My Culture!

My parents Come from Vietnam!

I was born in Adelaide in Australia !

At Home I speak Vietnamese and English I speak English with my sisters and Viet to my parents!

At home I Like Eating a vietnamese food named Pho


I think it is Important to accept everyone from everywhere and I think it is Important so other people have more friendships with other people and They will not feel sad :3

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge Book

The Book is About A Little Boy named Wilfrid Gordon👦🏻 and an Old lady named Nancy 👵🏻.  Wilfrid Gordon’s Parents told him that Nancy lost her Memories😫 Then Wilfrid Gordon Was wondering what a Memory🤔 was so he asked lots of people and when he knew what a memory was so he got stuff that will get Nancy’s Memories back!     I Recommend this Book Cause its a Really good👍🏻 book and I think it shows us about kindness😀 and Love❤️!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                           I rate this book out of 5 stars🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟                                   

Good Friday!

Good Friday is about Jesus’s Death and his death was on Easter. oh yeah in class we made a comic Strip About Good Friday!!      There are lots of stories about Jesus’s Death too they are all mostly in the Bible!


My Culture!!!!!

My Parents were born in Vietnam My mum said that her mum was a half Chinese and her dad was a half combodian So I think I might be a bit of them too!

I was born in Adelaide In Australia in 12th of October 2008

At Home I speak English and Vietnamese I speak Viet to my parents and English tommy sisters!

At Home I like eating a vietnamese food named Pho!

It is Important to accept everyone in different countries!


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