Harmony day!

today we  celebrated harmony day even tho it was yesterday. My great great great great gran parents where Scottish (on my mums side) and on dads side I’m Yegeleveon. my favourite part was the dance’s because I love dance’s I think Blessings and Riea did great!.

Pancake day!!

Today is pancake day this is how you make a pancake!:you will need:




Milk, flower, eggs and butter.

mix them together make sure it is not clumpy. Put olive oil in your pan so it dos not sick to the pan. Keep your pancake cooking till it bubbles then flip it wait 5-10 mins then put any toping you should have a great pancake!!

Reflection of today!

Today we did activates. 1:my challenge was when me and Emily (seal) made play doh snakes my snake kept braking. So

I mad it bigger. It stopte braking after With was very good I curled up the snake then me and Emily (seal) mad eggs for the snake. I made one hatching.i also did the white bodes and drawing which was so much fun I did some words on the white board. I drew a dog and a girl!.

My Assembly

Today it was my assembly I was very scared when I had to do a reading part my favorite part was the end dace  when I read my reading part I was shaking so much but it was fine. I think everyone loved the end dance to the gods house dance was very hard but easy at the same time if that makes sense.


My first blog

Friday week 2

8th February

This year I think the classroom Is great and it is upstairs.

My favourite subject is art and we did it once. I like art because I like being creative and I love to draw.

My new friend’s are Tori and I still have my best friend from last year Emily.

I love working with my best friend Emily.  I learning with Emily because she can help me out with my writing.

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