On Friday after school me and my family we to my friends house because it was his birthday we had donner at this house we curry and rice it was really yummy. The next day we had to go to a house warming but i had to go at 12:50 because i had a game i got so mad because my dad did not come on time to pick me up then i went back to their house then i went back home because my mum was sick.The next day was Dhyana’s Bday party i was late because of my mum she took time because she was sick .When i got to Dhyana’s house we cut the cake then went to the temple then we went to noddle box for lunch then we to watch transformers i was a really good movie then we went to Chatime i got mango milk tea with pearls. We went back to Dhyana’s  home people started to go home the people left,we played sherds it was fun.

The whole day was really fun because i got to spend time with my Friends.


Todays assembly was about a book animals under the sea and showed we should look after them. They also said that we should keep the waters clean, nice and to stop polluting the sea because the fish might die by eating the rubbish and by swimming in the polluted sea.They also did a dance a prayer and they were dressed up in fish costumes.


Todays Assembly was about Kauna people it was really fun and they based the assembly on a story called mad magpie. The story was about a magpie getting teased and bulled and he showing his anger by pecking other birds on the heads.Then the elder god him off the he tried to control his anger in front of the other birds that teased him. After he learned to control his anger the other birds lived happy that was  the  story. They also showed in how they grew in the past years.,They showed as when they went on a exertion to the zoo it look like they had a lot of fun the most surprising thing is that they sang 123 in Kauna.

The weekend

On the weekend i had a netball game i versed the red-backs and we won them for the first time i played WD the whole time. I got some fish and chips for lunch after the  came back and I had to do my kumon the I went bed after dinner. The next day I had to wake up at 4:00am because I my culture if some one is having a house warming they have to do it before the sun rises I was the first on to wake up then we went there at 6:00pm they already started when  the finished prayer we had breakfast then i we played UNO. We left there house around 10:00am then my mum took we some where to buy  clothes then i got cha time and my sister got McDonnell’s then we went home I went to bed  and woke up really late then had to finish my kumon then we went to bed.

the weekend

On the weekend I went to cha time I got the mongo milk tea after my netball game on Saturday and a few kid came for a sleep over it was really fun the next day we woke up early to go to church and my friends went home at 8:00 am in the morning. After church we wen to the shops then we went home got ready to go to my friends birthday party it was really fun.they also started a trust on his name for people we went home early because i had to finish my kumon it was not much fun we had dinner then went to bed at around 9:00pm i was really tiered.

Assembly and specks of gold

Today was my sisters assembly so she woke me really early to get ready but we we’re still late because we had to wait for someone. As soon as we got school i went to class then my class went to assembly. The assembly was about a book named I’m an australian too and they did dances and when one person says something about there country the other person says it in their language that was really interesting to whatch and hear. after the assembly i had to help my sister to change that was my sister and friends assembly .


My speck of gold this week is that we play against my friends brother is was hard because there were skill players in basketball and that were all really tall so we could not win in the first round at school but when they went home that finished the games at there home and we won!!!!!!!! i was so happy the next day at school and wee made a deal that if they won my friend gets a slap but if they won she get to slap him.

Mother’s day

On mothers day i got up at 6:00 and woke up my sister and i went to make breakfast in bed for my mum but my sister sleeps in with my  mum so it was hard for her to get off from bed.After she finally got her out of bed me and her got ready and we work my dad up and then we woke her up and she said i wish everyday was mothers  day and then my dad and mum got ready foe church. After church we were supposed to go out for lunch but my mum did not want to so then i had to finish my Kumon we went home and for dinner my friends came over and we cooked a cake and watched karate kid and then we had dinner they went home and we went to sleep.

The weekend

On the weekend my family and friends went to go apple picking we went to the hills. The entry was $5 for the adults and it was free for kids under 12 years old. we had to pay $5 for a bag.


that is what i did on the weekend


Week one

For my speck  gold this week is that we bet two boys at basketball we first started to  shoot goals in the basketball ring and one day the two boys fought for the ball so we made a deal that the group that wins gets the ball of the rest of the year and we won!!!!!!!!!!

I am grateful for coming back to school and getting my friends after two lang weeks witch felt like months because i didn’t have much to do in the two week holidays!!!!!

The weekend

On the weekend i played netball i lost buy 9 points.On that day we were suppose to go to coming called Indian Mala but we ragout of time to go so we did not go we state home.On Sunday I had church in the morning and then we went shopping then we went to a priceable tour in mason lakes but they were not open so we went to cha time and then went to eat lunch because we did not eat breakfast so we were so hunger then we went to the the priceable the most funniest thing there was the lab we made a rainbow and made worms.