Austin’s Assembly Reflection

The way I contributed on the assembly was making the Caricature video for the intro of the assembly which was helped by Eagle. I did the photography of our class caricutures and Eagle did the video making in his laptop. While having trouble looking for music Lara came and told us to put a Kpop music by a band called BTS and it went well now time to tell you what I liked about the assembly. Also, my role was being a audience member just to clap for the contestants, the two host and the chaser and also nothing intresting at all.

The thing I liked about the assembly is the theme, the reason why I liked the theme was because it would be a very creative way to know about this school and get to know how is our school going. Finally my other favourite thing in the assembly was the dance at the end at first it was really hard until it became much more easier Okay anyways, at the end of the assembly we announced to the younger students our captains for sports team, who participated in the swimming carnival and the people who participated in cricket.

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