Investigations 16/6/17

Today for investigations me and my crew hahaha, went to the fish farm and we checked the fishes fish tanks  temperature, Then we went to pick up baby yabbies and adult yabbies, then we took them to 3/4 BH to show them and we set up a fish tank for them because they will be looking after the yabbies. Then we went to mr Markathi and we checked out there yabbies and how there were going .

When we arrived to the fish tank we talked about NO3 and NO2 and how we can check how much NO3 and NO2 there were. After we found out what the NO3 was and the NO2 was we had to write them down on the tank so they can remember next time.

Hindu temple, guided reading 15/7/17

On Tuesday 6/7 Rg,67/Jw and 6/7 Nb went to baps shri swaminarayan mandir temple, They talked about how they celebrated. They showed us how they did Arit. They had statues of gods, and they told us that they look after them like real human, The priest will change their clothes twice a week and feed them. We got Free food from them which was AWESOME 😀 but all the other stuff was awesome too, when we went into the kitchen the guy told that if we go into that frizzer bear foot, it’ll rip off your skin, and Francis got scared haha.


BTN response guided reading 14/7/17

What are the kids in the BTN story learning?

The students are learning how to make there own games by using codes to help them create the game they would like to play.

Explain one of the apps the kids designed in the BTN story.

One of the games that the students made were Goblin rush.

What is code?Describe using one sentence.

coding is using different letters and numbers.

What coding language  do the kids use to design their apps?

The kids use an app called pifon to use their coding to make their games

How many games does the school have on App Store?

So far the school only has 7 games in App Store

BTN respons 29/5/17 Fashion waste

1.On average, how many kilograms of clothes do Australians buy each year?  People but at lest 27 kilograms of clothing.

2. Why do you think Australians buy a lot of clothes? Australians buy a lot of clothing because they want to wear them and even look fashion able at time.

3. What is `fast fashion’? Name a country where `fast fashion’ is made.  Fast fashion is made in china and Bangladesh.

4. What are the conditions like for clothing factory workers in those countries? The workers that make clothing don’t get paid much some times, and the conditions they work in Arn’t that good and the clothes can be low qua

5. What impact does clothing waste have on the environment?

Guided reading- blogging-17-5-17

how does working in a group/with a partner help you?

When I’m in a group or with a partner its easier for me to work because I’ve got more help and compony with work. Its good to have a partner of be in a group even, because you can get more ideas from them. They can even help you with problems with you work.

when have you used problem solving?

I sometimes use problem solving while doing hard work or if I don’t understand a word on my work