The Holidays

On the holidays I went to my little sisters birthday party and met my two aunt’s Melony and Lorinda that I have never met before. After I met my great grandparents that I have never met before as -well. My cousin Mason and my sister and my other cousin went to the pond across from the park to look at fish and we also saw baby ducklings with its mum and dad. After my cousin Mason and I went back to the pond by our-self . Then my cousin and I had a race across the bridge and I slipped and fell in the pond. After we went to a caravan park and we went to our cabin put our things away then all of my cousins and I went on the jumping pillow. After we went in the big swimming pool and cooled off. The next day we went back home. And then I went to Aolani’s house. It was so fun we made slime and went in her spa and did a lot more. The next day we went to roxby downs caravan park together it was really fun. The next day we did a lot of fun things then we went to the movies and watched diary of the wimpy kid. after that my mum,brother and Aolani went to latitude. at latitude me and Aolani had a slushy with all the flavors.

who is Jesus

Who Is Jesus By Aaliyah

Jesus is a person who surrounds you in life. He is surrounding you even if you don’t think that he is not there but he is surrounding you but you just don’t know when. Jesus also is the person who sacrificed his life for us. He always put us before him. He will always be by our side. He is always welcome in our family. He will never give up on us.