My Weekend (Week 5)

Saturday: On Saturday I woke up and went and watched TV then I had to make breakfast for my sister and I and then my sister got dressed in her netball uniform and i got dresses and packed my bag because I was going to Imogen’s house. After netball finished I got my bags out from the car and then my Mum and Megan (Imogen’s mum) were talking for ages and then Becky came over to us (Layla’s Mum) and chatted to our Mum’s for ages and then Becky and Layla left and then they were talking  to each other until Dani (our team and our oldest team’s coach) and they chatted for ages whilst Imogen, Cierra (My Sister, Ebony (Imogen’s Sister), Dylan (Dani’s Daughter) & I were all playing water fight Chasey and then Dani left and then we parted ways and all of us went to the shops (but my mum and Cierra) to get more slime stuff and then we went home and made slime i will put some pictures in at the end of the post (THERE ARE LOTS BEWARE) the slime making did not go well because we didn’t have the right glue for it xD. Oh and we also played alot of Roblox with my sister too we FaceTimed her from our laptops to my iPad at home.


Sunday: On Sunday i woke up and we turned on the TV because they turned off the internet just to make sure we wouldn’t play any ROBLOX in the middle of the night. So then we woke up Megan and Daniel and they went and turned the Wi-Fi back on because they said they would at 7:00 AM but it was back on at 7:55 AM so then we were playing ever since they said check your laptops because we wanted to play and we had McDonalds for breakfast i had pancakes and Imogen had a Ham And Cheese pocket and after breakfast we played this shoving game which is when you have to push each other down to the ground and once the last person has been pushed down a new round starts and after that we played this circus where we did front flips and sumersualts. after that i packed up my bags and went home and then all our parents were talking to each other for ages and then while they were doing that we were playing with mine and Cierra’s foam axes and swords and we were playing a game we like to call fire and ice when the ice team taps a player from the other team they freeze and then the other player from their team has to unfreeze them and then same with the other team but you melt them instead of freeze them and they have to freeze they player back to life. Then we washed our hair ad got in our PJ’s at 1:00pm in the afternoon and watched the football for the rest of the day (my dad’s choice) but then i stole the controller and changed it to Disney and Nickelodeon.



My Holidays

During the Easter Holidays I caught up with my family on the Easter Saturday we had an Easter egg hunt and a pork roast for lunch.

On Sunday we got up and got all the Easter eggs the Easter Bunny left us and then we had a normal breakfast and had one of the mini Humpty Dumpty eggs.

The next week my Dad had the whole week on holidays plus Monday the week after. So for the whole week we just relaxed, but on Thursday my Sister and I went to my Auntie’s and Uncle’s house to play with our Cousin’s Stephan and Kayla but my Auntie and Uncle were not there because they were at work so my Nan came to their house and looked after us, but because i couldn’t do much we just played simple games like hide n’ seek and we also played video games for most of the day .

On Friday after breakfast my Dad made my Sister and I sit on the couch and then showed us this piece of paper that said ‘holiday house rental sheet’ and he said he was going to pack the car and make us get in and then just drive there but we had to take Millie to grandma’s because it was not a dog friendly house, so that would’ve made us suspicious. So because he wanted to make it a surprise he packed all our stuff when we were at our Cousin’s house.

So For the whole weekend we were at Walaroo and i will put a picture art at the end of the post to explain more. No pictures that i took sorry they are all on my iPad i will put the picture that i took of the views and sunset but not the house because i took them when it was messy .

Then the week after was pretty boring on Wednesday i stayed at home with my Mum and Sister but i was boring because Mum had to go into her office and do work all day the only time we left the house was when she had to go to the post office.

The next day we went to our Cousin’s house again just so we can see them and so my Mum could go out and take Photo’s for her id cards.

On Friday we went to my Grandma’s And Pa’s house so my Mum could get her hair done and go shopping. (also so she could work more) then we ended up having a sleepover so my Mum had to bring all of our stuff over for two nights worth because we had to have a sleep over on Saturday it was our choice on Friday but Dad was sad because she wanted to spend time with us.



Here are all the photos from our holiday but from the Stayz website (My Photo’s Coming Soon)

My Weekend

My weekend was terrifying on Saturday morning i had netball and my Grandma & Pa took me no Mum or Dad there. In the first quarter i tried hitting the ball out of my players reach and she tripped me over then i rolled my ankle and heard it crack three times & bashed my knee onto the court, the ankle that i hurt was one that has been sore ever since 2015 from playing netball.  I had to stay and watch Cierra’s game with ice on my ankle & hot chips and gravy on my lap then after that i got an ice cream and Grandma & Pa had some chips and gravy & Cierra had just chip & an ice cream. When we got home i sat on the couch and watched TV then i had a bath then got dressed waited for Mum to come home then we went to pick up my Dad from his work and went to my Mum’s and Dad’s friend Brooke and Anothony.


On Sunday i lied on the couch watching TV up until 3:00 PM, because we went to the GP and she told us to go to strait the hospital. When we got there 40 minutes later in the waiting room after the pulse and pressure tests. I went and had X-rays then waited 3 hours for the results then half hour in this room when the lady went to check the X-rays and i ended up with a half cast and crutches. Before my Dad and I got home we stopped and got some McDonalds for dinner, then we went home and ate dinner with my Mum. here are some pictures of me today and my half cast.

Numeracy Landfill Task

This is what we have been working on for Today and Yesterday where we had to say how much landfill we brought to school and we were multiplying how much we would have in a school week, term, year and whole time at holy family including past.  Today we had to finish off that if we had not finished and then go around the class and find out how much they brought in to the class yesterday then add it all up and see how much the whole class (not your double) brought in yesterday.


5 Cyber Safety

These were my top 5 if you can’t read it


1. Keep your password to yourself.

2.Be careful what you write.

3. What you put on the internet stays there forever.

4. keep personal details to yourslef.

5. don’t trust anybody because they could pretend to know you.



Place Value Dominance

How Do You Win At This Game?

You win by putting the higher numbers like 6 and 5 in the columns 100,000 and 10,000 on your side

and putting the lower numbers like 1 and 2 in the columns 100,000 and 10,000 on your other players side

Why did you place the higher digits like 5 and 6 in the boxes to the left (like 100 000 and 10 000?) and Why did you place the smaller digits like 1 and 2 in the boxes to the right (like 1 and 10) ?

I placed 5 and 6 to the left because you don’t loose when you put the highest numbers there because then that means you can’t get beaten because its the highest number. I didn’t exactly put 1 and 2 in the lower columns i put then in Thomas’s higher columns.