Thursday 3rd August (Week 2, Term 3)


As a part of our Geography unit on ‘Place and Liveability’, the students have been exploring general information about Australia and countries around the world. Today, they focused their learning on interpreting and creating maps.


Literacy – Six Word Stories and Writer’s Notebook

After recess, we used a Literacy lesson to explore the power of words in our writing. The students were given images of Australian landscapes and had time to brainstorm a range of words to describe the picture. They then tried selecting, combining and editing their word choices to make a story made up of six words, inspired by a very famous example by Ernest Hemingway.

For example, a picture of Bondi Beach might inspire a story such as:

Waves crashing. People surfing. Sharks circling.


The students also had time to work on their digital Writer’s Workshop stories.

Guided Reading

The students participated in their guided reading groups – BTN, reading stamina, reading with the teacher, reading with junior primary children and Writer’s Notebook.


We finished off the day with some time to work on the Geography task, Numeracy inquiry or further develop their Writer’s Notebook stories.

Wednesday 2nd August (week 2 term 3)

Numeracy Inquiry

After their PE and Spanish lessons the class went through the rubric for the Dream House Inquiry. We also introduced the last stage of their project where students will be required to create 3D replica of their design. In this section we will be encouraging students to use their 100 languages – including digital technology.

Dream House Inquiry Runbric-uqk9c5

Guided Reading

Buddy – Assembly preparation

After lunch 6/7JW went down to the library to work with 2RS to plan and create the PowerPoint for our assembly. After we assigned roles we went outside to log park to film a scene for our assembly. Here are some photos of our progress, stay tuned for more sneak peaks!

Tuesday 1st August (week 2, term 3)

Numeracy Inquiry

Students are delving deeper into their dream house inquiry. Students are starting to discover some of the problems associated with designing a house and discovering the idea behind block sizes and area (square metres). Some of the questions that the students have been asking themselves is what is a ‘normal’ block size? How big are certain rooms in houses (laundry, bathroom, bedroom etc)? They are then exploring how to accurately draw a floor plan to scale. What initially seemed like a straight forward task to the children, has quickly become a great learning experience where they have been able to unpack a range of mathematical concepts.

Gratitude email

Following guided reading students were explicitly taught the features of how to write a proper email. The reasoning behind this is that students would often email teachers without completing a subject field, addressing the person they are speaking to, and properly saying who it was from. The task students were given was to email a family member and utilise their own character strength of gratitude to acknowledge how that person helps them.


After lunch students were asked to explore a national geographic map making website. Students were able to click on the interactive map and find out interesting facts about different countries. Students were asked to blog some of their findings! Please have a look yourself 🙂


Monday 31st July (Week 2, Term 3)

Welcome to week 2!

The students started the day with Spanish.


In Library, we read ‘The Red Tree’ by Shaun Tan. A book about finding something beautiful when everything seems sad.

Mass Preparation

We met with all year 6/7 classes to go over the plan for our Mass in week 3. The students were allocated speaking parts. As this Mass is for the whole school the students were given their speaking parts now to take home and practise to ensure they feel confident on the day.

Guided Reading

The students participated in their guided reading groups. The BTN story was scientifically themed and based around ‘Finding Fungi’.


We started a new topic in Geography today – place and liveability. We will explore both international and local ideas but started today with Australia. The students were given empty maps of Australia and, in groups, filled the maps with as much information and as many facts as they could.

They continued their exploration of this topic after lunch, when they wrote about what makes Australia a good place to live. We were extremely impressed by some of the sophisticated reasons that the students gave, such as Australia’s gun laws, the climate, multiculturalism, educational and employment opportunities.



Friday 28th July (Week 1, Term 3)

We started the day with a NAIDOC themed assembly. Well done to the students from our class who participated at the last minute!


Upon returning to the classroom, the students continued on with their measurement/ratio task. Their challenge is to create a floor plan of our classroom to scale. We shared some of the ways that the students have been recording their work and discussed some of the things to be mindful of. It was noted how it was not only important to measure the furniture and the size of the room, but how far each piece of furniture is from each other. It was fantastic to see some of the students refining how they approached the task today, editing and self-correcting their measurements.



Guided Reading

The students participated in their guided reading activities.

Writer’s Notebook

The students are working on their digital Writer’s Notebook stories. They had a chance today to work on their books.


We finished the day by giving the students time to finish off any work they needed to do.

Thursday 27th July (week 1, term 3)

Numeracy workshop

To help with their inquiry students completed a workshop which required them to create a floor plan of our classroom. This task involved students measuring the perimeter of the room and the diameter of the furniture. From this students are incorporating their ability to use ratios and by developing their own scale (i.e. 1cm = 1m). Most students completed all their measurements and are ready to complete their accurate floor plan. Students will be given more class time tomorrow (Friday) to complete this, those that have not will need to do it for homework.

Australian Ninja Obstacle Course Reflection

After our daily guided reading, and in line with the design and technology model, students were required to reflect on the ‘Australian Ninja’ obstacle courses they created – this follows on from them designing, implementing and evaluating.


Buddy Assembly preparation

After lunch we met with our buddies to begin planning for our upcoming assemblies. 6/7 JW and 2 RS assembly is week 3 and 6/7 RG and 2 JH is week 4. Stay tuned for more information!


Students were given the rest of the day to work on their character strength ART work. These will be completed Friday, any that are incomplete will need to be completed for homework over the weekend.

Wednesday 26th July (Week 1, Term 3)

The students started their day with Sport and Spanish.

Numeracy Investigation

The students continued their Numeracy task, an investigation into the design of their dream house.

The ‘hundred languages’ are at work again! We have students using programs such as or, students using ActivInspire and students who are drawing their ideas.

Guided Reading

The students participated in their guided reading groups. We then explored the digital story websites as a class. The children discussed some of the features that they like and why. They then had an opportunity to develop their story ideas, explore the websites further and conference with their teacher.


Design and Technology – HFCS Ninja Warrior Course

Earlier in the week, the students used a range of design skills to plan their own ninja warrior course. They generated ideas, selected and justified resources and materials, communicated ideas, represented their design graphically. Today they were able to actually construct their courses for other groups to complete.

Some of the students shared their thoughts about their ‘ninja warrior’ experience.

Carlo: Very fun

Danica: We thought that ours was going to be easy but was actually really hard

Shivansh: it was difficult

Lily: It was very difficult to get through my own course!

Lloyd: The balloons on the leg one was challenging

Lachie: It was very energetic


Tuesday 25th July (week 1, term 3)

Welcome circle

For the first time this term we started the day with our class welcome circle. This enabled students to acknowledge each other and served as an opportunity to revisit our school’s values and pillars. We also used this time to go over any administrative  issues for the day.


Students began working on a numeracy inquiry which requires them to create and design their dream home. In today’s lesson students were simply required to come up with ideas and draft what they would like in their house (with no budget). Following this lessons students will complete a workshop on how to scale their ideas onto paper and create an accurate floor plan.



After recess we continued on with guided reading rotations as per usual. Following this students completed a mini workshop on “The power of 3”. During this time students explored that by using 3 adjectives when describing something it provides the reader with further anticipation.


After lunch students re-visted their top character strengths and began a visual art project by presenting their character strength of choice in an abstract way.


Monday 24th July (Week 1, Term 3)

We hope everybody had a safe and happy holiday! Welcome to term 3!


We started our day with Spanish and Library.

In Library, we read “Beth, the true story of a child convict” by Mark Wilson. A true story of the first settlement and the struggles that the people endured.

We met back in the classroom and had some time to debrief after the holidays, answer any questions, inform the students about the upcoming term and begin our preparations for our class Mass which is in week 3.

The students participated in Guided Reading groups. In Writer’s Notebook this term the students will be completing digital stories and they explored various websites today to help them with this.


We used the show ‘Australian Ninja Warrior’ as inspiration for our afternoon. The students designed their own course in small groups, incorporating challenges that used speed, agility, strengths, problem solving, logic, etc. They also completed a risk assessment of their obstacle course, considering what they needed to do to make each of their challenges safe. The students will have a chance to build their obstacle course later in the week.

As a part of our school’s commitment to Positive Education, the students often reflect on the things they are grateful for. This afternoon they thought about their ‘Specks of gold’ for the day.

Carlo: I got to see my friends again

Jane: Planning our ninja warrior courses

Lloyd: Hanging our with friends

Isabella: My brother had his first day of school

Shivansh: I got to play soccer


Friday 7th July (Week 10, Term 2)


This morning, students submitted their Sacraments Information Reports and got the morning to work on their camp reflections.

Catholic Sacraments Baptism Lily-1sn7mtw Imformation Report Marrige – Miaa-2h4eynb Information report confirmation Vinh-1u1shss Ravneet, Holy Baptism -18cj5kh Raymond Eucharist -2jqw4xh Confirmation Information Report Thuy-24keeer Charli : Marriage-18sfvtz Baptism – Apple-1gd9xpu Baptism – Blake-20wx8et Carlo Reconciliation-1t0ivsn adonia’sCatholic marriage-yjk3o3 Austins Eucharist Infomation Report-264moq1 Baptism Lloyd-xhlvnp Catholic Marriage Grace-137gfar Catholic Marriage Jayden-1vsimsy Confirmation information report Isabella-19ih06a Eucharist James Mao-2cofa82 Felicia Reconciliation-qcab2w Holy orders by Ethan-1mxvlhq Jane marriage-14t5ez0 Noah Baptism-1oxlzv4 Shontae’s Baptism Reconciliation-2kgznx6 Sienna Marriage information report-1spa99i Simon new Information Report -zpg0i1 tarshana-2no4ubl what is marrige jack-y79pdx


This afternoon the students had fitness (dodgeball) on the basketball courts followed by a class brainstorm of the things that the children would like to learn and explore next term. This helps the teachers organise the learning to suit the students so they are highly engaged at school and in class. Some students also got to work in the fish farm with Mr. McCarthy making a big fish tank with a bridge.


End of day…

After a whole school clean up, we joined forces with all the 6/7 classes and played a few games of KAHOOT. Some of these KAHOOTS were created by the students themselves. it was a great way to end the term.