BTN Response Week 4

What Calendar do Chinese people follow

Chinees people follow the lunar new year which is based on the moon. They look at the reflection of the moon. In the Chinees New year they have 12 animals and every year there is one animal and this year it is the year of the Dog. From the Chinese New year, I am because I was born in 2009



What are some ways Chinese people celebrate their new year

People Put out fireworks food the dragon/lion dance they even put out red to scare the smith called Nian.They all wear special traditional clothes that they are only allowed to wear on the day


Guided Reading Week 3

What helps me read, write and speak

To help me read I should know each spelling of words and my alphabetic sounds. To help me write a should know I should have neat handwriting and that would help me with my writing.  To help me speak I should listen to other people and then I can copy it back and that would help me

So exactly to read you should know how to write and Speak and to write you should know how to read and speak and to speak you should know how to write and read.


Guided Reading Week 3 – Internet Safety

1. When was Internet Safety Day?
2.  How will you stay safe on the internet this year
 1.  Internet safety day was Tuesday 6 February
2.I will use the internet safely when I am not playing games that use terms and policies that I don’t know about. I can be safe on the internet when I am not opening links that I don’t know about because that can cause a wireless on my laptop.

Guided Reading Week 2

What did I do last year that I am proud of

Last year I finished my work all the times and we only got a one section of work what made me woried if I am going to finish it but I made it and I finished all my work and this year I have a very kind teacher that will give 3 or4 lessons complete

Kind Regard Aditi 


Investigation Reflection Week 1

In Investigations I was on the sewing table I was making a pillow for my brother I learned how to use the pins properly. What I did with the pins as I tucked it is my cloth that would keep my cloth straight and another way to use it is to do the same thing then and then follow the pins which will lead you straight and your needle will be straight. On the table with me was Anshika Shayla



All about me bag

Today in class we shared a bag full of things that represent things about us. We had to share our thing in a group and I was not that brave enough but I had a loud voice and a shared my things. In my bag, I had a henna cone that represents that I like doing henna. In my bag, I even had a pink note that said I love to dance, and It even means that my favorite color is pink I even had a buckle which meant that I love doing hairstyles. Even had a lipgloss which was special for me because my mum helped me make it.


In prayer today  I was the motor topic was about kindness everyone said there prayer:

Evie: Dear God, thank you for kindness because you can be kind to people and have friends.

Aditi: Dear God, thank you for friends so we can kind to them and our families and everyone that we meet so everyone is happy.

Taihya: Dear God, thank you for kindness because we can be kind to other people and kind to all the living things in the world.

Emily: Dear God, thank you for kindness so we can have friends and more people to play with to be kind too.

Finn: Dear God, thank you for kindness so we can sort out fights.

Manan: Dear God, thank you for kindness so we can all be kind and have friends.