At Hahndorf (who what when where why how)

In the holidays I went to Hahndorf with my friends and their parents. It took us an hour to get there because we were in the car.

Firstly, we went to the park while our dads went to the information center to get the information. Secondly, we went to the farm where we feed the cows and looked at all the birds. I even saw a peacock.

Thirdly, we had lunch and my aunties and my mum had bought the food so we sat and ate outside the farm on the bench.

Fourthly, we went back to the park and our mums went shopping and our dads were talking. Meanwhile,┬ámy cousin and I were playing ‘Would you rather’ and when our mums came back they gave us a cup of coffee that they got from the store.

Lastly, we went back home and in the car my brother and I slept and by the time we got home it was 4:30pm. Then all I was thinking about was when I was going to go there again because it was the best holiday ever.




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