Next week for investigation I’m thinking I would wanna do slime, because I really would love to make slime, because I see a lot of people play with slime and I ask if I can play with some but they say no so I thats why I would love to make slime.


To make da slime you’ll need:

glue (about ¼ of the glue bottle) and ¼ cup water. If you want colored slime, add food coloring to the glue and water mixture. Lift some of the solution out of the container with the stir stick and note what happens. Add ¼ cup of Sodium Tetraborate (Borax) Solution to the glue and water mixture and stir slowly.

BTN guided reading 22/8/17 week 5 term 3

  1. Where did Mallory get the idea for her story?
  2.  Mallory had gotten her book  idea from a drain she had found.
  3. What challenges did she face along the way?
  4. Her biggest challenge was that she could not solve the problem in the book while making It and also going through the publishing.
  5. What advice does she give to potential young authors?
  6. Her advice to potential young authors are assisters.

investigation week 3

Today for investigations I was helping out my friends paint and I made a master piece, it was way better then hanh, Michelle, Hellen and aysiha. we all where painting random stuff that came to our minds.

I discovered that paint that you use to paint on paper isn’t good for your skins and all of us put paint on our face but not Hellen o.o.

I could develop my ideas by pay attention to what the people have to say.

I’ll probably do the same maybe but if I’m alone while doing it ill probably change.


Family recipe 18/8/17

My family recipe is a bit hard to explain for me, there is a lot of things you’ll need to make some stuff, and I don’t know half of the stuff.

But I do know how to make genfo.

Flour that is sometimes dry-roasted before cooking is added to boiling water and stirred with a wooden dowel until smooth and very thick. The resulting porridge is stiff and slightly sticky when warm. Once mounded in a bowl, a well is created in the center.

it takes time to make it good.


Today I for investigations  I did the same thing but with more people, Alex greg Eliza and oceanne.

I didn’t learn anything from the activity that I did today with my squad.

I’ll do the same activity that I did today only  if my friends will do it again 😛


Investigations 4/8/17

What did you do today.

Today for investigations I was doing string art with  to of my friends, Shivansh and Carlo. they did an awesome job at the string art and we all got boarded by the hammer and trust me it was not good. hahahah

what sorts of ideas / new learning did you discover?

I discovered nothing in this investigation because I’m like a pro when it come’s with hammers but I think I have learned one or to things but I don’t know hehehe.

How could you develops your learning.

I could develop my learning my doing the right thing sometimes and pay attention to the others that are doing the same as me.

are the any questions?

At the moment I have no questions

What would you do next time?

I would probably do the same thing again because it is an awesome activity there is at this point.

guided reading blogging 26/7/17

my favourite holiday memory  was when I went to the movies by my self and watched baby driver, and then go to KFC it was so fun, with out a parent, I could buy what I wanted.

I’m feeling grateful because my mum took me to the places I’ve asked for and bought me the stuff I asked for, this holiday was AWESOME

Investigations 16/6/17

Today for investigations me and my crew hahaha, went to the fish farm and we checked the fishes fish tanks  temperature, Then we went to pick up baby yabbies and adult yabbies, then we took them to 3/4 BH to show them and we set up a fish tank for them because they will be looking after the yabbies. Then we went to mr Markathi and we checked out there yabbies and how there were going .

When we arrived to the fish tank we talked about NO3 and NO2 and how we can check how much NO3 and NO2 there were. After we found out what the NO3 was and the NO2 was we had to write them down on the tank so they can remember next time.

Hindu temple, guided reading 15/7/17

On Tuesday 6/7 Rg,67/Jw and 6/7 Nb went to baps shri swaminarayan mandir temple, They talked about how they celebrated. They showed us how they did Arit. They had statues of gods, and they told us that they look after them like real human, The priest will change their clothes twice a week and feed them. We got Free food from them which was AWESOME 😀 but all the other stuff was awesome too, when we went into the kitchen the guy told that if we go into that frizzer bear foot, it’ll rip off your skin, and Francis got scared haha.