Week 3 Guided Reading – Garma Festival

1. What does the Garma festival celebrate?
The Garma Festival celebrates Aboriginal and Torren Strait Islanders culture held at Gulkla.

2. What do people do over four days during the festival?
They share their stories and discuss important issues and think of ways to bring a change
3. What is this year ’s theme?
This years theme is truth-telling which is all about acknowledging the terrible things that have happened to Aboriginal and Torren Strait Islander People.
4. What do the Aboriginal and Torren Straight Islander Community want to change the Australian Constitution?
They want the constitution to say that they weren’t found by the British People they were the true owners of this land.


On the 10th August, we had Assembly with 2IB and 2TD our assembly was all about the food here was Masterchefs the we had challenges to do and we even had a dance on the Milkshake song. We sat in rows on the stage and we had 3 hosts. We called some people in the Audience do some challenges. We had lots of fun and my favorite part was the  dance.


Thursday 2nd August

Come Read With Me

Today we read the book Should I Share My Ice Cream and I read it with Mrs. S

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Guided Reading

Today for Guided Reading I was doing Independence Reading and then I did Writers Workshop. For independent reading, I read the book Slumber Party.



For pray, the boys read out from the book and today’s prayer was about the ocean.

If I had a stone my pray  would be: “Dear God thank you for the ocean so we can have nature because animals live in the ocean.”


Today for inquiries Me Anshika Fateh and Manan were working on our Raksha Bandhan Project. For today we wrote about how we celebrate Raksha Bandhan and we started doing a little bit of a dance that we were doing for our project. While we were doing that the rest of the class was doing writer’s workshop.



Today for sports we had a relief teacher but we still had lots of fun.



At the end of the day we went outside and some of the boys played basketball and some were playing handball at the handball courts


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