my first time trying Korean food and ice skating.

In the school holidays my mum and dad were mostly at work and me and my sisters were at home watching this thing so called anime (its like a cartoon but more detailed and its Japanese so you can watched it dubbed or subbed so yeah but I rather subbed hehe) but other than that I had a lot of fun because for the first time my mum and dad took me and my sisters to a place called mr bulgogi its a KOREAN FOOD restaurant and that was the first time a tried there food. Then after that my mum went to meet up with her sister so me and Cyndi went and Catherine and my dd stayed home because they were to lazy to come so me my mum and Cyndi went to the beach with my auntie and my two cousins Calvin and Chloe (yes she has a brother) we had our skating start at 7:00 so since we arrived at 2:00. We went around Glenelg to go shopping while we waited for the skating lessons so we ate food and ice-cream so when it was time to skate we went and waited to collect our skating shoes unfortunately one of my ice skated had a poky thing and it slides under my skin, so it scraped my skin of and showed my meat I couldn’t skate much since my foot was hurting so much but I tried to continue for a long time then I slipped and landed on my bottom great right my but got wet and my foot was scraped after that we went home I took a shower went to sleep and that was the end of the day.


Something new I tried was …….

At camp something at camp I tried was I dropped from a really high place like shona a lady that worked at the camp held us and we had to drop backwards into the sponge pit and I was kind of scared at the start but then when we dropped it was actually really fun. Something else that was new that I never tried was the Yabby fishing I caught about 2 (I know I’m bad at catching them) everyone in my team caught at least one but LARA SHE CAUGHT 8 THAT’S A LOT anyways we won and got free tickets to the SPONGE PIT YAY it just proves that teamwork is always best.

The best part of camp!!!!!!!

Most of the time the best part of camp is always spending time with your friends and I got to try new activities at the camp and most of all this was so cool the dogs buddy and misty they were so cool because mark he said go the the bus and they went to the bus SO COOL.

I worked with new people when……

Normally I am partnered or grouped with my friends or at least have a friend in my group but I didn’t have any friends in my group so yeah but there were people I knew  like Aolani, Janjeera, Matia, Aliya B, Thomas and Viet trung .

I overcame fear when…..

I am a person that is scared of heights and shona made us fall from a high pole down into the sponge pit and I was so scared but when I dropped down I wasn’t scared any more it turned out to be really fun because you could feel air floating around you and making you feel calm. There was the cave and I don’t really like places that are small and so I held hands with my friend she calmed me down I drank my water a lot and after that I needed to go toilet hehe so yeah.

Thats all for my camp reflection and heres some photos.



CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ⛺️

Next week me and my class are going to camp and I’m super excited because my sisters said they have gone to the camp that I’m going to(Illawonga camp) and they said its super fun because it has so many activities and this time I have my friends with me in this class. For Camp we will be throwing a surprise party for my friend Erika because it is her birthday on the day we are going to camp so we will be throwing her one (shhhhh don’t tell her). I already started packing for camp because I was so excited I mean who wouldn’t be so excited if your going to camp with all your friends I mean I would so I’m sooooooooo excited I’ve been like what should I do there what should I wear ohh oh I should bring candy and share it with my friends me and Erika also planned to put nose stickers on our nose and it will be fun so thats how much I’m excited byeeee.

weekend speck of gold

My first weekend speck of gold is Jessica she drew me a picture of my favourite person in a group and it was pretty good even for a started so I was so happy for that.  Me and Lara like to watch these things called anime and we like to talk about it and it makes us get more closer and its fun to talk to someone that understands me. Theres also horoscopes that me and Lara like to talk about YEAHHH. Me and Erika like to talk on FaceTime about almost everything and Erika is always clumsy and funny so she so clueless its so funny. This week we had our inquiry due and I had to do a lot of research and then I facetimed Erika because she knew a lot about South Korea so I asked her about some thing about South Korea and she helped me so I could get my work done YAAAAY.

Specks of gold for this week

My specks of gold for this week is firstly that me and my other friends told each other our feelings and so now we trust each other more. Secondly Paris and Erika told me new things about BTS that I didn’t know before and I was grateful for that also theres many more like Vi she was so cute because was sad but at lunch when she played with us she was so happy and it makes me happy to see others happy.

Weekend speck of gold

My weekend specks of gold was when in the weekend my mum and dad made time for us and had a day of on Saturday because they normally have to go work and they don’t have time for us so they made some time. We went to the city and did some shopping and then we went back home and our dad made this traditional drink that is from Vietnam  and so me and my sisters and mum made the ingredients and mixed it all together and it was fun to do things with my family . Then theres was also last week were there was mission week all of us did so much work but we had fun making the slime and playing with the slime and then going to shop for mission week.

On Sunday we did our chores and then my mum went to work and my dad was just sleeping as usual and it was pretty funny because I went in my dads room and videoed my dad sleeping he was snoring and moving a lot and later showed everyone and we all laughed and when my mum came back I showed her as well so those are my weekend specks of gold.

what I did in the weekend

My weekend specks of gold are when on Saturday we go to Viet school and well Paris always brings her baby brother Elden and well he’s sooooo cute he sometimes laughs and looks grumpy but then we said the members of BTS’s names and well when we said J-hope he he shouted and we all laughed because it was adorable and funny and I’m normally scared of the Viet teacher because she shouts a lot and it scares me so then she new I was scared of her because I don’t know much Viet because I mostly know Chinese and English so she let me do some of my Viet work in English and I was pretty happy because she understands my feelings and accepted me and that made me happy. Then on Sunday I packed up the house and did chores and I always have work like a maths book to do when I’m really bored and thats all I did .

3/4MC & 3/4SM Assembly

Today was a assembly and it was about a lot of traditional people that came to Australia and told some of there stories I enjoyed it because it also showed traditional dances and there was this funny bit where this kid was supposed to say teachers messages but mr white already took the microphone so he was just standing on stage and then later he said any teachers messages and just gave it back to mr white.Ten there was also someone who visited the school and she was from Freds van and her name was Jane she was really thankful that we brang cans of beans and soup and other things because she said we are helping a lot of people by bringing these cans because they will help the homeless and refugees and many other people so she was very thankful but since we brang a can of something we got to wear casual so that was what happened.

Something I’m grateful for

The things I am grateful for are my friends and KPOP(BLESSED)and miss B I am grateful for my friends because they always keep me company and always make me laugh and I am grateful for kpop because the music I love everything I love. Miss B I am grateful for because I feel more comfortable because she gets me and everything so that is all the things I am grateful for.