The weekend

in the weekend I went to my BFF ‘s house and played it was a play day and so every one of my friends came which made me happy because normally there will be like only 4 or 3 people that go to a place with our friends because most of the time someone can’t come but EVERYONE CAME so first I went to Jessica’s house the it was Erika, Lara, Arthi, Dhyana then Paris and so we got ready and went to Jessica’s sisters house. we first went inside played with truffles ( her sisters dog ITS A HUSKY) and so after that we started watching train to Busan a Korean movie  I love it but in the end theres a sad ending where only two people survive and make it safe to Busan which is a young girl still in primary school and a pregnant lady. So the young girl came with her dad and they where fighting and so while her dad was saving them he got bitten so he had to leave his daughter and jump of the train its so sad. The pregnant lady husband also died he was really strong but he held a bunch of zombies back so she could escape and so in the end he died. Dhyana was crying so bad it was funny but after that we went to the park played with a football and truffles and then went back and played video games and that was when all of us started going home so thats all.


This Friday was assembly and it was 5/6E and 5/6SP’s assembly their assembly was about character strengths and so I really enjoyed it they had types of activities to do the usual Australian anthem then they started doing there things they did a rubic cube challenge , robots that you could control, sports and animations also a thing called gods name there was a song that they sang and they were playing the ukulele.  They did jokes most people laughed but I didn’t to be honest it wasn’t even funny they made me cringe yawn and made me want to sleep and leave but they changed it and continued with the other activities after they were done there was teachers messages and so mr white our principle said there was this zen garden in Elizabeth and he said he could take a group of students in holy family I thought it was really cool and so I want to go YAY.

In The Weekend

in the weekend I got a haircut that Is right above my chest it was pretty and my dad got a haircut to hehe. on Sunday my mum was free from work so she took us to TTP/ Tea tree plaza we went around the place and we bought stuff went home and my whole family made pizza YES INCLUDING ME we ate pizza and made more pizza it was fun most of the weekend I would be calling my friends on line I called Erika, Arthi and Jessica and Jessica’s sister I would go on the group chat and chat with who ever was on.

How my week has been


FIRSTLY my friend ERIKA wasn’t here for the whole week and I tried talking to her on LINE BUT SHE DIDN’T READ MY TEXT OR EVN PICK UP MY CALLS. Whats even worse was on Thursday there was a lot of drama when I mean a lot I mean a lot I mean done even get me started there were like 3-4 people crying I mean COME ON I FELT LIKE A MOTHER TAKING CARE OF 4 CHILDREN -__- so tiring. But what I enjoyed was playing sports and playing with the kids and most of the time I would hate going home and would want to stay at school but when I got home I felt happy and relieved and my sisters saw that I was a little upset on (Thursday) and so they cheered me up and well did there normal WEIRD STUFF hehe.

Weekend reflection

On Saturday I went to BIG W YEAH we went to the shop that had big w in it so we woke up in the morning we got ready talking about my family except for Catherine my oldest sister is in JAPAN. we went to the shop bought yiros and ate we walked around the shop to see if theres anything to buy we didn’t buy anything and just went home.

on Friday me, Erika, Erika’s mum and Paris went to the city it was fun we walked around and bought some things we ate some food and continued the shopping we bought drinks and other things after that we went home while we were getting driven home we listen to music in the car and also we did a song test where when a song would ply we would guess its title name and the singer or singers and so we went home and that was what I did.


TODAY WAS AN ASSEMBLY I DON’T KNOW THE CLASS  BUT anyways today was a assembly and it was cool and also we got to wear casual today if we bring a lolly bag and I brang one. Todays assembly was about fairytales and so they showed us their story’s and they read story’s to us. yesterday was outdoors day and it was fun I firstly did photography it was so cool and fun I took so many photos at the school and so yeah the second task we did was an activity circuit I first played frisby with my friends that where with me and we played and then we changed and played handball after that we didn’t do anything else because it was fruit time we had our fruit and then it was recess. After recess me and my friends went to our next task which was AFL football at first it was boring but then I realised it was because I wasn’t participating so I started playing more and so it was fun then it was lunch after lunch was our last task and our last task was tent making so we made tents and it was fun and so that was what I did.



  • Eat
  • sleep


FOR GOD SAKES WHYYY THEY LOST BY 2 POINTS PORT WHY YOU DO DIS TO MEEEEEE AHem anyways the weekend was supper boring it was just usual thingssssss. SORRY MISS B I HAVE NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT!!!!


today was a casual day and also an assembly day yeah we we have assembly’s every FRIDAYS today was about jobs and traveling in the future and guess what my shirts said FUTURE woooooow and so my friend were just like yeah Amber the FUUUUUUTUREEEEEE and yeah. Todays assembly was cool because they talked about jobs and everything and it was cool and they also made cube stacks out of spaghetti and MARSHHHHHHMELLOOOOOWWWWWS  IT WAS AWESOME and oh oh they had a dance it the song went WHEEEENN I GROWW UP I WOULD EAT CANDY EVERYDAY AND MORE RANDOMMM LYRICCCSSSSSSS. now I’m gonna tell you about my clothes today I put my hair down, a black shirt that said FUTURE in GOOOOLD OOOOOOH and then I’m wearing black jeans and a black jacket yay one of my favourite colours BLACK YEEEEEE.

What I did on the weekend

normal things

  • chores
  • eat
  • sleep
  • read

this weekend I went to the ADELAIDE SHOW YAYYY with my family but Catherine stayed home because she wanted to finish her work so WAY TO RUIN THE MOOD Ahem moving on. I went to get ready because nearly on the weekends I’m always the first child to get up because its a habit of mine because I wake up by myself and so I was just jumping around the house I got ready and then my mum and dad got ready they went to wake up Cyndi up she woke up and got dressed. we got ready and makes sure everything was right and then we went to the show we went to walk around to see what we wanted to do and so yeah we went to the the place where there’s shops and so yeah we went around to look my mum and dad bought these vegetable shavers and me and Cyndi got to buy a hat from Nike and Adidas I got a Nike hat and Cyndi got an Adidas hat and then we walked out. Me and Cyndi went on a ride called Sky chair and you sit on a chair that is attached to this thing the spins you around and around thats the only ride we went on hehe after that we went to get show bags I got a candy showboat and Cyndi got a we bare bears showbag and so  yeah then we walked to our car and went home.


today was another assembly but today was Anna, thanh and vi’s assembly at first they always have mini videos showing and they had a video of people dancing in the video it was weird but kind of funny because I could’ve teased my friends for dancing really weird. The assembly was also kind of fun because they did dancing exercises and so yeah but what was funny was that the music was like it was singing in slow motion and it was saying weird things like what energy I don’t get it but it was funny so yeah and it did fart sounds and other stuff and at the end of the assembly Vi was like any teacher’s messages and it was so cute.