In the holidays

In the holidays I had a cooking class with Rups in the kitchen she is one of my Mum’s friend. So first we had her introduction and our first recipe was chocolate cupcakes. She first told as was we need and how to set it up and the measurements. Same with the other 2 recipes they were Mexican sandwiches and a yogurt parfait.


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My goal for next term

My goal for next term is to improve on my timetables and division I will do this by saying them every night or writing them on a piece of paper.


My goal for next term is to have fewer fights then this term because I am having lots of fight this year. To do this I will be nice to them by talking to them nicely and not shouting at them.




Guided Reading Week 9 – Australian Population Future

1. What are some of the benefits of population growth?
Some benefits are that we get more people working in our jobs and then we get more money. More people in Australia means more tax. More people means people come for shopping and the and the shop gets more money for the business.
2. What are some more challenges of population growth?
If we have more people that means we have more wastage of plastic bags as people will do more shopping and they will buy more plastic bags. If we have more people it means lots of cars will get sold and there is the traffic jam and there is likley a chance of accidents and air polution of the gas.
3. Do you think Australia’s population should grow or stay the same size? Explain your
I think I am in the middle because there are some many good things about it and there are some many bad things about it so my decision is in the middle.

I am creative when… I use my leader ship when….

I am creative when I…

I am creative when I use my imagination and show the images on a piece of paper or digitally. I use my creativity when I do not copy someone and I think by myself an then do the activity. I use my creativity when I do something new and I am interested in that. I am creative when I join two ideas together and make up my own idea. I use when I get an idea from someone and create my own.


I use my leadership when… 

I use my leadership when I lead someone to the correct path and teach them the correct thing. I use my leadership when I tell somebody something that is safe for them but I do not force them to do it. I use my leadership when I help someone read write speak or another thing like that. I use my leadership when I  give somebody ides want to do when they are stuck. I use my leadership when I help someone.

Guided Reading Week 8 – Plastic Free Boy

1. How is plastic pollution having a negative impact on animals and our environment?
When Plastic goes in the ocean then animals like turtles can have an impact on them.

How many tons of plastic goes into the ocean 

8 million tons of plastic goes in the ocean.
3. What can you do to help the environment?
I can put my rubbish in the bin and recycle and not just put it in and bins I should put it in the correct bin.

Wednesday 20th March


In coming read with me I was reading the book Some Mum.


Guided Reading

Today in guided reading we wrote our numeracy reflection.



Today in religion we were talking about refugees and Thin shared his story of his dad being a reffuge.



Just be gratefull tat you can dance I know it is pretty boring when I first tried it and then I was so fun that it even became one of my talent.:)


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We always have a lovely day like usually but just checkout our assembly on fridy it is based on harmony days with culture dances and we are doing one of the dances so check it out in the Friday 23 march 2018.

Numeracy Reflation

My goal for this term is

My goal for this term for numeracy is that I know the numeracy of the division and how it works out. Something like what we do with multiplication. I want to know how we say 7 digit numbers. I learn how to learn about the 20-timetable and get better when I am doing division. My goal is to get better at reading more than 3digit numbers.

Monday 19th March Week 8


Guided Reading

As we started our day with guided reading I was in the reading group. We started reading a new book called The Diary of the wimpy kid, it was the first series of the book.We read up to page 15.  I had kind of fun reading the book because it is written in a diary for  and I like diary forms because it is easier for me to understand it


Spanish and Music
We went to music first in our lessons and Mrs. Krisp asked us what do you know about music, what you want to know and what you enjoyed since today. In Spanish, we did a survey for harmony day.
In prayer the superheroes were Shylah and Terry the 2 prayed about the ocean and if I had the stone I would say “I am grateful for the ocean because the ocean gives see animals a life thank you, god.”
Numeracy  Today in numeracy we started our first activity on multiplication we did commutative multiplication to solve the math problem.
Dance Practice
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Thursday 15th March

Come Read With Me

In come read with me I was wanting to read bad guys with Anshika  but I was outside with the teacher doing a job for her.


Guided Reading

In guided reading I was at the Writers Workshop, I wrote my very first page of my new book, was he name is f the book is the Crazy Nail polish day.



In fitness we went to the oval an chose our equipment with a partner My partner was Anshika’s we played skipped joined with Manan’s Group.


Guided Reading 

We did guided reading again and I was on the Bus n Blogging. We had to blog about dingoes so we had to watch this s clip go BTN and then there are questions that the teachers asks us and we answer them on our blog




Today in class we did prayer the superheroes were praying about tress is I had the stone my prayer would be I am very grateful for trees because the giv us oxygen to breath and paper to work on thank you god



Today at sports we were practicing our high put shout put and straight jumpSnd our teacher said we did a really great job at it





Guided Reading Week 7 – Dingo

1. Explain some difference dingoes and dogs.
The difference between a dingo and a dog is that dogs bark and dingos growl though dogs can learn tricks dingoes are wild so they can’t do tricks.

2 Why are dingoes sometimes a ‘Pest’ for some farmers?

Sometimes they are a pest for farmers because they try to eat the other animals. Dingos eat livestock such as sheep and eat other animals such as that.

3. What Australian state can you NOT find dingoes in

Dingos are unique to every state except Tasmania