today, we broke into two teams and participated in the Healthy for Life fitness boxes. One team played a cricket based game whilst another team played a tag based game.

Guided Reading


Today children explored converting mixed fractions into improper fractions.

Negoiated Learning

Children were given extra time to complete a range of their assessments based on what needed their attention. This list of assessments and their due dates have been sent to each child and parents as a friendly reminder.


Wednesday 7th June (week 6, term 2)


Following the students’ PE and Spanish lessons we went through some important things for them to remember:

  • Tuesday next week (week 7) we have our excursion to the Baps Shri Swaninarayan Hindu Temple. As it is a long weekend (public holiday Monday) can students please bring these forms back Thursday or Friday. This excursion is on during the same time as the athletics carnival so if you are apart of that then you don’t need to worry about bringing this form back.
  • Thursday week 7 students will have an oral presentation presenting their Ancient History assignment.
  • Camp forms are due back Friday this week (week 6). Thank you to everyone who has returned theirs, there are only a few that have not returned theirs yet.

Guided Reading

After recess students took part in guided reading activities as per usual. A reminder to students that if they have not finished their blog then they are to save draft, and complete for homework. Once it is completed then they are able to “submit for review”.

Health – Resilience

Keeping in line with the keeping safe curriculum today we looked at what resilience meant. During this time we first asked students what they thought resilience was, we then viewed a video showing times that famous people showed resilience in their lives, and then we asked students if they would like to share times in their lives that they have been resilient. We then gave students the provocation – “Using Media Arts represent how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have showed resilience”


Please remember to return the following consent forms by this FRIDAY 9th June

  • 6/7 Camp consent – final payment not due until Friday of week 8
  • 6/7 Hindu Temple excursion consent

With the excursion to the Hindu Temple happening next Tuesday 13th June (Week 7) it is of high importance that these forms are returned ASAP.

Without returned consent forms children are unable to participate in events such as excursions and camps so it is of utmost importance that these forms are returned to the teachers by this FRIDAY to avoid students missing out on some wonderful learning opportunities.

Tuesday 6th June (Week 6, Term 2)

Welcome Circle

Numeracy: Multiplying fractions

Students explored how to convert fractions in this mornings workshop. They worked with proper fractions, improper fraction and mixed fractions.



Guided Reading

Religion Creation Story

Children continued comparing the Genesis Creation story to one of another religion that they chose.

Monday June 5th (week 6, term 2)

Library/ Spanish

Today we read the next of six short listed stories, titled “My Brother”.  This story’s blurb – “When a grieving brother sets out to find his lost sibling, his quest takes him on an ethereal journey across land and sea – to fantastic, floating cities, and mediaeval towns full of dark alleyways and winding staircases– to vast open grasslands and eerie, silent forests– until eventually he arrives in place of timeless beauty and light.”

Students followed along closely due to the serious nature of the book. Following the story the class had a brief discussion about the book and answered some comprehension questions about what took place.


We used the rest of the morning to go through some administrative issues, including:

  • Due dates and extension requests. Students are always able to negotiate an extension, it just has to be done prior to the day the work is due.
  • Use of lockers.
  • Classroom cleanliness – stationary and student property packed away properly.

Guided reading

This week’s tasks are as follows:

  • Guided reading with a teacher.
  • Writers’ Notebook.
  • Blogging (business and economics reflection).
  • Media Response on Aboriginal Recognition (work to be done in literacy book – focus on note taking).
  • Community Service (1 on 1 reading with R/1 JM and RV).


Using the figures obtained during the mission day activities students analysed their businesses and calculated their profit and/or loss. They then calculated their unit price based on how much they spent and how much they sold.

Writers’ Notebook

A reminder that students Writers’ Notebook is due during week 10 (published good copy). Students should be using this week and time during homework to complete their draft to begin editing next week and beyond.