the weekend

On the weekend I did a lot of things. So on Friday I went to a a church to practice a dace that were were going to do on Sunday  then we went to my friends place after that and then we got dinner out. The next dat i woke up and got ready for netball we lost but then we went home got then i got lunch out then went to dance practice. I went to my friends house after that and had a sleep over. The next day we got up early and got ready for and then went to Rundle mall we danced and then got KFC for lunch and then i went in to sport girl i got a popsoket and then we went home.


At assembly today was about god it was soo good and three people could love the roobix cube in 1 min and then three people did a pen tap it was soo good then they showed us some games they made with scratch and they the printable came and talked about somethings.



The weekend

On saturday I slept in and i had half an hour to get ready. I got ready and i had wait for my sister to get ready then we went to the the place i play then we tried soo hard but we didn’t win but we still tried hard and had fun then my mum said we can get lunch out we got KFC. Then we went home then mum started cooking because we have a group coming for dinner and to pray after every one came we started to pray and then we had dinner. After that everyone went and we went to bed. The Next day we went to church then we went to get cha time then we went home then my family friend came over and then they had dinner with us then we went home at i don’t know then we went to bed. the end

specks of gold

My speck of gold this week is that on Wednesday i had netball training and we trained with a another  team we played scrub matches the 1 hour it was soooo much fun i played centre for 2 quarters and then i played goal keeper then when we finished my mum was late to pick mr up then me and my team mates player line chasese and then my dad picked us up. So my speck of gold is going to netball training.

Term 3 holidays

ON the holidays i went to a celebration in the council called the food festival i dance with my friends and after the dance i got a potato on a stick and a milkshake t was soooo yummy then my friend invited us to come with her family  to dance with her at garba so we went to her house then me and her mum went  a church because they were giving free plants i got a strawberry , Chile and a flower plant. then we went home to get ready then we had dinner at six then left the house at 7: and got to the city at 7:30 we danced until 1:00am it was soo much fun since it was one we had a sleepover. The next day we went home.The next saturday me and her went to another place i was there until 11:00pm then we went they  dropped me off my mum and dad were sleeping .On day in the holidays i ate my breakfast then i had  to take my medicine i put the tablet into my mouth and water after it my sister made me laugh and i spit all of it out but i managed to swallow the tablet.


On the weekend i went to netball in the morning we lost by i don’t know then i straight went to the  food festival i did a dance with my friends then i got potato on a stick and then we got milkshakes i got strawberry cream it so yummy mu friend got peanut butter and nutella milkshake it was yummy to then we and my family friend went to their house then we went to a church because they were selling free plants got a strawberry a chill and a flower then we went back home then we went to garba in the city it was so fun but i could’t do it because of my leg it hurt so much but we had soooooooo much fun there then we went to home at like 12:00am i was so tiered. The next day i woke up early i had lost and then my friends cousin was going to a different place to sell stuff then we watched movies then got ready and then they took us home then we went to the old house to clean then at 10:30 and then had dinner and went bed at 12:something.


Todays assembly was about Fairy tales they did a drama about thetertouise and hare the moral was slow and steady always wins.The aa play about the three little pings but there was test to it at the end the wolf got KFC for dinner and they told stories about jack and the beanstalk and one about the three bears. They showed us house that the built.The m.r white talked to us about outdoor ed day and then mr McCarthy told us that they asked to a government grant and the got $1300 and they are taking us to do fishing some where.


On the weekend i played netball and then i had to go to a dance class and after that i went to my friends house because they were coming to a sleepover then there dad took me back my home then at around about 1:ooam in the morning on sunday we got a call from india saying that my friends is critical and ill then all night my mum and dad and my friends dad were looking  for flight tickets then at 6:oom in the morning we went to there house and packed cloths then we went to buy medicens for them and then we went to the airport and dropped them off but there was a problem. My friends passport was about to expire in 3 months it had to be 6 months or over but the lady let us through but they said other countries might not let them in the country. But they still went it was soo sad then i went to shops and bought a dinning table sofa. then went to chatime and then went home then went home finished our kumon and had dinner and went to bed.


Todays assembly is about what you want to be in the future they did a show where there people from their class went to the future and became what they wanted to become they showed us a task that they could do with marshmallow’s and spaghetti was un fair they did dances and they showed their character strengths.


On the weekend i played netball. My team and i  played against my own team from last season. During the game i got pushed and my leg rolled and was stepped on and then i couldn’t walk on it and then i was taken to hospital in the car i was crying in pain then we got to the hospital then we had to wait in the eating bay. I was waiting about for an half an hour and then they called me i was taken in by a wheel chair then they took an x-ray and they said it was not a fracture but i could not walk on it or put peruser on it they gave me crutches to walk on. The next day i still could not walk on it it was still swollen up i was in bed the hole day.